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T'was a hot, summer night
A dark moment crossed my mind
I've seen the horror of losing the light
Who lit my sorrow and soul, I sighed.

I met him as I took that road
Where my path will be traced upon
I met him and fell for his eyes, so broad
Which looked at me and it turned me on.

I was twenty when I met him
And he was thirteen back then
I was a student teacher who teaches them
And he was a student who I adore. Oh, men!

I was amazed by his maturity
I fell for his dark yet gentle physique
It may be against the ethics, professionally
I couldn't help but sneak a peak.
On the 6th day of my confession
I felt something's fading
Uncertain if it's the light or the progression
Of a dubious passion that's ceasing.
A ghostly trespasser
In the corner of my chest
Creeping against her
Will. He tried his best.
You weren't born to please anyone
You're not alive to feel pressured
Towards their unlawful judgment
Be genuine and everything is rest assured.
On the 5th day of May
I finally conceded that I failed.
To prevent my heart throughout the day
And night, I bailed.

Only to realize, it's too late now
Not to say sorry but to stop this wild,
Foolish admiration and will try to vow
To disregard this thing I have inside.

Feel it in my chest, beating rapidly
And presto,
I realized I'm doomed, really.
For it's not what it was supposed to do.
Fairytales Love Man Broke
It was the 23rd day of March
You felt his warm and gentle touch
As the breezy wind clothed you
His frisky voice embraced thou

Ages after, there's something inside
Your heart you can't describe
No, it's not like you can't,
It's more like you're scared.

Aghast of the pain you once felt
From the young lad, an iniquity
He scarred you then, you nearly melt
Afraid of the feelings that remains sticky.

I wish to see your smile again,
With all your strengths,regain.
I'll stay with you forevermore
For you're my best bud, for a lifetime more.
Love night lifetime forever embrace
At some point, you seem like crying
Even when your lips feel like smiling
Your genuine self's now gone
As he left you for one more woman.
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