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Erin Lewis Feb 2018
Darkness and Mystery
Insanity, strife
Written of the tempest chaos
Of this man's mind

The master of words
The craftsman of night
Bending and twisting
The word called light

His dreams on paper
The nightmares that haunt
Creepy, despairing
Murmurs that taunt

Torment of Twilight
Author of Anguish
Edgar Allen Poe
Is the Master of Madness
Erin Lewis Feb 2018
Nathaniel Aleczander Gasc-Lewis
Adopted 2/23/2017

I know you’ll never read this
But I was thinking of you today
I wanted to write a letter
Of everything I wish I could say

I wish I could say I love you
And hear you say it too
I wish I could tell you everything
All the dreams I want to come true

I wish I could see you smiling
Just one more time at me
I wish I could hear your laughter
Contagious to all you meet

I wish I could hold you one more time
Just one more is all I ask
I wish to hold your hand in mine
A memory that would always last

But wishes went up in smoke
When firemen were too late to your door
My heart, my brother, my friend-gone
My heart shattered on the hospital floor
Erin Lewis Feb 2018
I think if I were an animal
I’d be a magpie
Collect all the wonders of the world

Collect all the stories across continents
Written, read, and told
New worlds, old ones,
All the knowledge I could hold

Collect paintings, sculptures, symphonies
Till my heart has no room
Hallelujah chorus ringing deep inside me
Starry night swirls to the tune

Find the magic in a hummingbirds wings
Find beauty as a church bell sings
Find peace in a soft trickling streams
Find the wonder in collected dreams
First poem I’ve written in a while. I’m a little rusty.
Erin Lewis Dec 2015
I walk like the world is watching
Every day I’m on a stage
Stand tall, just keep on walking

Don’t fall, don’t think of stopping.
A spot light on every step
Keep walking like the world is watching

The sun in the sky is burning
Till twilight comes and darkness falls
And only the stars are watching.
Erin Lewis Feb 2015
Are you ever going
To give me a chance?
Or should I try
To forget you
Like a dream that's
Too good to be true
Erin Lewis Jan 2015
I'm not afraid of growing old.
No, I fear not remembering and dying alone
I'm not afraid of the dark.  
No, I fear the empty silence and the unknown.

I'm not afraid of the end of life.
No, I fear I will leave nothing behind
I'm not afraid of death.  
No, I only fear dying with too much life left.
Erin Lewis Nov 2014
When we met I knew
You're so much more than a one night stand
I knew I'd want to hold your hand

I wish I had the guts to say something
Cause I know you don't see
How perfect you are to me.  

With you, I want to lie under the sky
Wrapped in your arms
I want to make wishes on shooting stars.

But I'm scared I don't know the real you.
And I'm scared you'd run from the real me.
What happens when you realize I'm crazy.

What happens if you find out
I think about you every day?
What happens if you walk away?

I want to say all this to you...
But I know I'm going to erase this
And pretend I never wrote it.

I'll tell myself to keep it in,
To guard my heart
Because it will never start.

But what would happen if
I sent this to you now?...

I wish I had the guts to find out.
It started as a message... But it'll stay here alone...
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