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2.7k · Jul 2016
Bleep Bleep, Dot Dot
Esfoni Jul 2016
I don’t like Hillary
But I’ll vote for her
my feeling’s personal
But her acts are not

the other guy speaks of
bleep bleep, dot dot
no interpretation thereof
melting words, in a ***

2.7k · Jun 2015
Tiny Smile!
Esfoni Jun 2015
I walked a thousand mile
to a wishing well, surrounding Nile
just to make a gigantic wish
for a tiny, teeny, little smile

2.5k · Aug 2014
Rebellious Wind!
Esfoni Aug 2014
One of these days
I’ll turn into a rebellious wind
Rustling through branches and leaves
On the tree tops, the wings finned

Dashing into the heavens
Whilst slithering up the mountains
As whispering Brahmans
So, the thirsty river runs

1.8k · Jun 2015
The Big Bang!
Esfoni Jun 2015
All things started with a big bang!
Some label it: Creation! Some: Yin and Yang!
Others say:We sit on the ancestral tree
from which the apes sprang!

1.6k · Aug 2014
Leafless Branch!
Esfoni Aug 2014
Leafless branch
Desiccated trunk
Withered carcass
But, the root
Yet, beneath the soil

The fruit ripens
On the leafless branch
Harassed by assailing winds
Hence the scent, if, the roots last

1.4k · Sep 2014
The Pilgrimage!
Esfoni Sep 2014
The road is narrow
The path is dark
The ensuing sparrow
This pilgrimage, I shall embark!

In search of an ark
The ferry’s set sailing
You people that do sleep, hark
Anubis, Osiris, Hades are hailing!

Shred by shred, bit by bit, haling
Fulfilling the uttered destiny
Heart beats slowing, or failing
Curing the ennui of monotony

Life’s made of delights, some agony
What goes around, comes around
Seemed to be in perfect harmony
Not a thief, but the righteous’ crowned

1.4k · Sep 2014
My Sad Guitar!
Esfoni Sep 2014
Cry, cry, my sad guitar! 
Not for the snapped string! 
But the thirsty desert! 
Or the contented soldiers
Who won't return! 
The lonesome willow tree! 
The innocents
Walking the green mile! 
Cry, cry, my lonely guitar! 
For the dried eyes
Of the unfortunate roses! 
Not the unending nights
Of warriors, fighters, and knights! 
But their mothers, children, and wives! 
Cry, cry, my sad guitar! 
For those taken
In Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria
who are awaiting
to be ******, or beheaded! 
In the name of Allah! 
Cry my sad, lonesome, lonely guitar! 
Not for the snapped string! 
But for the conscienceless creature
called human, cry!
1.1k · Sep 2014
Let’s Go For A Walk!
Esfoni Sep 2014
I’m tired, so tired, of!
The fake gestures
A cigarette between *******
The ******* cough, bogus smiles
A chapped cup, full of dark Turkish coffee
Who you’re not
Not the eyeglasses!
Knowledge, should be in you
Wanna be enlightened?
Come, walk with me
Under the rain
to the barren lands
How's the weather in California?
Come with me
Let’s go
for a walk
To the white planes of Alaska
Just to make a snowman!
Enough, is enough
Leave the soundless guitar, alone
Walk with me
To the infertile terrains
Where the rainbow
taking her last breath
To be fed, not to feed
A bit of, humanity
Let’s go for a walk!

January 13, 2009
1.1k · Sep 2016
Autumn Love
Esfoni Sep 2016
And so as autumn dawned
the falling leaf
kisses the surface of the pond
a sentence of death, in disbelief

1.0k · Jun 2015
Drop By Drop!
Esfoni Jun 2015
The old faucet
has lost patience
Just as I have
the fiber of its existence
drop by drop
slithering through
the revolving wheel of time
as it drops

947 · Sep 2014
Esfoni Sep 2014
Butterfly's searching
On the wings of an enraged wind
Within the shivering leaves of a willow tree
For her footprint
Lurking on the desert hillocks
Around midnight, promenading lame
“Have you seen my footprint?”
Asked of every being: The butterfly
“I've seen it!”
Uttered: The scorpion
Inside the intestinal curves
In the belly of a horned viper
Was looking for you!

947 · Apr 2016
Godly Pagan
Esfoni Apr 2016
Man has two faces
the inner fits Satan
the outer meets graces
one’s Godly, the other pagan

853 · Dec 2016
What’s my name?
Esfoni Dec 2016
couldn’t remember
my name
so, I ran
inside my mind
duly to find
my name
what a game
inside my brain
lots of fire
but no flame
depression on top
anxiety *******
to **** or maim
thus, no one to blame
frontal lobe
crying pain
occiput laughing her *** off
cerebellum’s being tough
bunch of misfits
playing it rough
to end this game
I asked for a name
how about Alzheimer
said, drunken cerebrum
you stupid wacky old lame

793 · Nov 2016
Two Peas In A Pot!
Esfoni Nov 2016
All men are created equal
some atrocious, some angel
though few actions are null
the universe, he can amble

720 · Aug 2014
Epic of Love!
Esfoni Aug 2014
Epic of Love!

Deep in a forest, a shack
Surrounded by evergreens
Encircled by thoughts
Bounded by many dreams

A wooden desk by the window
A fountain pen, few papers
The songs of a babbling brook
Few candles; if not, an oil lamp

Ruminations of tender whispers
The gentle touch, your silken lips
My aspiration to dawn an epic
Larger-than-life; an Epic of Love

March 7, 2009
720 · Jun 2015
Perfect Harmony!*
Esfoni Jun 2015
The road is narrow
The path is dark
The ensuing sparrow
This pilgrimage, we shall embark!

The ferry set sailing
In search of an ark
Anubis, Osiris; hand in hand, hailing!
You people that do sleep, hark

Heart beats slowing, a few failing
meeting the written destiny
Shred by shred, bit by bit, haling
a sense of ennui envelopes amply

Vicious circle, round after round
moments of delights, some agony
what goes around, comes around
Seems to be in perfect harmony


* New Version
716 · Oct 2018
Flowers on My Grave!
Esfoni Oct 2018
You grated my heart
and, walked away
with a broken one
I have to breath
this forsaken dream
or is it, a way of it?
no one cares
no one walks
into my rainy nights!
it seems
The tears falling off your eyes
Fashioned the wine in my tavern
I burnt down the tavern
to see the stars in your eyes
yet, you rived my dream
and walked away
Now, who is going to leave
flowers on my grave
but myself

693 · Sep 2014
The Rustic Window!
Esfoni Sep 2014
I’ve passed by an old window, many times!
With a frame older than time, with washed out paint!
Mounted on a wall, surrounded by many chimes!
Silent; no complaint!

On the other side, sitting an old man!
On an old chair, by the candlelight!
A man with no eyes, a blind man!
Quiet; so polite!

Once, I wondered:
What could that old man see?
Staring behind the window each day
Yet no eyes!
Has he ever seen a blossom?
The winters ice?
A rainy day, morning dew
Or a river rush to the sea?

A bird flying by
The summer breeze
Shivering leaves
The miniature roses branching out beneath the window?
The moonlight, autumn leaves
A gushing brook running through a thirsty desert
The murky eaves?
Or a greenish meadow?

“He perceives what you don’t”: The window whispered!
“He sees with his heart, not the eyes!”
“You witness the outer”! The window answered!
“He discerns the within, not the dyes”! 

February 20, 2009
692 · Dec 2016
Mon Amour!
Esfoni Dec 2016
Thy savory voice
fills broken hearts
whilst thine eyes mirror
the shimmering stars

thy hair weaves
the wavy tidal seas
whence the waxing moon
hints thy lips

How do I long
for thine courtship
trickery and intrigues
on this wandering, forsaken ship

689 · Jul 2016
Illusion of Races!
Esfoni Jul 2016
Daughters, sons of Adam and Eve
you’re intelligent being who believe
in peace, harmonious profound love
and this fabric of existence, you weave

There is one race
on the face of Earth
dubbed human race
in a regional dearth
two eyes, a nose, one face
or Buddha like in girth

why do some hate
though not in their genes
organs, hormones, or gait
the color of shirt, short, or jeans
something that they ate
be it rice, fruit or beans

it’s taught by parents
not in blood, or heart
an act, played by runts
not in the realm of any art
so, stop being blunts
and listen to this old ****

594 · Aug 2014
The Wickedness!
Esfoni Aug 2014
The wickedness in the wake of the night whispers

It's ramming the moments to their destiny

Smearing out the existence swiftly, so spurs

Bringing the ennui to an end, tearing down the monotony

580 · Dec 2016
Hungry Moon Walker!
Esfoni Dec 2016
I remember
this December
when we walked on the Moon
and the Mars, will be soon

yet, my neighbor’s kids
still hungry
living off the grid
wishing a bowl soup of peas

every morning, as the noon
nothing to eat, empty spoon
every month, like the June
dead dreams with the wand and the rune

543 · Nov 2016
Falling Leaves!
Esfoni Nov 2016
Autumn is here
by the enchanting wind
dancing leaves
slithering to their resting place

538 · Jul 2016
Crawling Cracked Wall!
Esfoni Jul 2016
As the rays of darkness fall
the chanting spirit will howl
street’s empty, the lights are out
thus, the cracked wall shall crawl

533 · Jun 2015
The Bickering Beauty!
Esfoni Jun 2015
She finds something to cavil at in everything I say
Winter, summer; spring, autumn; night or day
I will love her, more than life; no matter what
Every April; June, July, August; even May

Saturday, June 20, 2015
529 · Jul 2016
In Lap of Gods
Esfoni Jul 2016
In the valley of penumbras
at the round table
black knights cheering
at the right hand of gods
Lucifer in between
dancing melancholically

498 · Feb 2017
Dark Days Ahead!
Esfoni Feb 2017

The orange oracle
on the white mountain's pinnacle
burning cross on his hand
yet another Holocaust
children of Isaac, stay woke
children of Ishmael, stay woke
hey, orange man
I am: a Jewish Muslim
hey orange man
I am: a Muslim Jew

490 · Nov 2015
Street Walker
Esfoni Nov 2015
I saw a ******* the street
selling her body,  last night
Have you no shame?: I asked
Beware the wrath of God

I am ashamed!: She said
But, my child's in need of food,
my husband an addict
and my God, in deep sleep

Does God sleep?: I asked
Mine does: she said
If not, my world
would've been different

Mine is awake
I plea and atone, instead
For, he's KIND

Your god is the god of the Pharaohs: She said
Not of the indigents
Or else
wouldn't be worshiped by you

482 · Jan 2017
Dream A Dream!
Esfoni Jan 2017
There’s a place
where God isn’t wrathful
or half kind
actuality is reality
and not twined
no broken hearts
colors don’t matter
days are bright
so is the night
love isn’t a fever
or a horse-ridding knight
sort of a pain
can’t be defined
has no taste
but, it does bind
feels like rain
causes pain
tends to wax
tends to wane
some you lose
some you gain
how to get there
just close your eyes
no questions, and no whys
make a wish
no fig leaf, no disguise

477 · Sep 2014
The Whispering Stream!
Esfoni Sep 2014
I stood at the top of the bridge, beneath the moon!
As she walked away
Watching the wavy stream!
“What about our love?”:I cried!
She briefly smirked: “What is love?”:
“Merely a dream": The stream whispered!
455 · Jul 2016
Dancing Window!
Esfoni Jul 2016
Faded, cracked, on the wall
sitting on top, a barn owl
next to a tree, a window
singing a song, on prowl

she could hear eagles call
mingling with wolves howl
a whispering water fall
pushing the rocks to brawl

a big river in the Gaul
hissing cicadas crawl
even the calves, in kraal
school of fish in trawl

singing, dancing in red shawl
Janet, David, Kathy and Paul
young or short, old and tall
every summer, winter, or fall

455 · Sep 2017
Autumn In My Garden!
Esfoni Sep 2017
Autumn walks in my garden once
brings the gift of chaos, disorder, some
breeding anarchy, disarray, lots of
I asked what she's trying to
suffocating a flower, by cutting her
said: “she did not die in
her life’s merely on the
“I do this out of love”, said
and love never dies, simple yet

427 · Aug 2014
Battle Wounds!
Esfoni Aug 2014
The battle’s over long ago
But the battle wounds remain
Shouted in silence, cried also
Merely, I’d not deign, again!

424 · Apr 2016
Dearly Loved!
Esfoni Apr 2016
The beloved, in every memoir
her eyes' fashioned by God
made of ruby, the other star
invades heart, then plunder and maraud

418 · Feb 2017
Attila The Magistrate!
Esfoni Feb 2017
clouds cannot hide behind the sun
while the magistrate’s Attila the ***
the man is out to hunt for fun
run for your life “Bambi”, run

399 · Jul 2016
Esfoni Jul 2016
Red, White, and Blue
covers all, not few
united we stand
black, white, also Sioux

396 · Jul 2016
Black Lives Matter!
Esfoni Jul 2016
Think first, act after
daunting one’s plight
Black lives matter
so does the white

this horrendous game
that has no shame
played by one lame
who’s hard to tame

the man gains billion
blames the one with none
jester for presidency, will he run
ready to rumble, the fight is on

need not to be fed
a garbage, that’s canned
Sarah, Malcolm, Jose, Ned
draw a line in the sand

393 · Sep 2017
Raging River
Esfoni Sep 2017
Dreaming a
celestial raging river
where the fish aren’t judged
by the color of their skin
in the milky way
keep on dreaming, you old fish!

392 · Apr 2016
Forsaken Day of May
Esfoni Apr 2016
Every 12th of  May
a forsaken, lonesome day
even the sorrow mopes
life glances, then shies away

384 · Sep 2014
A Mighty Feather!
Esfoni Sep 2014
You might chain my flesh
Not my spirit
You might chain my Soul
Not my pen
If you chain my pen
I’ll ask a bird for a feather!
381 · Dec 2016
I’m NOT A Pretender!
Esfoni Dec 2016
If I could
                rip my skin off
to get out
                of this prison
                you’ll see
the color of my skin
                does not fashion
who I am
                I would!

376 · Aug 2016
First Kiss!
Esfoni Aug 2016
Childhood went by
so fast
still remember
chasing butterflies
licking a Popsicle
which didn’t last
a world
filled with dreams
no colors or borders
just laughs, just screams
in search of fireflies
every winter
around fire
listening to
grandpa’s tales
of future and past
ghosts or knights
crying wails
widened eyes
hastily inhales
playing hide and seek
with Tom, Suzy and ****
my first kiss
from the next door miss
remember this?
missing that heavenly bliss
sitting by a pond
next to my wife
being a museum
of my life

373 · Oct 2015
A Shivery Bird!
Esfoni Oct 2015
As rain's catching its breath
on the wings of a howling wind
cowering through the leaves
of a whipping willow

encountered a shivery hummingbird
“why are you crying?”: asked the rain
“she's rattled by my yowling!
or, could it be the thunder?”: said the wind

“she's soaked and cold
might be hunger
or a broken wing
can it be a fever?”: said the willow

if and only if, the mute bird
could utter a single word
as the wicked snake slithered
through the branches, to reach her nest!

373 · Jun 2016
Esfoni Jun 2016
My love for you
not like any other
why did you have to leave?
my dear sweet mother

373 · Dec 2016
Esfoni Dec 2016
I’m not you
don’t be me
zebras have stripes
snakes, have fangs
sun wakes up in the morning
and moon, at night

371 · Aug 2016
Esfoni Aug 2016
A person leans from two
Either a teacher, or time
the former teaches with love
the latter, harshly
one with self essence
the other with yours

366 · Jun 2017
Esfoni Jun 2017
On a tree branch, above
sitting a beautiful dove

I looked up and asked her
would you kindly define love?

It won’t be worth seeking
if I define love

it won’t be worth desiring
if I define love

366 · Apr 2016
Esfoni Apr 2016
What is life
a wall of dreams
be it short, be it long
nothing is, as it seems

354 · Mar 2016
Esfoni Mar 2016
Line in the sand
time to rack up
to go on a journey
one way ticket
man leaves behind
a name, in consideration of his deed

351 · Dec 2015
Forever & Ever
Esfoni Dec 2015
My lone flower
deep in the shadows, fugacious
as she blossoms
brings a spring scent
to undivided existence
forever, and ever

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