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May 2014
It was not love at first sight.
I was not immediately grasped.
Intimicy only breifly binding.
We are like animals
can't get enough.
Nature is silenced
I see you, for the first time.
Intimacy is oh so blinding.
We are like animals,
nothing more.
My feelings have no sound.
Expectations I know can not be found.
My feelings shut.
But all they want are to climb.
To reach you and find you.
Wanting to feel something,
buT no nothing, nothing at all.
My feelings like vines.
Only brush the surface,
but they want to tug at you.
They want to take ahold.
Just to feel something, something at all.
I want to wrap around tight.
You have vines too.
They are starting to intertwine,
but its getting tight
to tight to breath
I can't make a sound,
I am silenced
My affection starving to run unbound.
Squirrely Girl
Written by
Squirrely Girl  Rio de Janeiro
(Rio de Janeiro)   
   Amitav Radiance, --- and ---
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