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Frida Virrueta Mar 2017
I don't blame you for not knowing how to love

It's not your fault your heart was shattered
It's not your fault someone left you empty
It's not your fault someone took all your love,

It's not your fault someone took all your love and turned it into all of your fears...
                                  - the girl that accepts fears
Frida Virrueta Nov 2016
I fell in love with what I believe is an angel and a female in her most beautiful form, a girl whom - as cliché as it may sound - I fell in love with, unexpectedly and at first sight.
The moment I felt her I loved her, and although it felt dangerous I knew It'd be worth it, to get close to someone who I knew could transmute me
At this moment in time there was more of me than there had ever been, a cat almost begging to be killed by curiosity, brave but almost insane for walking way beyond the sign that warned me not to.
But I saw myself in her, and somehow I knew that there were pieces of her already in me
Frida Virrueta Nov 2016
Do you see this?
I'm here again
At a stupid coffee shop, alone.
lonely almost
but not quite
I have this.. the romanticism of it
but still,
her I am again, alone.
Frida Virrueta Oct 2016
She's both the start of war and the end of it...
   - in love
Frida Virrueta Oct 2016
trust me, the last thing I want to do is give my emotions a second form of existence by turning them into words,
but the only reason why I ever did write was because I never had anyone to share them with

- loneliness
Frida Virrueta Oct 2016
Here you are again...
I've been trying to neglect you for a while,
how foolish of me...
- introvert
Frida Virrueta Oct 2016
like clay
you take my love and show me the art of molding it into pain
so there's some things I'm now afraid to say
my throat now warns my heart, it tells it to remember of all the times you used the love I have for you against me, of all the times you took it and spoke of it as one of my weaknesses ,when I was used to thinking of it as one of my strengths.
You took my words and some how owned their power, you held them from their most vulnerable edge and some how made my only strength yours, and in some way you managed to get my own feelings to laugh at my face, you got them to spit right back at me nothing but pain

I use to find a certain form of freedom in wearing my heart on my sleeve but you've shown me how what once made you feel free can itself begin to build a prison cell you're too afraid to come out of
                                                 - Vulnerable
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