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Felicity Jul 2013
we live in a world
of many Faiths
and no *faith
Felicity Jul 2013
i only hate the world
because I tried
loving it
and it never
loved me back.
Felicity Jul 2013
You scream and shout
And curse me too
Then claim that I've
Offended you

You pray at night
And preach at day
Yet always still
Have more to say

You argue that
I Don't know Him well
And for it, you swear,
I'll burn in  hell

You say that I
Have lost my way
My heart has hardened
And my mind has strayed

You judge my clothes
My music too
And shout out: "atheist!"
When I judge you

I don't know much
But I know this
religion is peace
And this is definitely,
Not it.
So many people today claim to be religious while they are truly the opposite of what any religion promotes
Felicity Jul 2013
Do you sometimes look in the mirror,
and don't know who you are?
Seems you're like everyone else
yet do not fit in at all.
A piece of old dry clay,
so colourless and confused,
lacking shape and lacking form
and evidently over used.

Do you sometimes look around,
and find everyone moving fast?
Thus try to quicken your pace,
yet somehow end up last?
You fight against the current
in an attempt to reach the shore,
but no matter how much you push,
the current pulls you back some more.

Do you sometimes feel tied down,
like a bird with broken wings?
In theory you're meant to fly
but in reality you always sink.
Your memories drag you below,
into the dungeons of your past
where the sun doesn't shine
and when it does, it never lasts.

Do you sometimes stop for a second,
and wonder to where the road leads?
To heaven and all beyond?
Or to hell and all beneath?
You're full of contradictions,
with wars inside your head,
you struggle to find your purpose,
inner peace and rest.
Felicity Jul 2013
He wasn't perfect in her eyes
neither was she in his.
But they fell in love;
each, with what the other was.
Then everything that the other wasn't,
Stopped mattering all together
A little bit of cheese every once in a while can't possibly harm anyone :$
Felicity Jul 2013
it keeps us
to eventually, inevitably,
crush us
Felicity Jul 2013
A single beat
A single breath
A single scream

A million cries
A million weeps
A million tears

A million games
A million naps
A millions smears

A million words
A million questions
A million jeers

A million friends
A million lovers
A million dreams

A million pains
A million stories
A million years

A single sigh
A single breath
A single beat
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