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Eric Jan 2015
Sometimes the beautiful things of the world are just between me and God. No reason to bring Instagram or Facebook into it.
Eric Jan 2015
Today we go to war

Against the dogs we once loosed
Slaying the dark things that
Long ago
Held us in ******* with
Those heavy chains
A burden we could not bear

Until we were set Free
Eric Nov 2014
I burn the midnight oil
I eat the midday heat
I choose to be the whipping boy
I let someone else take my seat

They gather, their knives aren't hidden
They line up, fighting for the rotten crown
They kneel before the mindless routine
They don’t think twice about bowing down

We tried, but man it’s hard
We had ideals, 10 years in are they still ours?
We made our own path, for sure…but at what cost?
We didn’t win, our lives were suffering,

But at least we lived
Our death means something.
9 months complete. heading back to the warzone in january, to the land of unjacketed rounds in ak-47's, child soldiers, heartless brutality, hopeless poverty. we go armed only with the unconditional love pouring through lives that are no longer our own [ 1 John 4:18]
Eric Sep 2014
I was made for war
My hands are soft, my lungs are weak
I was made for war
I have no discipline, I live to feed my flesh
I was made for war
My mind………my mind………………
It still contains the coal
Hot, burning, aware, remembering that
I was made for war
My leathered soul, dust covered, grey still burns
I feel it whisper, because
I was made for war
Lord, Oh my Lord
Harden my hands
Open my lungs
Discipline my mind and
Teach me to starve my flesh
I was made for war*.

[Ephesians 6:12-13]
Eric Aug 2014
When I was a kid, I could look up into the night sky and immediately pick out the big dipper, no matter where in the world I was.

Tonight there were a billion stars, crystal clear.

I couldn't find it.

I wonder what else I could see at a kid that I can’t any more.
Eric Aug 2014
O’er the road that takes my soul
A flickered crow, blackened load
Levies against the way I go
“Turn back” he says
“Turn left” he says
“Turn right” he says
As I struggle
O’er the road that takes my soul

O’er the road that takes my soul
I keep a tired watch
On that flickered crow
Who’s insistence guides
The careless narcosis,
On this side
Where it grows
I touch, it bites
I know I’m wrong
It eats, I accept there’s no new heights

Just the road.
Eric Aug 2014
It’s interesting how
Facebook is slowly turning
The fully realized emotional moments
In someone’s life
Into a hollow scroll-through that
If a sufficient blip of emotion is met
Will generate a thumbs up

.....the condemned saved from death
By the caesar’s great compassion
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