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Lulu May 2022
the thoughts
the heart
the memories
the scars
Lulu May 2022
I saw your face yesterday
I barley recognized who you've become
Hallowed out jaw and forced smile
That wasn't who you were around me
Your soul has been ****** from your veins
The very veins that are pumping the drugs through
Your dead eyes spoke volume
Eyes don't lie
Lulu Apr 2022
the bottle
your hugs
the pills
your kisses
the blade
your fists
at what cost do I beg for warmth
Lulu Mar 2022
you are back again
what is the point?
you come just as fast as you leave
do I deserve this?
Lulu Feb 2022
alone, in this world
you come and go as you please
far beyond manipulation
but it is better than loneliness
Lulu Nov 2021
the ****** took your mind
bouts of rage and tiny pupils
midnight FaceTime calling
no help, you are falling
track marks and empty staring
my heart is tearing
Lulu Nov 2021
my right hand, my go to
why did you have to go too
told you everything
now you're gone, leaving
my best friend
now I play pretend
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