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Frida Virrueta Mar 2017
I don't blame you for not knowing how to love

It's not your fault your heart was shattered
It's not your fault someone left you empty
It's not your fault someone took all your love,

It's not your fault someone took all your love and turned it into all of your fears...
                                  - the girl that accepts fears
Frida Virrueta Nov 2016
I fell in love with what I believe is an angel and a female in her most beautiful form, a girl whom - as cliché as it may sound - I fell in love with, unexpectedly and at first sight.
The moment I felt her I loved her, and although it felt dangerous I knew It'd be worth it, to get close to someone who I knew could transmute me
At this moment in time there was more of me than there had ever been, a cat almost begging to be killed by curiosity, brave but almost insane for walking way beyond the sign that warned me not to.
But I saw myself in her, and somehow I knew that there were pieces of her already in me
Nov 2016 · 268
Frida Virrueta Nov 2016
Do you see this?
I'm here again
At a stupid coffee shop, alone.
lonely almost
but not quite
I have this.. the romanticism of it
but still,
her I am again, alone.
Oct 2016 · 224
Frida Virrueta Oct 2016
She's both the start of war and the end of it...
   - in love
Oct 2016 · 257
Frida Virrueta Oct 2016
trust me, the last thing I want to do is give my emotions a second form of existence by turning them into words,
but the only reason why I ever did write was because I never had anyone to share them with

- loneliness
Oct 2016 · 332
Short Letter to My Solitude
Frida Virrueta Oct 2016
Here you are again...
I've been trying to neglect you for a while,
how foolish of me...
- introvert
Frida Virrueta Oct 2016
like clay
you take my love and show me the art of molding it into pain
so there's some things I'm now afraid to say
my throat now warns my heart, it tells it to remember of all the times you used the love I have for you against me, of all the times you took it and spoke of it as one of my weaknesses ,when I was used to thinking of it as one of my strengths.
You took my words and some how owned their power, you held them from their most vulnerable edge and some how made my only strength yours, and in some way you managed to get my own feelings to laugh at my face, you got them to spit right back at me nothing but pain

I use to find a certain form of freedom in wearing my heart on my sleeve but you've shown me how what once made you feel free can itself begin to build a prison cell you're too afraid to come out of
                                                 - Vulnerable
Sep 2016 · 838
You Will Still Love Her
Frida Virrueta Sep 2016
Truly loving someone means that you're gonna have to let go of the idea of "self-love" at least a little
Your lovers words will sometimes hurt - naturally, for as like you, they too are human
They will speak of things that will make you feel like your relation with them is at cost, they will think of things that will make you think their love for you doesn't exist
Truly loving and accepting someone means that you're willing to stop loving yourself a little
It means that you will listen to your lover with an open mind and an open heart, accepting that they are only human, a human who feels things and thinks things that will make you feel at risk
You're gonna have to let go of yourself a little...
It will hurt...
but not on purpose
It will hurt because authentic love will force you to forgive, will force you to understand - things you don't wish to accept or forgive - It'll force you to hear words you don't wish to hear
Truly loving someone means that you're gonna have to stop loving yourself a little
You will hear words you don't wish to hear
and yet you will still love her
And if you're lucky enough she will speak to you about what she thinks, about how she feels, and those things will make you feel at danger, will make you question her love for you, but yet you will still love her
She will speak of past lovers, she will sound broken, and that most likely is because she is still broken
It'll make you feel like you aren't making her happy
It'll make you question your ability of loving her correctly
It'll make you feel like she deserves more and that maybe you deserve less
But yet...
you will still love her
She will lay in bed and cry and you won't know why and she will almost make it sound like it's your fault
She will lay in bed drowning in her own tears, submerging you a little bit
She will lay in bed drowning in her own tears, unable to swim
And it will transfer into you, her feelings will becomes yours, and sadness will feel like a virus spreading through every **** kiss, yet also injecting immunity  
She will lay in bed drained by her sadness, feeling hopeless,making you feel hopeless
and yet you will still love her
she will question your love, your honesty
and It will indeed make you feel belittled, It will all make you feel belittled
belittled, vulnerable, weak
and yet you will still love her
She will stare at you and although you feel safe, you will feel scared
Scared of her feelings, scared that it means that you don't satisfy her, that you are incapable of making her happy
She will stare at you and you will think that she's thinking you're not enough
and in most cases it will be the complete vise-versa, but you will still feel weak
Weak because of her
and yet you will still love her
Crying she will insist on leaving you, or that you do yourself the favor of leaving her, and although It's because she is just simply broken and emotionally exhausted,
you will blame yourself
You will think she wishes that you leave because you are not enough
and again,
you will feel so small, so weak, so so sad
so broken
and yet you will still love her
Her feelings and thoughts will affect you, will make you question yourself, will make you feel weak
even needy
and yet you will still love her
I swear to you that the next morning she will turn around and look at you and tell you that she loves you, she will tell you that she's sorry and you will say that It's okay, and she will say It's not but you insist it is because
yet, you still love her
The next morning she will turn around and tell you that she loves you, she will tell you that she's sorry and you will say that It's okay
You will say that It's okay even if the night before she unintentionally shattered you into a million pieces
You will say that It's okay and she will say It's not but you will insist
Insist that real love understands, forgives, lets be - even if It's disaster -
You will insist
you still love her
letting her be will hurt you
She will hurt you unintentionally
She'll tell you she loves you, she'll tell you she's sorry and you will say that It's okay
and even if it hurts you'll let her be
You'll stop loving yourself a little, so you can love her a lot, because thats what real love does
You will let her be- even if she chooses to be a disaster
and yet you will still love her
let her be, even if It's chaos that she's being
she'll unintentionally hurt you
and yet you will still love her
and yet there's chance she might not love you

- vulnerable
Aug 2016 · 559
Burning Fireplace
Frida Virrueta Aug 2016
Is this what love is?

I craved, almost needed, practically cried for warmth - my days were so cold

I finally found myself a fire place, it feels like home, it hugs me with its flames

But it begins to burn
Burns my walls
My soul
My sanity
And even my humanity

Masochistic to this flame, I do not move
I wish to when It's burning, but when It's warming it feels so good ...
It makes the burning tolerable

Is this what love is?
Accepting that flames, although warming,can sometimes burn?

         - F.V.
Jun 2016 · 1.6k
I sleep with an angel
Frida Virrueta Jun 2016
I lay in awe as an angel lays beside me
and I can't help to wonder if this is it,
if this is the heaven-sent, God-sent miracle I've heard one has to experience to believe, to believe in God, to believe in heaven, to have hope, to believe in blessings. I wonder if she - this angel - is what one needs to believe in divinity, for It's impossible to meet an angel like her and not be tempted, and practically forced to, and be left with no choice but to believe in the celestial. It's impossible not to believe in God himself after you've been able to lay beside such holiness, after you've been able to watch an angel sleep in all Its sacredness, speak in all Its sacredness, revive you with all Its sacredness.
You're left with no choice but to believe that those days you believed to be your last days of life, those shaded days in which you prayed to a God you never before saw, the almighty invisible being you believed was deaf to your plea, wasn't really all that deaf.
It's impossible not to believe that God himself - the God you now only believe in because of the angel who leaves you no choice but to believe - sent you and angel, that he has heard you.
I lay in awe, blessed I lay, as an angel lays beside me, for how can someone with those hypnotizing eyes that devour you every time not be an angel, how can someone with that majestic, goosebump-causing skin not be an angel, how can someone with that gracious walk not be an angel, how can someone with that spirit-grabbing yet spirit-giving touch not possibly be an angel?
I lay in awe as an angel lays beside me
I believe, as an angel lays beside me
I now live, because this angel lays beside me

                                                               ­                     - F.V.
Nov 2015 · 980
Love Defies
Frida Virrueta Nov 2015
You're not afraid of love,
You're afraid of heartbreak

You're afraid of being so high and then being brought so low...
Afraid of the idea that everything that goes up has to come back down, the nature of gravity doesnt allow otherwise...

But My Love,
In case you didn't already know,
Love defies nature...
                              - F.V.
Oct 2015 · 296
Still Okay
Frida Virrueta Oct 2015
I think the only thing that's kept me alive is my high tolerance to pain
I always feel like I can take more,
I know I can take more
And we've all experienced pain in our own little ways,
in its own little,passive aggressive ways
But I know for a fact one never gets use to pain, It just fails to hit you by surprise, but still no restrain
But these cuts don't stay as open wounds, they become scars
and at one point you realize life aint **** but scars on scars on scars
and you live your life healing on healing on healing
and you get so comfortable with being uncomfortable
pain even becomes your comfort zone
And the next thing you know, you're a graduate with a  master's degree on pain
          - F.V.
Oct 2015 · 724
Bitter Sweet
Frida Virrueta Oct 2015
Don't  confuse conformity with happiness
Being conformed to pain is nothing but a cheap version of being okay

Love, your greatest pleasure, will turn into your biggest pain,
People will **** you without trying to **** you,
And the sweetest words will become the most bitter…

                              - F.V.
Frida Virrueta Oct 2015
No right way to love
But don't tell me you know how to love when you run for your life every time you're not receiving the same kind of love,
That's nothing but selfish love…  
Don't tell me you know how to love when you can't carry your lovers pain on your back,
That's nothing but selfish love…
Don't tell me you know how to love when you keep trying to save yourself from heartbreak,
That's nothing but selfish love…
Don't tell me you know how to love when you know nothing but selfish love…
Don't try convincing me on your form of love when you know nothing about selfless love,
When you know nothing about giving in and loving without mercy

All I know is that it's not meant to be pretty
And it's not meant to be sugar-coated

Emotional connection was never meant to be pretty…

Not exempt from fears
Not exempt from tears

Not beautiful if not bizarre
Not beautiful if not chaotic

So why are you still insisting that love be so sugar-coated?

So now…
Remove the sugar coat,
And let me lie within you,
I'll just feel you…

- F. V.
Aug 2015 · 376
Frida Virrueta Aug 2015
Body next to body…  
Her breathe sounds like the ocean…wavelike, giving meaning to my silent waters
The tap of her fingers on my skin play a melody never before heard, and they dance along to songs on the radio
Songs that no longer sound the same, songs that make it impossible to be listened to without her being the resulting thought, songs that - in me - have become our songs
Our atoms bonding through the power of Oxytocin in order to create the ultimate love molecule
Mutating through ******…
Feeling the slither of her lips on my lips - and I'm not talking about the ones on my face…
Her breathe becomes one with mine, and it's unreasonable not to wish to spend every winter with her breathe being my only heater
So by now It'd be unreasonable not to let love take the wheel
So I sit back,
and enjoy the ride…
                                                   - F.V.
Aug 2015 · 468
Frida Virrueta Aug 2015
We all need a stimulant
Something or
That makes us feel good
Something that gives us a tease of ecstasy
Someone who by the simple meeting of the tip of their tongue against yours reminds you why life is still worth living for
                         - F.V.
Aug 2015 · 796
Frida Virrueta Aug 2015
I swear she has an atheist praying to God and believing in heaven
And I swear I've always been insane but I've never met someone who's made me feel this sane
**** might be crazy
But suddenly,
In love,
Theres a good kind of crazy...

                                             - F.V.
Aug 2015 · 459
Surrealist Love
Frida Virrueta Aug 2015
I'm in a tragic position
I'm too afraid to write
Too afraid to write and diminish you with every word that's typed
As if the words in this dimension failed to live up to your mind
As if the words in this dimension failed to live up to our love
I'm in a tragic position,
For the human world fails to provide any description that will live up to our surrealist love
Jul 2015 · 319
I'm Fucked
Frida Virrueta Jul 2015
I knew I was ****** once I started feeling much too comfortable, much too safe around her
I knew I was ****** once she was the only thing on my mind, even when I was high
She has overpowered each and every one of my thoughts,
She's the conqueror of my mind
I can't even write about anything that isn't her anymore, she has become my only topic
I knew I was ****** when every time someone hugged me I wished it was her instead
All of a sudden everything reminds me of her
All of a sudden I wish I was doing everything with her
All of a sudden everything smells like her,
I even smell like her
Her smell is penetrated on my skin
All of a sudden I believe in everything I didn't
Or more like,
She has me believing in everything everyone else made me not believe in
                           - F. V.
Jul 2015 · 400
After You
Frida Virrueta Jul 2015
I've always said "you don't always meet people for the reasons you thought you did, or wish you did", and although applicable in any kind of relationship, I focus it on romance.
I guess what I'm trying to say is that although we didn't end up on each others beds, breathing in each others air - like I wish we would have - and although you cut my wings sooner than I wish you would have, and you killed my high sooner than I wish you would have; I accepted where we were about to stand
I accepted that for the thousandth time I was going to watch a muse walk away due to my habit of seeing them as nothing but a muse, as seeing them as nothing but a spur of the moment; spur of inspiration
And I frankly don't have an explanation you know?
I don't have a logical reason for the wall I created between us
And it ***** because pushing you away meant pushing myself away
But I don't know why I am the way I am or why I do the things I do
My pointless point is that we didn't meet to commit, we both know that by now
We met so I could meet someone else, we met so I won't do someone the way I did you, so I don't create with them the barrier I did with you
We met so I could allow myself to take a risk with my muses, we met so I could stop using people simply for my art
I guess what I'm trying to say is that I met you because you weren't for me
And maybe she isn't either,
But I'll have to figure that out by experiment
I guess the point is that now…
After you… I won't just sit here and let my emotions replace my bloodstream without acting on it
I guess,
Thank you
                               - F.V.
Jul 2015 · 376
Frida Virrueta Jul 2015
Maybe this is just my ego talking
And maybe I'm simply trying to make myself feel better
It's not every day you'll find someone who wakes up,drained in sweat because they were just dreaming of you wet
It's not every day you'll meet someone who irks to meet you on every path of pain
It's not every day you'll meet someone who
Never mind… You will…
You will meet someone who is just as beautifully haunted by you just as I am
How can someone not be ? It comes easy with someone like you
I guess what I'm really trying to say is that
I hope you're his muse, just like you are mine
I hope he's awake at 3:03 AM because he's too busy creating poetry inspired by you, just the way I am
I hope you linger in his mind, as much as you do in mine
I hope he sees you beyond sexuality
I hope he sees your spirit
I hope he sees the depth in you
I hope he lives off of you and that he is so in love with you he's almost afraid of you,
Because theres nothing more frightening than a female who has you wrapped around her finger
I hope he worships you, sees you as nothing less than a Goddess, as nothing less than nature in its full,infinite glory

Finally, I hope he commits to you
Because I know I was incapable of doing so…
                                                                    - F.V.
Jul 2015 · 375
I don't mind storms
Frida Virrueta Jul 2015
I've fallen in love with a storm,
it's a "she"
But I've always found inspiration in a little rain
And I'm cursed, for I've always been fond of what everyone else is afraid

Jul 2015 · 558
At Least I have a Poem
Frida Virrueta Jul 2015
Silence has never been so beautiful
Silence has never been so loud
and I swear I can watch her sleep, and I won't even frown
I don't even feel the need to speak to her, cause body language is **** loud
I just have to feel with her,
and I swear a kiss between our shoulders almost feels like universe

Fatal attraction…

Because all I do is fantasize
All I do is daydream
and I swear I'm so use to this…
Her endless moonlight walks in my mind, and the melody of each of her breathes
I'm so use to this…
Enough to know that after this all that will be left of her will be crumbs
Enough to know that after this,
she'll only be a poem
A poem…
because every lover leaves, and leaves me with a simple poem…
All that will be left of her and I will be this poem…

Fatal attraction…
Beautiful Tragedy…
                                                                           - F.V.
Jun 2015 · 319
Frida Virrueta Jun 2015
It's past my bed time and for the sixth time this night I find myself writing about her in my worn-out journal, but how can't I ?
I tend to be passionately attracted to ****** up people, those who are chaotic and whose language is beautiful bizarreness
She didn't try to fix me,
We didn't try to fix each other
She even had me thinking we were for one another…
And that's why my mind,body,and soul craved her so desperately…
She's tragically beautiful,
and I am cursed with being fatally attracted to her as my muse
Not that she made me feel less ****** up, she just made me feel okay with being ****** up
Not that she made me feel human, she just made me feel okay with being inhuman
We shared ourselves far beyond what was common, for our minds begged to interwind
She taught me how to make love without having to touch
She made love with nothing but words, and aroused me more than any other naked body would
She loves the taste of my tears, and embraces all my fears
She even knows how to turn my pain into art,
and then I wonder why she's taking over my heart?
She's the perfect example that not everything in life is sweet, but she tastes  oh so sweet…
                                                          ­                             - F. V.
Frida Virrueta Jun 2015
"See you tomorrow"
as if he hadn't just killed me and left me barely alive,
as if he hadn't just left me agonizing,
as if I'd be able to walk with all the pain in my inner thigh…

Looking at my ****** in the eye

How the **** are you unashamed?
What even made you think it was okay ?
Am I suppose to wear a "Don't touch" sign ?

Why'd you have to turn my own mother against me ?
Why'd you have to make me feel like I had no control over my own body?
Can't you see that I'm private property?

As if I'd be able to see after this,
as if I'd be able to even have the desire to feel after this,
as if I'd be capable of seeing the sun shine on its brightest days after this…

My body won't have any capability after this,
My body was no longer mine after this...
Jun 2015 · 635
Barely Rape
Frida Virrueta Jun 2015
My genitalia, I  have no control over
It's not my fault my body wanted it...
No control over the unwanted arousal
Unwanted but pleasing arousal that arrived with every violating,intimidating meeting of skins
In fear, but it was delighting to feel in power
Feeding of my woman nature,
the ****** power of a woman
He controlled me with the fear he fed me
I controlled him with the pleasure I provided
What a pleasure,
what a guilt
what a guilty pleasure..
Egos face to face
His macho begging me to be submissive
I kept trying to convince him,
I kept trying to convince myself that I wasn't weak,
for the weak is the one who desires
He desired..
The weak is he who needs,he was in need
Although thinking he was in power,
I was in power, for I held what he desired…

- Frida Virrueta
Jun 2015 · 447
Frida Virrueta Jun 2015
Don't trust your eyes cause they can deceive you
they'll make you believe you, as if you couldn't be you
and the monsters in my room are a perfect example
"American Dream" another example
Pathological liars… Why are we all being lied to ?
Things that were there weren't really there,
and it was all because I was unaware
My mind is louder than the monsters in my closet,
but aren't they also part of it ?
Self-created psychosis, fed by our shared demons
because these people…
And my people are in pain, and all you do is sit and pray
Do you not see that you're the prey ?
because these people have a blindfold that's made up of fears,
now covered in tears
Why are we making them so omnipotent?
Are you unaware that we're all fucken human?
All just as powerful
All just as evil
What is even "superior"?
Now look, you've made the devils so superior
You've made God so superior, you even make him sound evil
Don't you see that all you do is empower them,
when all they do is unpower one
Can't you see that we are one?
They're nothing without the people being something
We're living in a lie because were made believe that if we cant beat them we gotta join em',
but that's just their form of brainwashment
So are you with me when I say that I don't get it?
That I don't get the violence,
what ever happened to the kindness?
were suppose to be united
but Twain was so right…
we might just be "The Lowest Animal"…                                -Frida V.
Jun 2015 · 1.8k
Frida Virrueta Jun 2015
That idolized word of yours - "virginity" - and my nature fail at getting along
Virginity steals my freedom
Why does my desire for ****** activity have to make me impure?
Why must I disengage from an uncontrollable arousal to be considered worthy?
You make the most sacred activity seem so unsacred
As if with every touch I lost my value
Why do you make my nature seem so unholy?
As if with every touch I stained my soul
What am I losing ?
If only gaining physical,emotional, and spiritual insight
May 2015 · 839
Human Nature
Frida Virrueta May 2015
"Come in, come in", he says kindly

Like a child on his first day of school I entered the room in which the nature of mankind would be revealed.
A sympathetic conversation led to the rubbing of his raging hand against my lower, intimidated back

I was using the ****** power I have as a woman to lead him into the craving of my anatomy
but I was afraid, and I didn't want it..
I wanted him to stop, but I didn't want to stop

Tonic Immobility was my immediate reaction reaction to the abusive touch of a priest who used John 1:9 as his excuse

My body - naturally reacting to its sexuality leaned itself to the predator, with desire but with fear...

Obsessing over *******, I spent my sundays ******* instead of going to church
I found myself continuously watching ******* and drawing vaginas in class
But most importantly - trying to make sense out of my ****** encounter with a priest -  I found myself thinking of the bizarreness of human nature...

Thats what it was...
Human nature...

The priest was condemned due to his commitment to God, to the church.
His human nature refused to be repressed any longer, he refused to continue having testicular pain due to the vasocongestion
he needed
he needed
he needed

I needed
I needed
I needed
because by nature I desire ***
because by nature I am ******
because by nature I am promiscuous

Our religion had deceived us into believing that that Human Nature is a sin
Our religion had turned our ****** desires into feelings of guilt
Our religion repressed our entire nature
When in reality,
theres no such thing as sin, at least not in nature...
–*Frida Virrueta
Apr 2015 · 1.5k
She's a Masterpiece
Frida Virrueta Apr 2015
I walk into a museum with the most emotional and abstract art
This masterpiece wears a "PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH THE ART"

You see... You aren't suppose to touch the art
You aren't suppose to touch a masterpiece

Much too sensitive
Much too unique

Its replacement is non-existent
Its resurrection is non-existent

Once You mess it up, It's eternally messed up

She's all that..

Although I'm the cat killed by curiosity, I ignored my desires
I repressed myself for the first time
I repressed myself for the love of another

I didn't want to ruin such a beautiful work of art, I didn't want to damage the masterpiece
Apr 2015 · 1.9k
Female drug
Frida Virrueta Apr 2015
I'm high off the heart-breaking but life-giving, innumerable thoughts of you that approach me every millisecond
I quit drugs after visiting multiple rehab institutions
but they never warned me about hope-giving , spirit-feeding, and addictive drugs like you
Drugs that with only a touch would immediately teleport me to another dimension
Drugs that would pleasure each pathway that lead to my soul
Wheres rehab for drugs like you?
Drugs that over-power me
Drugs that have me writing poems at 2:56 a.m.
Drugs that are the cause of the never-ending emotions that hit me like meteor showers
Where do I go to lose addiction to drugs my soul keeps asking for?
Mar 2015 · 386
Frida Virrueta Mar 2015
"You do realize you're crying right?", I asked kind of trying to diminish and ridicule her tears and her claim of emotionless
"Yeah", she answered, her pupil dilating
"Then you mustn't be dead", I said, with a little snigger at the end

Why must people relate so much pain to emotionlessness?
Why did she tell me she was emotionless when she was drowning in her tears

Maybe it was because pain had over-powered every other feeling
Maybe it was because so much pain simply made her feel like she was practically going to die, and when you're dead you're not suppose to have emotions anymore, so she jumped to that conclusion.
I mean it must be terrible.. To be dead, and be aware of it, and feel it, and still have emotions
What would be the point of death if awareness is involved?

But all this was ramble

As I'm writing this I become aware that pain is a feeling, not an emotion. "You feel it all over your body"

We turn physical pain into mental pain and that's when it starts turning into an emotion

This is when I start losing my ****...
What makes me think I can file my thoughts?
Mar 2015 · 276
Frida Virrueta Mar 2015
There wasn't much I could do because like she said, "the damage is already done".
My efforts would be as time-wasting as a little mouse trying to eat a hawk, but I still tried.

This person had snatched her life away, for every stroke brought her closer to her death
Stroke number one weakened her identity
Stroke number two erased her identity
Stroke number three made her feel worthless
And before there was time for another stroke, she was convinced that she was worthless

Voice had no voice, for its mouth was being covered by every time she pleadingly and repeatedly cried "no"

She finally understood what girls she clowned on felt when insisting "no means no"
Sep 2014 · 459
Frida Virrueta Sep 2014
If I had a chance to choose my way of dying I'd say of a heart attack when making love on a cold October night, but then again.. I'm pretty indifferent to the cause of my death since regardless of the cause I'm going to die, we're going to die..
Sep 2014 · 429
Frida Virrueta Sep 2014
I'm stuck between the belief that it's better if I resist all temptaion, maybe that way I wont sin (what ever that is)
That it's better if I stay cautios, and not get too close.. Maybe that way I wont feel the burn on my flesh after each time yours glides on mine..
I'm stuck between the belief that it's better if I just anchor myself,before you anchor me

Between believing I should instead just let myself feel, let myself die for the love of love, for after all I am in love with destruction, I'm in love with chaos,I'm in love the way you can effect me, In love with the way you can turn my ideas around, in love with the way you can make illogical things sound so logical..
Jan 2014 · 751
whats "human"?
Frida Virrueta Jan 2014
Ive kind of forgot what "human" is ..
Even If I had a clear description of the word It would be meaningless..
Why? Because Im not human..
Unless you consider the desire to butcher and slaughter others humane ..
Unless you consider the act of hanging this woman by her ***** and concluding it by devouring her mammilla off humane ..

Then yes .. I am human
Jan 2014 · 747
Frida Virrueta Jan 2014
"Curiosity killed the cat, you're the cat."

Of course I had to be the **** cat..
I was looking for pleasure and I found it..
I found pleasure in the expression of her face after I forcefully slipped my member in her ******
Seeing humans/animals (or what ever we are) in discomfort was my only comfort..
I craved bizarre,
Torture had become my nature, I couldn't stop it, and I didn't want to..
"Why fight my nature?" I thought ..

"So you're telling me, that sin pleasures you?"

"You can put it that way," I said; sniggering
In my dictionary "sin" translates to "pleasure"
Let me tell you one thing though.. Yes, Indeed I am that curious cat, But curiosity did not **** me, It led me to discovering my bizarre pleasures, and nothing makes me feel more alive than that.
                                         - Narcissist
Dec 2013 · 2.0k
Rape , Natural
Frida Virrueta Dec 2013
So here I am sexually desiring this woman, my natural habitat begs to be pleased
but my bit of conscious is telling me to stop ..
" Its my nature," I think immediately;  trying to avoid guilt

I pleased myself, I ***** this woman
I felt passion burning in my gut
I enjoyed seeing her facials expressing all the pain
It was all so very lovely
And I wont go to hell cause there is no sin.

— The End —