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I am waiting for you
Like I wait for the sea.

Your tide rolls in slowly,
And I’m watching patiently

As your waves crash eloquently
Upon my shore and I am

Hopeful that one day you
Will finally reach me

Before the stars tuck
Themselves within the clouds

And I am standing alone,
Under a tired sky

With nothing to hold
But my memories

And my weary hope
That one day

You will come for me.
Warm sand escapes from under my feet,
As I trip up the winding path
And toward the rhythmic water.  

My fingers feel lonely without yours
Here, to wind through them, like a
Snake through grass. Natural,

The sun sets burnt orange
Along the horizon, sending vibrant
Reflections toward the shoreline.

I wish you were here, to see this fire
Burn out, then witness night
Creep over the summer sky,
As stars cascade down your back,
And tangle through my hair.  

We could have been beautiful.

— The End —