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Esfoni Sep 2017
Dreaming a
celestial raging river
where the fish aren’t judged
by the color of their skin
in the milky way
keep on dreaming, you old fish!

Esfoni Jun 2017
On a tree branch, above
sitting a beautiful dove

I looked up and asked her
would you kindly define love?

It won’t be worth seeking
if I define love

it won’t be worth desiring
if I define love

Esfoni Jun 2017
Whatsoever a man soweth
that shall he also reap
deceive thy neighbor shalt not
as into thine grace it shall seep

Esfoni Feb 2017
clouds cannot hide behind the sun
while the magistrate’s Attila the ***
the man is out to hunt for fun
run for your life “Bambi”, run

Esfoni Feb 2017

The orange oracle
on the white mountain's pinnacle
burning cross on his hand
yet another Holocaust
children of Isaac, stay woke
children of Ishmael, stay woke
hey, orange man
I am: a Jewish Muslim
hey orange man
I am: a Muslim Jew

Esfoni Jan 2017
There’s a place
where God isn’t wrathful
or half kind
actuality is reality
and not twined
no broken hearts
colors don’t matter
days are bright
so is the night
love isn’t a fever
or a horse-ridding knight
sort of a pain
can’t be defined
has no taste
but, it does bind
feels like rain
causes pain
tends to wax
tends to wane
some you lose
some you gain
how to get there
just close your eyes
no questions, and no whys
make a wish
no fig leaf, no disguise

Esfoni Dec 2016
Thy savory voice
fills broken hearts
whilst thine eyes mirror
the shimmering stars

thy hair weaves
the wavy tidal seas
whence the waxing moon
hints thy lips

How do I long
for thine courtship
trickery and intrigues
on this wandering, forsaken ship

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