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Nov 2019 · 227
Eric W Nov 2019
Some days I am not who I could be -
I ignore things that shouldn’t be ignored,
don’t fix things that should be fixed,
sacrifice my health in favor of comfort.
Some days I am weaker than others -
my own worst critic, my potential is limitless,
but my time is limited.
I get so passionate
about twenty different things and
pull in twenty different directions
and then do none of it.
I’m scattered in what I want to be,
and I want to be everything.
Jack of all trades, master of none of them,
time to refocus this energy
and become one again.
Nov 2019 · 307
Eric W Nov 2019
Nov 2019 · 190
Eric W Nov 2019
A simple day, we paddle along.
Wholly unbroken and in
celebratory motions.
The water fills our shoes
and releases the worries of weeks.
Our only focus the miles ahead,
the guardian bird above,
and a man feeding fish.
We laugh and look and laugh
to be reminded of our strong
bridges we pass under and through,
leaving relics of the past burdened
and so broken.
White water turns and stalls us
but we remain,
splish splash, sore arms and
happy hearts
we carry on.
Jun 2019 · 289
Wheel of Ka
Eric W Jun 2019
It is as you say -
that we could have never known,
never predicted the decision(s) that led
us to each other.

We have been years in the making.

There is no stopping fate's inevitable wheel.
All things come around and
we always always always
end where we belong.

Hold tight.

Life will spin and we will fall,
but you will always always always
be my home

Somewhere deep within
I've always known
it was
I have loved you before I've known you,
craved you before I've felt you,
and longed for you in the deepest hours of the night,
and, finally,
you have been revealed to me.
May 2019 · 456
Eric W May 2019
arizona, my dearest love,
my eternal soulmate, and
partner in this life,
I have waited for you for lifetimes,
have sat patiently for your presence.
You have given my life more meaning,
more love, and more possibilities
than I ever thought to ask for.
I want you, only you, by my side.
I want you to be my support in this life.
I want you to bear our children
and to bear my name.
I want you in all your imperfect ways
and all your silly, goofy shenanigans.
You are my home, my salvation,
my morning prayers, and my sleepy goodnights.
Simply, you have completed me.

arizona, it would be an honor to stand
by your side in this life, and to do
so would make me the happiest man alive.

arizona, my love, my only love,
would you please marry me?
I just proposed to the love of my life, arizona, and I thought it would be appropriate, since HelloPoetry brought us together, to do so in the form of a poem.

She is my everything, and I cant imagine life without her. It didn't take long to know that she's the one I'm going to marry, and I figured why wait? We both know what this is.

By the way, she said yes! :)
May 2019 · 334
Eric W May 2019
Face your fears with me,
and we will conquer them
No more running,
no more shying away from that
which is unpleasant.
You are courageous and virtuous,
and the sum of all your mistakes
will never be the sum of all you are.
Gaze at what is harsh and real with me,
let me be your eyes,
let me catch you if you stumble -
we will both fall inevitably.
Let truth only fall from our lips,
and we will always be whole,
we will always find
a way.
Repairing foundations, taking the time to understand the why and the how from both parties, and seeking to make it better.

If it's broke, fix it.
May 2019 · 456
Eric W May 2019
I can tear myself to pieces,
it is a natural place for me.
I can and I will and I'm better
than I was but I'm worse still.
I can splinter myself and let every
doubt burrow itself into my open skin,
let the insecurities bloom into
harsh and wicked flowers,
let the bile rain into my poisoned mind.
I am precise with my agony,
following the loose ends to their end
and mine and fraying the
cord in between.
I do not mean to, but the issue
presents in its encroaching way
and I see no path but the
Finally getting a bit more active on here. I have missed you lovely people. School is over and I finally have some room to breathe.

Working on getting back into my creative endeavors. I miss music and I miss writing.
May 2019 · 249
Eric W May 2019
There are few words far and in between,
few ways in which to write,
and no way in which to capture
this love.
For I know the truth
and that we have been bound
across and through many
We have given our all -
you to I and I to you -
placed our fragile hopes in
wanting hands.
I have swum
through the depths of your love,
reached no end,
yet will never drown
filled as though my lungs may be.
You are my life-blood, my hopes,
my dreams, and everything
I have ever prayed for.
Eric W May 2019
When you put your words
in my mouth, they should come
out fully formed,
No half-truths or misguided
motives to speak of.
They should embody the
spirit of what you offer so freely.
You must sound like
someone who wants
to know the depths,
speak like someone
who has tasted sorrow,
and be resolute in the face
of unrelenting tides.
They should burrow themselves
in all the places
I will make you home,
and illuminate the soul
when whispered true.
She da best! Check her out here:
May 2019 · 717
Eric W May 2019
I have loved you for lifetimes and more -
we have been through many incarnations,
traveled many timelines and shed many
sacrificial tears and unnecessary pretense.
You have bore your soul in mine,
entwined our fates in loving motions,
and sealed our future in simple kisses.

I love you through realms of dreams
and into stark rains of reality,
through all that is to come
and all that is before,
and I know you love me
the same.
May 2019 · 187
Eric W May 2019
Little, petulant, lying boy
do not trifle in my life -
you know not of where I come,
and I have seen many of your kind.
I have faced your insecurities
where you cannot even bear to think of them.
I have seen your delusional ways,
walked your own path before you.
Do not test me, little boy.
You know nothing of what it means to be a man,
you know nothing of what it takes
to love and to protect those you love.
I would give my life for many people,
who do you care about that much?
Do not deign to consider yourself my equal,
you are outmatched in every possible way.
You take advantage, you lie, you spin deceptions,
how much of your own ******* do you swallow?
You let your darkness consume you,
you are ruled by your own falsified beliefs,
know that I have harnessed mine
and that many parts of me would revel
in the decayed and rotting flesh
of a despicable human being
six feet below.
Take heed, you ****** of the night,
this will be your only warning.
Jan 2019 · 456
Eric W Jan 2019
We discovered this love,
what would come to be
our love,
as one would discover a treasure.
An unthinkable blessing
washed up upon a shore
and buried by time's
relentless sands.
A laden chest full of golden
memories and heavy with
endless possibility,
unlocked and free and
all for us.
We held no treasure map,
maybe stubbed our toes,
but found it
just the same,
this eternal gift from the sea,
this eternal love.
One learns not to question blessings such as these.
Jan 2019 · 330
Long Roads
Eric W Jan 2019
The city is sad tonight,
these desolate roads
and dimmed headlights
take me outside of myself,
transport me to times unknown of you,
roaming down sidewalks at 2 a.m.
before I knew the rhythm of your step.

The streetlights glow orange,
coloring the sky and masking the stars,
moisture hangs heavy in the air
and it's as if I've come to know
my own personal rainstorm,
bathed in sun-fire light
and trapped in longing to see
where this long road has led.

This city is lonely without you,
a place of barren experience,
meaningless hustle and bustle,
full of gray words and gray suits
late to work in an unfulfilled place,
and so I take the short way home,
determined not to bask in this city's sadness,
aching to be in the same place
as you should one day be.
Jan 2019 · 270
Possibilities [9w]
Eric W Jan 2019
I love you
in many ways,
not just
Jan 2019 · 145
Eric W Jan 2019
I have washed up on your shore,
risen above and into your blue skies,
heard the visions of truth and future
in the ways you call my name;
you are my soul companion.
I need you in ever-present ways,
your constant grace and kindness to be held,
an effervescent stone moored in the
ever-changing seas of our life.
I beg of you, with all of the hope that I have,
I'll place myself at your mercy,
to accept my rugged and broken ways,
as you have matched my desires
and shown me what your love must hold for me.
Let me cover you under warm blankets,
enveloped in love's rough passion,
pull your being into mine,
and ******* name
as it escapes from
your lips.
Eric W Jan 2019
The gravity of grief is
raw and mighty
and we're often caught
standing like mountains;
broken heels pressed
into pebbles,
waiting to be forged
into something solid.
Trapped in
this long exposure -
a muted stillness
from the world,
it tells us we're
accountable for our absence
like it doesn't know
it was the one that held us
a hostage to the void
and without light

Yet still we rise,
we fight to capture
maybe a glimpse of light
beaming from the sky,
giving life to our
eternal suffering,
giving warmth and
drying our futile tears.
We stand taller,
than these peaks,
having been taken down
into treacherous valleys,
bleeding into the soil
our ravished skin
will eventually heal,
and on our knees
we lift our eyes
in search of the
most divine truth.
Check her stuff out!
Jan 2019 · 1.3k
Eric W Jan 2019
Find the hardest possible thing
you could do,
and do that,
the heaviest possible thing
you could lift,
and lift that,
the most taxing responsibility
in your grasp,
and take that on.

Do you think it is by pure chance
that warriors are forged in fire?
What of their blood sacrifices?

Challenge your barriers;
do not let them sit indeterminable.

Life is not the pursuit of happiness;
life is the pursuit of the cessation of suffering.

Do you think love is a blessing?
In some ways, perhaps,
but let's not forget the responsibility
we must bear
when another soul is entrusted to us.
What greater compliment is there than that?
To say, you, no matter your faults and troubles,
you are the person in which I will spend my life with,
come hell, come the high waters of the flood,
you are the only one I want.

And to bear children, to bring children into
a dismal world such as this,
filled with wretched suffering and anguish,
such a thing is not an act of foolishness
when undertaken voluntarily,
it is an act of supreme courage.

We are not meant to be happy in this life,
we are built for struggle,
to strive and to break through the top soil
and reach the light of day.

We must bear our cross,
however heavy,
however unfair,
and continue on.
Wrote 1-5 on my phone when working out. Such an endeavor always brings this meditation. Was going to edit and turn into something more cohesive, but oh well.

And credit where credit is due, many of these ideas are presented by Dr. Jordan Peterson.

New year, same grind.
Jan 2019 · 284
Eric W Jan 2019
I could watch your breath all night long
knowing within it carries all of our future,
all of the ways you’ll speak your love
into my open and willing heart,
knowing it carries the air that
gives life to the soul that I will cherish
for the rest of my days.
Dec 2018 · 814
Eric W Dec 2018
I long for you in the way the night
struggles to envelop the Earth daily,
in the ways in which I fear
my words will never be enough
for your crystalline heart.
I want to fall like raindrops
into your hair on Sunday morning,
when it is time for me to go,
and there are clouds in your eyes.
I have prayed for you eternally;
hold me close and I'll wrap you
into me as the daylight fades to dark.
Let us never know another lonesome night,
not until we are old and frail
and content with the life we have lived.
I know it's asking a lot, but it's worth striving for.
Dec 2018 · 535
Eric W Dec 2018
The rain forms rivulets
racing down our windshield,
soft whispers in the night,
promises of the things to come,
morning sons and daughters,
of life given selflessly,
my hand in yours,
writing gentle vows around your finger;
take my name and I'll bear
your burdens as you'll bear mine,
with lace and white veils,
the shields we'll use
******* and bound
across these shifting time lines
with each other
once again.
Dec 2018 · 453
2018 Year In Review
Eric W Dec 2018
This has been an interesting year for me.
I left 2017 in a depression,
it followed on into 2018.

I completed a year's worth of coursework
for my Master’s degree.
“Master’s of Science in Software Engineering
with a concentration in Cybersecurity
and Project Management."
What a ****** mouthful.

I started a new job -
one I enjoy coming to every day,
one where I'm never the smartest person
in the room.
I get to learn so much every day.
One where I can grow and
take on responsibility.

I took a leap of faith -
made my first investment
and bought a house.

Shortly after, I took some responsibility
for something other than myself
and got a dog.

I stopped underestimating how important
people are in my life.
I repaired some broken relationships
and nurtured some existing ones.

I went through a severe bout of depression.
I found myself drinking daily,
found myself on my knees in my driveway
pleading to God,
asking why and how.
Sometimes all you have to do is ask the question.

I found myself in a state of uncaring -
completely apathetic as to whether I should live or die,
with my gun calling my name, whispering,
growing louder with each drink.
In a drunken daze, completely broken
and defeated,
I admitted to one of my best friends how
close I'd come,
how tempted I'd been.
She took my gun off my hands,
in keeping with a promise we'd made to each other long ago.

I have not drank since,
nor will I ever drink again.

In these darkening hours is when
I found my faith in God,
something that seemed to be there
all along,
yet was something I couldn't admit
to myself.

I met the love of my life -
something I've never been so certain of -
and it's opened up possibilities
I had only dreamed of.
Someone that there's a future with,
that chooses to grow, to flourish,
and to love.

Certainly life has more challenges in store,
the struggle, the suffering, is never-ending,
and sometimes it's all we can do to
stay above water.

This year has been one of absolute transformation,
and this December looks entirely different
than the last.
Not really a poem, just a reflection to a question that was asked.
Dec 2018 · 455
Eric W Dec 2018
Through what fire and revelation,
what loves have scorched us so,
what vines have wrapped themselves
so sure around our feet,
what webs have we untangled,
left hanging in dusty cellars,
been left hanging on
bare walls.

What love have we longed for,
with what truth we have sought,
and seeds we have sown within
for the times which passed by
without a glimpse in our direction,
unrequited and bereft
of the dust which so dutifully
held us in place for too long.

For what is the matter
of such strife and martyrdom
in comparison to the love in which you have given,
and to what end have these things manifested
to become such stepping stones as
the things that
led me to
Apologies for my absence, dear friends. School has been kicking my ***.
Nov 2018 · 260
Eric W Nov 2018
Fallen leaves and Fall's color
brush against the longing in me,
tugging at dripping petals within,
seeing this season's change
with the absence of your presence,
without the branches of thoughts
I could plant and bear witness
come Spring.

Seasons bereft of you,
destitute in me,
and the unassuming way the barren limbs
pray to the skies above,
ask for when the grounds should again
be wet with life
and too when you should
step forth and give vitality
to this trammeled soil.

New blooms rise again,
the natural counterpart to the
decayed and rotted compost
of seasons since,
and so the sun shines longer,
brighter, and gives new hours
to your bright eyes
and seems to remind me of
the things we grow
together and the things
with which we begin this
Oct 2018 · 297
Eric W Oct 2018
The thoughts we have in passing
manifest in our reality,
I say "There's not enough time,"
fading on the edge of sleep,
fighting against the time I cannot
be with you, feel you close to me.
You reply "There will be,"
comforting my wanting heart
or maybe yours,
and I finally slip away.

These days pass easily with you,
life is no match for how well
you ground me,
and suddenly what I've been striving for,
what I want for my future
has begun to make sense -
I've been driving toward it for so long,
wanting, burning up in my desires,
without knowing for what, who
and why.

Something about this feels different
than all else that has come before,
this is not an insecure love, no,
neither of us wonder,
we know how our nights of today
and tomorrows will end,
always with you and me
and then you
Eric W Oct 2018
I want to roam the city streets,
forget what we've been through,
dance under the orange beams
of streetlights casting
shadows into the night,
sway to the hum of
a melody knit into
bricks shifting underfoot.
The thrum of downtown
rises to the surface,
matching the shuffle of
anxious strolls and cautious steps.
We can tuck ourselves into
the far reaches of the lone alleyways,
hidden from the sight of the passersby,
the forgotten places where
no one else dares to roam.

In this night, tonight, and further
we may choose to lose ourselves
and find ourselves
beyond the indistinct chatter
and the natural breath
of a city soul as restless as ours.
Masked by the moonlit clouds
and distant train cars
settling in an uninhabited freight yard,
we are riding the tracks,
one step forward into the next,
teetering with the unknown.
If we are careful
we can catch a glimpse of tomorrow
looking backwards as we go,
so say you will.
Oct 2018 · 384
Eric W Oct 2018
Fall below the sea, if it so ails,
I will stay here to catch you.
Take me, in ways and in flesh,
wherever you so choose to go.
Do you hear how the wind cries?
How the midnight air swells,
paint me pictures with your words,
and I'll paint you in mine.
I'll show you where this attachment grows,
how the flowing motion of your body
is laid into satin robes,
and when your hips so sway into me,
let's dig into these unmannered times,
how I long to find the ways you
wrap yourself around me,
what my name sounds like passing from
your lips softly as the day's first
light gleams off your ocean eyes.
Lift me with you, I'll take you below me,
show you where this visceral dance
stays within and makes
us so true
and right.
Oct 2018 · 249
Eric W Oct 2018
It is time to rest,
give your burned-out heart a break,
a chance to accept something
the years have aged to be
just this -
a path to respite,
a cozy cottage and a warm pillow
to lay down your unraveling thoughts,
you are safe here.
Feel the Autumn air pass your lips,
form a cloud of mist
in the chilly air,
falling to rest upon the shape
of your body -
the peaks and valleys of this life,
the alters to pray for the future,
a place where the dreams of more
are true.
Oct 2018 · 283
If You Should Fade
Eric W Oct 2018
If you should fade away,
please do so, sometime soon,
perhaps tomorrow
or the next day.
Find yourself lined in time's
passages where the future rests,
woven into the moments that
are to come.
I could not ask for more,
no more than today's present moments,
no more than your smile
for a fleeting minute.
If you should go,
please, do not tarry too long,
run into the next day,
leave me to the moments past,
stuck in present times
where you have settled
and stayed,
I'll not ask for more, no,
no more than
And I will pray, pray that tomorrow is always a day away.
Oct 2018 · 592
Eric W Oct 2018
A smile plays, prances,
around the edge of your lips,
threatening to break through
while you slumber on
in mid-morning hours,
and I can’t help but ask -
what are your dreams made of?
Oct 2018 · 107
Eric W Oct 2018
I never want to wish days away,
but the days without you
have grown long indeed.
I fall asleep dancing
with thoughts of you,
awake with the dreams of you
falling from the tip of my tongue,
tasting the kiss
I've not yet known,
of honey and wildflowers,
of gentle soul and soft vows.
These days have me frozen in amber,
suspended animation,
watching the world idly pass,
counting months, days, hours,
until I am thawed,
until you arrive to hear
these words.
Oct 2018 · 113
Eric W Oct 2018
We speak these words in our actions,
tell of the things we
cannot yet
Her eyes question, mine do too,
but we know.
I answer with a glance,
how I've known for so long,
of mine and of hers,
how it has carved its
spaces into my mind,
wrapped itself so snug
around my willing heart.
She tells me today,
with thoughts, not words,
the thing she'll tell me
of what has soaked
into her being,
tied itself so splendidly
into her open hands,
and as such,
I do the same.
Oct 2018 · 117
Eric W Oct 2018
I will always have time
for your passing thoughts.
Reveal to me the laughter and
heartache of your daily life,
I will always be gentle with your soul.
Ask of me what you need,
I will give you all that I am able.
Sleep soundly beside me,
and if nightmares should come,
know that I will chase them away.
Wrote early yesterday morning. Yet another that felt incomplete, but upon returning, seems as done as it will ever be.
Oct 2018 · 124
Eric W Oct 2018
i recycle my words
stitch them rip them
tear them apart
turn them into monstrosities
frankensteins of lines
transplant them from here to there
from yours to mine and mine
to none
dead brain dead weight
fallen limbs and the
butchers table
to who or whom
do they belong not mine
let them rot decay
and fade with the times
a madman and a cleaver
cleaving clinging slinging
syllables together senselessly
torn flesh from bone
marrow and bloodletting
to purify the sickness
Oct 2018 · 257
Eric W Oct 2018
Now that you are finally here,
it begins to make sense
why my favorite season,
would belong to you.
Who else could it have ever been?
Oct 2018 · 634
Eric W Oct 2018
I have found myself tracing timelines in the sand,
hanging off the edge of your lips
as you say my name - say it so,
as you read words you hold close
in midnight hours.
When the world has quieted,
and your voice is all I hear,
I want to be the reason your words transform,
a reason for your heart to rest peacefully
for every night to come.
Lie down, sweet love of mine,
these worlds are yours already.
Oct 2018 · 160
Eric W Oct 2018
I am aboard
a rudderless ship
completely lost
in your ocean eyes.
Completely at mercy to the whims of the sea.
Oct 2018 · 815
Eric W Oct 2018
This cooling air brings peace to my bones,
settles me into the chilly night like
a leaf resting upon the soil beds of

The Earth has swallowed my sorrow,
my bitter bile and writhing spirit
in the yesterdays and days
to come.

No longer do I fight for flight,
and my intentions always see the light
of truth and the open air of what’s
in store.

With open hands I have released
what it means to hold closely the thorns
of whimsy and doubt and accepted the gift
of more.
Oct 2018 · 235
These Things
Eric W Oct 2018
Cool comfortors on a chilly night
and body heat to soothe,
a lazy morning but a busy day,
a kiss goodbye and a kiss
to sway
into the night below the stars,
a warm and crackling fire
where Winter air meets
our skin.
A sharp word or retort in
loving candor,
an encouraging nod in the times
of doubt.
The pain and loss and the shakes
that come inevitably, and
the joy of gain and new
smiling faces.
This life with all its
complicated grief about,
these things I’d share with you.
Oct 2018 · 149
Eric W Oct 2018
Intractable debts against my own
observation often leads to
the crumbling of larger structures.
I’ll fix them if able, or
let them seize in midair,
choke on the ash and dust
of what is or hasn’t been said.
Indeterminate motives cage my
actions, a half or whole, an all
or not, a stutter and stop,
and trip over my own self-aggrandizement,
half-stepping into the patterns
I’ve seen before.
Oct 2018 · 642
Bookends [10w]
Eric W Oct 2018
You are my morning coffee
and my fade into dreams.
Wrote a couple days ago. Just remembered it, conveniently enough, as I was about to go to bed.
Oct 2018 · 126
Eric W Oct 2018
I went to a wedding yesterday.
Saw some brothers and old friends.
A brother asked if I had
quit drinking, after denying his
pressure multiple times.
I said yeah, he immediately stopped
pressuring and asked "why?"
I told him,
something I wouldn't have done before,
"You know, I just didn't like myself
with alcohol. Plus it fed into my
depressive issues, and the cycle just
kept happening. I'm just done with it."
I left out that I'm currently in one,
no reason to explore that on a happy occasion.
But he understood, probably more than most.
Another brother and I dipped off
to have a "GTT" or
"Garbage Trash Talk."
Something we made up years ago that's
code for a brother-heart-to-heart.
We talked of loves present and past,
and what we hoped for the future.
Significant happenings.
I told him that she left for a while,
how it tore me up,
and how she's back now. He said,
"Do you think she'll do it again?
At this point I'm just
looking out for you, bro."
I told him, I said,
"I don't know, man, but
I'm willing to find out."
He accepted, knowing how I felt.
I admitted to him that I'd
"given myself up to God."
He beamed and recounted a time,
a conversation we had had some years
ago, outside of Sonic, drunk.
I had cried to him,
struggling in my faith, trying
to understand how God fit into my
life, even then.
He thanked me, it's always meant
so much to him.
I thanked him as well.
I was struggling on my drive home,
stuck somewhere between meaningless despair
and hopeless loneliness.
I had prayed.
He called me, drunk,
about to pass out,
just to say,
"Keep up the good work, man"
to which I responded,
"I'm doing my best, man."
Sep 2018 · 467
Eric W Sep 2018
It is in these Winter months
that I tend to grow.
When the ground is barren
and the leaves have fallen,
in the sodden soil,
amongst the muck
and silver snow,
where love toils
and the past makes mockery,
as if the acknowledgment of
my old home, cold and damp,
is not enough to take
seriously where I'm from.
Where floorboards creak,
sighing from the weight of
heavy steps throughout
the years,
the pipes freeze, then burst,
then freeze again,
and we wrap them in blankets
we would otherwise wrap
victims of harsh months,
cold air and throats sore
from yelling into the
weary night.
The home I used to live in is very old and very rundown. Every time the air cools, I'm reminded of it and how it used to feel to live in a home without heat. The Winter months were always the harshest. We would run space heaters (a trade-off on the electric bill, of course) in the bathroom, and that would be our little "pocket of warmth" in the house because it was the smallest room. I think all of this is, to this day, why I prefer a house to stay warmer rather than cooler.

My Mother once asked me if I'd forgotten what it was like in that cold house. I told her I would never.

My throat was sore this morning when I woke up, yet another reminder of the months to come.
Sep 2018 · 220
Days Like Today
Eric W Sep 2018
Days like today
when the world is too much,
and every sound grates against my nerves,
every responsibility weighs too heavy,
and the only comfort is in these lines,
where it is sheer force of will to move,
to work and seek and to love,
when it is much easier to fall,
to sink and sleuth
into the floor
and let it all go,
I cannot.
Sep 2018 · 184
Rough Draft
Eric W Sep 2018
What pages do you flow between
like a draft through an open door,
through mine and others’,
a perfect line on an otherwise
smudged page?
Sep 2018 · 574
Eric W Sep 2018
I don’t want to be left drifting again,
compared to shadows when
there’s no comparison
to you.
We speak truth in our actions,
and we have found ours
in the patterns
we behold to the other,
somewhere in the space of
the morning air and the starry night,
we place our whispered thoughts
into the universe to be heard
so that we can ease our troubled minds.
Be mine,
and I’ll be yours,
and let’s run from stepping stone
to trails covered in pine needles
where we bed for the night,
only us,
under the stars and heaven
Sep 2018 · 600
Eric W Sep 2018
You run through my thoughts
like rain,
creeping, seeping,
Sep 2018 · 324
Eric W Sep 2018
Burning pages sit heavy
on a bedside table
into the night -
their light the only,
and purposefully so.
You walk past without candor,
eyes aimed into the world
yet seen.
The light fades from the burning pages,
and you start.
What is that?
A shuffle in the room,
a twinkle in the stars.
A door slams in the distance,
echoing in the walls
You thumb the ashes,
how they still feel warm and silky,
and then brush your cheek.
Where have my words gone today?
Sep 2018 · 151
Eric W Sep 2018
Habits of delusion are not in my repertoire,
or are they?
That’s exactly what a deluded person
would think.
Sometimes my wheels spin against nothing,
open air,
and produce endless possibilities,
is that really only sometimes?
Maybe it’s all the time.
Maybe it’s so much so fast so often
that my thoughts are unreliable,
impossible to untangle,
distinguish from the next,
they just run together
Sleep? Who needs it,
I’m on overdrive,
working, thinking,
Sep 2018 · 166
Goodbye [10w]
Eric W Sep 2018
You appeared in another dream -
this time we said goodbye.
I was in a relationship some time ago - I suppose it’s been years now - that my mind, for some reason, couldn’t make peace with. I dug up some old stuff about a week ago and ended up taking a hard look at myself. A few days later, this dream came. I hope my mind is finally putting this thing to bed.
Sep 2018 · 135
Eric W Sep 2018
Are you like the wind
through open windows and
blowing leaves?
Do you pass by,
felt but not heard,
in the longing hour of the night?
Do you sing in silence
away from the reveries of your fate?
Will you settle on me
such as dust in an old room
with older books,
or will you pass by
as fleeting as a swallow
as the Winter
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