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Lulu Jun 2022
those little lines were always more important to you.
Lulu Jun 2022
it still wasn't enough for you to stay
Lulu Jun 2022
no song in the world would describe this feeling
Lulu Jun 2022
they'll never know you the way that I do
Lulu Jun 2022
blamed it on your situation
this never ending cycle
said no matter what, no matter when, no matter where
broken heart claim
yet I'm always picking up the pieces they broke
Lulu May 2022
It seems as if you are gone for good
no more messages
no more random pop ups
no more looking for sympathy
I dont deserve this
Lulu May 2022
how I feel about the missed calls
how I feel about the drug use
how I feel about the lying
how I feel about our situation
how I feel about reality
how I feel about the pain
how I feel about with you
how I feel without you
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