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Lonely Poet Nov 2017
Im scarred with pens and knives
Deeply wounding my life
Before ending a dive
Counting thoughts one to five

A nice winter weather
With Wrists covered with scratch
Hiding with a sweater
Then a tear after a punch

Broken bones of lovely skins
A touch of silver ever since
Felt like fleeing under the sky
It felt like done after a sigh

Then a splat in a concrete ground
All scattered but not my mind
This is the mistake they all regret
That mistake... they didnt listen.
Lonely Poet Oct 2017
your smile
her laugh
your lips
her eyes
your hair
her clip
your arms
her hands
your glasses
her mirror

i'm looking at you
wondering so true
and i looked at her
you are watching her

i wont tell the truth
my lies is your pride
her smile is my death
her laugh is your love

stop looking at me
it is always her
a fool i've become
a prey i've always been

caught red handed
tears streamed down
ignorance is your key
sadness is my friend
the phrases or words are just random thought i had put together. i know it's not that eyecatching . i just want to write this. thank you for your kind considerations
Lonely Poet Oct 2017
Bring out the scarecrow now they play
Open dust in  breeze of auburn hay
Wipe the pumpkin and call it jack
Go get the candies and the sack

Masks and capes in red of the night
Get rid of the rats dont get it right
Up in the roof are howling  rags
Full of juices and chips in the bag

Watch slowly as the stars light up
Bring the joy in your falling smile
Stare at the moon till your tears drop
Dont worry honey , go on and cry

Watch the fall tree waves you goodbye
Look at the crows fly you goodnight
Look at the sky till you feel light
Dont forget this delightful sight

Everything's  orange , red and green
Remember it all that you've seen
Days are all done and I am too
My last halloween, spent with you
Lonely Poet Aug 2017
i'm so sick of making people understand me.
Lonely Poet Aug 2017
i cant let him go
i love him now
but does he?
all those stares we've shared
skins that touched
the moments you came to me
and tell me everything
what  does that mean?
assuming there is something more
it just breaks my heart
for i know it will never be true
all these confusions never ceased to complicate me
now i'm messed up
without any consent from my own mind
please please
just tell the words that will set me free
tell me you don't love me like i love you
or tell me other way around
just tell the truth
because i cant bear this pain
this anxiety you bring
all these confusions just kept tearing me apart
im messed up.
Lonely Poet Jul 2017
"mommy please don't forget me"
words that come out of her mouth
with her shaking voice as she held her hand
at the hospital bed,
with the doctor's breath
every words a stabbing knife
pain is all she felt,
a tear that becomes a memory
then all of a sudden a blank space.

day by day worrying she'll forget,
her mind becomes this unwanted ghost
erasing every happiness;
throwing those excitements,
forgetting the most precious memories
the child she bears;
the boy she loved

losing it every day
like a money to be spent it's penny
gone , gone , gone
waiting for it to come
she's saying goodbye to her
with her crying eyes
as she said those words

"who are you?"
i know it's not good sorry
Lonely Poet Apr 2017
feeling safe within your arms
it felt safe until your lips kissed mine
until your hands hold mine
a kiss that changed me
the kiss that makes me want more
made me want it night by night
till my eyes closed and
my body float
and till my heart got tired
of asking for you
and cry
and try
and goodbye
till it's gone
till i thought of it as a mistake
till i thought of my regrets
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