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Fluffy Genocide Oct 2013
Do you ever want to peel back your own skin?
to walk along razors edge bone and muscles scraping bare
where sin and flesh dance in a defining din of noise.
blood soaking the parched river bed
And i am the crossfire
sheltering,screaming, pain so sweet
but the skin never left
so silence the screams
and smile for the crowd
Fluffy Genocide Feb 2014
I'm breaking down.
I'm going numb
running from the future
no solace in the past

I can't stand the way you two smile
holding each other in a loving embrace
and so here i stand
watching my veins bleed

I know i'm crazy
Feelings unjustified
I know i'm losing it
Anxiety and fear clouding fact
So i smile along
to the beat of the drums

I just want someone to see me
for who i am
the prying eyes fading away
i want them to hold me
in a sickening sweet embrace
and tell me that though i'm breaking down.

tell me
"you're going to be okay."
Fluffy Genocide Oct 2013
Fade to black
Wash away the tears
Lungs go flat
And i can't take it
Scream it out
The words you are hiding
Taste the pain
Through metal torn veins
The end
Like a welcome friend
Fluffy Genocide Oct 2013
I watch the world through faded eyes
I watch as the world goes by
Im told it's bitter cynicism
I'm told its funny because I'm quiet
And i just don't give a ****
I don't sprinkle sugar on ****
People are awful
I just tell it like it is
Fluffy Genocide Oct 2013
Love is warm and kind
Burns like fire
Passonite and kind
Its restless nights
Falling asleep in your arms

I love you

Powerful words
For someone i have yet to meet
And im so terrified

With endless strings of lust
And hatred and pain,
In a place where passion pushes pride aside
Pride and Love
Will I ever meet you?

Im scared my love
Where are you?
Fluffy Genocide Oct 2013
Listen to my song
Lost in the ages
By the Name of suicide

I try so hard
So hard to die
In my name of suicide

I'm cursed to live
This world is ****
My self righteous suicide

I've burned
And hung
And shot
But still I cannot die

So this is my tale
My story
My name is suicide

— The End —