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 Mar 2013 evin
 Mar 2013 evin
Perfect way to end a letter.  
Rated x to get her wetter and o
the shape her mouth makes while she
takes [explicit] and slips another pill
that she purposefully drinks at will.

Searching for serotonin
in any kind of person.
Hard for her to see
while she abuses receptors
that release dopamine.

Snow falls from her nose
as the winter wind blows
and to keep up her habit
finds another man to blow.

How far will she go
before they all decide to let her go
and she ends up all alone.

I picked her up and fixed
her wings while she tried to
figure out what to do next.
She says she has no money and
can only repay in ***.

Keep the x and then we'll se[e]  
but first you need some help
before we know what the plan will be.

A fallen angel. I'm glad
you're in my presence.
Please don't yell so loudly
just in case we wake the tenants.

Watch you sleep while
I make breakfast.
I've grown attached to the
angel addicted  to snow
that  has nowhere to go.

Stay with me I tell her.
She's reluctant to look
me in the eyes.
She wonders if I'm kidding
and simply tell lies.

She slowly starts to panic
I claim my love for her's organic
but she doesn't know what to
think as her mind becomes volcanic.

I tell her I'm going to
shower and to
think of my proposal.

I try to be quick as
I'm convinced that after
months I simply can't let her go.
Only to find a long letter
in the kitchen with the signature
 Mar 2013 evin
Noble Showers.
 Mar 2013 evin
I don't mind the cold
mornings or the piano
music that plays in the
shower, it's okay here
with the sweaters on
the floor and the
candles that do
not burn
because at
night my feet
are warm as I learn how
to be on my own and the
piano music plays, drops
the piano music plays
when I cover my face
with wet hair and
ask questions
in front of
the tile

are you
(c) Brooke Otto
 Mar 2013 evin
It Clicks.
 Mar 2013 evin
My ears ring.
My mind vibrates.
I answer the call of

another life.
You're so attached to this screen... but I post to the public online aswell?
 Mar 2013 evin
Third Eye Candy
Old ghosts teem amid the fireflies and dim time

stumbles through the variegated dusk, with

glowing plums, how they burden in the dark

those limbs in twisted slumber, threading the

canopy of shadows that embrace the sharp

features of failing day, the oblivious regions of

the end of games that every fate has known

since birth, since breath drew the tongue-

a meaningful word

from meaningless

 Mar 2013 evin
Bailey C Walter
Where do men go when they can’t sleep
Up the river to a place where time passes like dreams
Their breath slips in and out of consciousness
While their hands tremble under the new fears

Feet crack under the pressure
Through the seams seep puddles of fresh water
That washes away the hollow men that stare and linger
They sway together like a feather as it collides with the earth

Bed in hand the men lie
Clutching onto the only thing that makes it clear
Time is just a passing thought
Bones quietly melt away

Far beneath are the sounds of waves
And the rustling of leaves
The sun dances about the sky
Painting in vibrant colors every memory of their sin
This time it won’t wash away
 Mar 2013 evin
Mara Siegel
linchpin boyfriend
hold me together at the seams;
for I
       can't stop leaking
 Mar 2013 evin
 Mar 2013 evin
Every night in my sleep
I play the scene
I've never witnessed.

Sand in your face.
Shells hitting the ground.
Visibility reduced to nothing.

Contemplating memories
as my anger cultures sorrow
and melancholy.

Anger for not being better.
Purposely missing the concert
you've always wanted to attend.
Forgetting that dinner and how
I wish I had that time again.

Forgetful, but you stayed.
Wish you could've stayed.
Memory will fade as I plead for you to
please stay.

In the mail I got a phony plaque
that won't bother to bring you back.
You said not to stay up too late
while waiting for you to come back.
I want you back.
I want you back.
I want my love that was dispatched
to Iraq and never came back.
 Mar 2013 evin
Kayla Hollatz
You try to blend in
with the beautiful daisies
when all you feel like is
a dandelion, a ****.
 Mar 2013 evin
 Mar 2013 evin
i'm unraveling just as quickly
as your words,
and here we are
but this time,
not in the
oh good lord, i'm having panic attacks.  my heart hurts.  please tell me how to fix this.
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