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Stained Glass Sep 2020
This is how I love. I barter what I own and exchange it for your happiness, hoping it's enough to make you full.
Aug 2020 · 197
Stained Glass Aug 2020
The worst part about having mental health issues is that you're seemingly required to have a breakdown in order for people to understand how hard you were trying to hold yourself together.
Stained Glass Jul 2020
...I was a child. I didn't need to be strong,
I needed to be safe.
Jun 2020 · 170
Burning Building.
Stained Glass Jun 2020
I don't want to see stores looted or even buildings burn. But African Americans have been living in a burning building for many years, choking on the smoke as the flames burn closer and closer. Racism in America is like dust in the air. It seems invisible - even if you're choking on it -until you let the sun in. Then you see it's everywhere. As long as we keep shining that light, we have a chance of cleaning it wherever it lands. But we have to stay vigilant because it's always still in the air.

Jun 2020 · 193
Stained Glass Jun 2020
I want your kiss, upon my lips
   I want your hand, gripping my wrist
                   I want your heart, beaten apart
                       So you can feel how you left my soul down to rot.'
Jun 2020 · 194
~ Washed Away ~
Stained Glass Jun 2020
And with each tear
that crossed my face,
the person I once was
slowly washed away.
Jun 2020 · 162
Stained Glass Jun 2020
you are silent about your pain, they'll **** you and say you enjoyed it.
Jun 2020 · 152
"Why did you forgive me?"
Stained Glass Jun 2020
'..I did it because I know that revenge is a meal we prepare for someone else...

..and somehow the chef always ends up starving..'
Jun 2020 · 133
Stained Glass Jun 2020
"is the drunk guy at the party who tries to fight everyone.

America says nothing and pretends they didn't ride in the same car."
Apr 2020 · 103
Stained Glass Apr 2020
when you have a persistent sense of heartbreak and gut-wrench, the physical sensations become intolerable and you will do anything to make those feelings disappear. And that is really the origin of what happens in human pathology. People take drugs to make it disappear, and they cut themselves to make it disappear, and they starve themselves to make it disappear, and they have *** with anyone who comes along to make it disappear, and once you have these horrible sensations in your body, you'll do anything to make it go away.'
Apr 2020 · 113
Stained Glass Apr 2020
The same boiling water that softens the potato hardens the egg. It's about what you're made of, not the circumstances.
#currently in quarantine with a box of potatoes
Apr 2020 · 136
Stained Glass Apr 2020
She loved him the same way that she learned how to ride a bike.
Scared...but reckless.
Apr 2020 · 139
Stained Glass Apr 2020
is like a sandwich: no matter which way you flip it, the bread comes first.
Mar 2020 · 189
Stained Glass Mar 2020
The version of me you created in your mind is not my responsibility.
Mar 2020 · 170
Stained Glass Mar 2020
The thing about masks is that someone always sees the string behind your head.
Mar 2020 · 100
Stained Glass Mar 2020
Being a survivor of emotional abuse is fighting daily battles in your head with a person you no longer have contact with.
#Mental abuse is much more painful than physical abuse because you are consumed by your own thoughts. I think that after being hurt so many times I created a shield where I don't allow anyone to get close to me. I love being friends with people and I enjoy having friends. But, to be close friends with someone for a lifetime and to share each other's secrets, wants, needs, etc. sounds like a complete nightmare. If I had one wish that could be granted it would be for me to have never been born. My ultimate wish is for the all the people who have met me to unmeet me. Then I wouldn't be such a burden on anyone. I no longer wish to die, I wish to have never been born. If I had the power to turn back everything I would give my parents a better child and give my friends a better person.
Mar 2020 · 94
I hope to live forever...
Mar 2020 · 106
Unwanted Search.
Stained Glass Mar 2020
...and long after I have given up,
my heart still searches for you
without my permission...
Mar 2020 · 104
Stained Glass Mar 2020
'We are the daughters of men who warned us about the news, and the missing girls on milk cartons and the sharp edge of the world.
They begged us to be careful, to be safe, and then told our brothers to go out and play.'
Mar 2020 · 131
Stained Glass Mar 2020
You wanna how I got these scars?

I ripped every last piece of you out of my smile
Mar 2020 · 194
A wise man once said that:
Stained Glass Mar 2020
'Suicide is the only thing, you can control in your life.
And that's why it's considered a sin.
Because you're beating God
At his own game.'
Mar 2020 · 146
My Phobia: Pistanthrophobia
Stained Glass Mar 2020
The fear of trusting someone.
Mar 2020 · 114
Stained Glass Mar 2020
We raise our boys the same way we raise our guns.
Somehow we are confused when they grow up to be rifles.
Mar 2020 · 1.7k
What some say...
Stained Glass Mar 2020
Some say don't burn your bridges.
I say, if necessary, let the kerosene kiss it on the lips & watch it turn to ash.
There's always more than one way to cross the water.
Mar 2020 · 153
Stained Glass Mar 2020
"When she broke your heart, did she also CRACK your spine so you would always fall in her direction?"
Feb 2020 · 88
The Second Best.
Stained Glass Feb 2020
I always feel like I'm second best when it comes to friends. Like I always feel like I'm not as fun or outgoing to be around.
Feb 2020 · 152
Just...a little less.
Stained Glass Feb 2020
She wasn't even asking for happiness, she was just asking for a little less pain. But, you couldn't even give her that?
Feb 2020 · 89
Too often...numb.
Stained Glass Feb 2020
She felt like crying but nothing came out. It was just a sort of sad sicknees, sick sad, when you can't feel any worse. I think you know it. I think everybody knows it now and then. But I think I have known it pretty often, too often.
Feb 2020 · 136
The Helper.
Stained Glass Feb 2020
Some people aren't good at asking for help, they're so used to being 'the helper.' Throughout their life they've experienced an unbalance give and take, so their instinct is usually "I'll figure it out on my own". The self-reliance is all they've ever known.
Feb 2020 · 96
I'm learning.
Stained Glass Feb 2020
I'm learning to love the sound of my feet walking away from things not meant for me.
Feb 2020 · 113
Stained Glass Feb 2020
We take secrets to our graves that are no big deal to anyone but ourselves.
Feb 2020 · 93
Eye Contact.
Stained Glass Feb 2020
is how souls learn to ignite fire.
Eye contact can be the source of how souls catch fire. It'll either be in burning passion, or chard remains of an inevitable defeat.
Jan 2020 · 207
Stained Glass Jan 2020
And just like that, I realized that my old scars never truly healed,
because they bled again at a single word.
Jan 2020 · 92
What is love
Stained Glass Jan 2020
In maths: an equation
In chemistry: a reaction
In history: a war
In geography: a place
In life: everything
Jan 2020 · 37
Stained Glass Jan 2020
I like doggies
they are tasty
Jan 2020 · 65
Stained Glass Jan 2020
She greatly disliked emotion, not because she felt lightly, but because she felt deeply.
Jan 2020 · 51
Stained Glass Jan 2020
Sometimes I wish that things could get really bad, so I have a reason to **** myself.
Sometimes I wish that nobody cared for me so that I could **** myself without feeling guilty.
And sometimes I wish that I wasn't this type of person, but I am.
I really am a bad person...
Jan 2020 · 58
A Narcissists Mindset.
Stained Glass Jan 2020
'-And if it did,
that didn't happen.
because it wasn't that bad,
and you're just overreacting
it's not a big deal
and if it was,
it's not my fault
and if it is,
I didn't mean it
and if I did mean it,
you made me do it.
It's your fault, not mine,
I'm the victim here,
and it's going to stay that way.'
Jan 2020 · 37
Current Status:
Stained Glass Jan 2020
I'm walking on a tightrope that's between giving up and seeing how much more I can take.
Jan 2020 · 37
Stained Glass Jan 2020
-trust a man that tries to destroy you when he's mad.
That's weak.
Jan 2020 · 115
A Diamond
Stained Glass Jan 2020
"is just a piece of charcoal that handled stress exceptionally well."
Jan 2020 · 76
Stained Glass Jan 2020
Someone once told me that: "Only the people who care about you are the ones who can hear you when you're quiet."
Everyone speaks a silent language and it's rare to find someone who speaks yours.....
Jan 2020 · 65
Stained Glass Jan 2020
Have you ever gotten in a fight with someone because you told them what was bothering you and instead of them apologizing they find a way to make you feel bad about it so you are left regretting even saying anything?
#"an apology without changed behavior is just manipulation...
Jan 2020 · 84
Stained Glass Jan 2020
will prove who someone is
whereas words merely prove who they pretend to be.
Jan 2020 · 82
New Year.
Stained Glass Jan 2020
It's no longer "new year, new me"
Instead, it's "new year, slightly improved and better me"
Jan 2020 · 86
1st Rule of 2020
Stained Glass Jan 2020
is not to dwell on what went wrong in 2019
#Happy new year everybody!
Dec 2019 · 240
Introvert Problem
Stained Glass Dec 2019
I have days where I don't even feel like speaking.
Dec 2019 · 165
The damage I've done.
Stained Glass Dec 2019
I ruined so many things (for myself and those around me) that could've been amazing because I was sad.
Slowly learning that sometimes you have to make peace with the fact that you are the villain in someone else's story even if you thought you were doing the right thing. You don't get to tell them how to narrate their experience....
Dec 2019 · 336
I'm Stuck.
Stained Glass Dec 2019
Stuck between overemotional and emotionless at the same time.
Dec 2019 · 193
Stained Glass Dec 2019
When I was little I cried about one thing that hurt me.
Now that I'm older, when I cry, I cry about everything that hurt me and it's never one thing.
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