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Bailey C Walter Jun 2011
Where do men go when they can’t sleep
Up the river to a place where time passes like dreams
Their breath slips in and out of consciousness
While their hands tremble under the new fears

Feet crack under the pressure
Through the seams seep puddles of fresh water
That washes away the hollow men that stare and linger
They sway together like a feather as it collides with the earth

Bed in hand the men lie
Clutching onto the only thing that makes it clear
Time is just a passing thought
Bones quietly melt away

Far beneath are the sounds of waves
And the rustling of leaves
The sun dances about the sky
Painting in vibrant colors every memory of their sin
This time it won’t wash away
Bailey C Walter Jun 2011
You see it’s not that you’re the voice that haunts my mind
But you’re the one the one that keeps me from sleeping at night
With lingering thoughts of slow translation
You kick and scream and tell me you did nothing wrong
I can see it all; your eyes are like the setting sun
Something beautiful leading to the depth of a void
An infinite place where I can just pass along
The shrieks fill my head as I clench to escape it
Groping at a hole that leaves me helpless
You know you have no hold of me
Yet, you try desperately to remind me of my failures
You’re like my own little demon on a rope
Break my legs again
I dare you
Bailey C Walter Jun 2011
The stone from where you stand
Has begun to absorb into your soles
Motionless you stare
At everything you can’t reach
The sun can only feel empty upon your skin
I use you as a place to find shade
I found that your heart stopped beating in my hand
Absence is only felt from what once was
Breath for me slowly
Warm the gray that has covered you once again
Bailey C Walter Jun 2011
Unearth from the muck and the darkness
Straining with white eyes to see
Everything that is breathing amongst thee
Cold he shivers from the sudden stillness

With body so frail
Broken collapsing into the position he knew so well
Wishing he could remember the smell
Of life under the ground

Breath is short and lifeless
Until it deepens at times passes on
Skin beautifully tainted
From that which radiates from his soul

His words are soft and fluid
As they caress the person gently
Leaving a chokehold
In which the person desires to be

He comes to you in passing
And you look him straight in the eye
And yet you see nothing moving
But forever he has changed your life
Bailey C Walter Jun 2011
In this unconscionable soul rests a being
Void of knowledge, yet engaging in life
He has become stranded in his path
Nevertheless, he knows where to go, but reluctantly does not follow

The inability to stick with his logic has become a downfall
Blinded by the subtleness of repetition
He continues, unsurprised
Caught up in his unrequited lust for more

Sometimes, however, he finds truth in the greatest parts of his life
But instantly the figure appears, blinding
The figure haunts his memory
As dark as it is, he refuses to release it

Some unknown burden holds him closely
Entangled from years of darkness
Is it possible to even discover light?
Or is he eternally traveling with bloodless hands, outstretched in potential?

I find myself only able to whisper softly among the screams echoing in his head
Is it worth your life?
Without this burden you can truly find yourself
Can’t you see what it has made you?

Nothing more than a spec of dust in the ground
Worthless, beaten down by others
He placed himself in this state
Continuing to wander, as he desires
Hoping that in his brokenness he can bring life to something
The only influence he has is the darkness that consumes his soul

At one moment was change possible
Yet once again he has turned away
To find his worth in the loneliness of states
Unable to find redemption in his hollow face
Bailey C Walter Jun 2011
Remember the day when things were different?
You used to be beautiful
With the way you captured me in every word you’d say
These spring days went back in time
Winter is here to stay
Now you lie awake
Sipping that coffee from the mug, homemade
You philosophize to make everything feel alive
Bailey C Walter Jun 2011
My bare feet are worn from walking
Following the broken path
You stopped me and placed the flower you picked in my hair
Give me your breath, rejuvenating
I love the way, we make we
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