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 Apr 2016 Esfoni
I would rather you be
A contrast to my pale expectations,
Than to merge into
The lowest pit of my imagination.

I would rather for it
To be the absolute worst day,
For I only like things to fit
Into the right plates on my tray.

Destroy everything I thought was right,
It'll be the most beautiful destruction I've ever seen,
Open all the jars and throw away the lids,
Teach me how to love the scariest places I've ever been.

Cause I'd rather be proven wrong,
Than continue this stale truth,
My mind needs a reevaluation,
Before it sweeps away my drying youth.

And in a different track,
Runs this parallel train,
Vision focused on the rails,
To acknowledge a hello refrained.
 Sep 2014 Esfoni
Alexandra J
I let my  hair bow to the slow wind of hope;
I let my words fall like auburn leaves on paper;
I let my soul dare to believe
in life,
in serenity,
midst universal death.
I took the plunge
I fell head first
ready to graze harsh concrete,
but I rose.
My flight has just begun.
 Sep 2014 Esfoni
I'm surrounded by a sea of people
As far as the eye can see
All flowing in the same direction
And just floating along, is me

I've been wading in this water
Letting it carry me any way
Not caring about which direction
And never having any say

After wading all this time though
My legs started growing tired
So finally it was time to choose
Which direction I desired

But the problem with floating along
Was that I never became aware
I wasn't really a part of the waves
I was just sort of...there

What I wanted didn't matter
The waves still moved as one
Whether I moved with or against them
Didn't matter in the long run

Then I thought I better get out
And give myself some time to think
But I couldn't see the shore anymore
And with that, I started to sink

Now I'm surrounded by a sea of people
As far as the eye can see
All still flowing in the same direction
But drowning in it, is me
"I used to think the worst thing in life was to end up all alone. It's not. The worst thing in life is to end up with people that make you feel all alone." Robin Williams <3
Wow, I am so honored that this was chosen for daily poem and that I have received so many friendly comments.
Thank you all for your friendly words and messages, and for your love and support. You have no idea how much it means to me. <3
 Sep 2014 Esfoni
 Sep 2014 Esfoni
Write a poem my teacher said,
thats very confusing and makes no sense.
The poem starts off about a bird,
that had two legs than grew a third.
He only lived for a couple of days,
but before he died he said a phrase.
Lord dear lord just give me a chance,
I dont want to die I just want to dance.

— The End —