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Paranoid Prick
under a rock, USA    Yada yada yada..aka drunken saboteur/ aka wba/ 8bb/ aka dj turbulence/ pastafarian wit da munchies, who bleeds marinara/ proponent of the see-food diet/ collection of ...
23/M/South Carolina    Thank you for reading my words. You may contact me here any time if you wish. I like reading comments and messages. Thank you again.
Ganesha Michael Shapiro
Copyright © Ganesha Michael Shapiro. All Rights Reserved.
20/Trans Male/among the stars    lost in my mind, so i follow my heart
Rick the shoe shine boy
36/M/Couch to couch USA    I have a million poems and narrations...most of which, I can't remember. Follow me on instagram- @rick_the_shoe_shine_boy
I am a lover of all things
oUt Of sYNc
19/M/Trapped    Typical guy writing mediocre poetry.
Marisol Quiroz
21/F/Newcastle upon Tyne    | micropoetry | prose | free verse | i traditionally write all my titles at the end of my works | my poems are sorted ...
27/M/Anywhere But Here    It's easy to remember the noise, But impossible to forget the silence.
Mark Tilford
Louisville ky    Thinking - always
saturn    vanish like the smoke in the wind
20/M/Los Angeles    Wanting to find the meaning behind the smallest things. Hopefully poetry helps with that :) Amateur photographer on Instagram @ShallowSky
Jordan Ray
20/M/Wales    Singer-Songwriter. Lyricist. Poet. Check out my soundcloud:
16    photographer and writer -
Noah H
20/M    Just a guy with a moderate typing ability
an honest and hopeless romantic.. sorry
17/M/Lost In Time    Just a dude who loves heavy metal, poetry, history and good company
Domino Black
A new way to express myself. A new name. A new start. I am Domino Black, I am not real. I am theater.
weird ig
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