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EpiPen Apr 2020
Trying to hide the lines in the dark
The shadows become become who you are
Let the light be who you are
Be the sun and be the star
Illuminating and reaching far
EpiPen Mar 2020
Lost one hour to dream
Well I’m not loosing anything
Got one more hour of daylight to see the sun shining
It’ll be alright
It’ll be ok
It will even up
By the light of day
Well get it back again
Well goodnight my friend
I’m gonna take it down early
So Tomorrow Can do it all again
Do it all again
Sunday, March 8
EpiPen Feb 2020
Your betting on me loosing
And I should bet upon myself
Poison pills ripe for choosing
Half the chance for no one else
Every offer is an illusion
Every gift a Trojan horse
Consumed by paranoia
And Secluded by myself
Poised as a spectator
A ****** just looking in
Commentating to the observer
Just how close till I meet the end
EpiPen Feb 2020
Cupid , Is just a kid
How could he know
Just What he did ?
You know he shot me?
I thought he missed.
Sill trying to find out
just what this is.
Ohhh, ooh, o
You know it’s love
You know it is
Right through the heart
You have to feel that

Ohh ooh ooh
You have to need it
Know right where it is
Right through the heart
You have feel that
Ohh oh ohh
you know you want it
Just have to have it
Right through the heart
You have to feel thAt
Love oh no, no, no,
Not love
Cause You have to feel that
And I know I’ve been hit by
But he’s just a kid
How could he know
Just what he did
You know he shot me?
I thought he missed
Still tryin to find out just what this IS
EpiPen Feb 2020
Our Love
Was the inspiration
of the artisans hands  
formed in porcelain
shaped in a vessel
painted with colors
designed with loves passion
new leaves and budding roses
all the memories of our sweetest Love.
Cast in fire
meant for forever
an heirloom for safekeeping
but be careful with our Love
Beautiful, Delicate, and Precious
EpiPen Jan 2020
My Lover the Night Jasmine is Blooming
That is when I think of you
Remember how you promised me
You would make love to me in your room
And feed me mangoes and ice cream
I  remember when the breeze brings in
the aroma of the Jasmine Blooms
I run to find it Somewhere in The night
Under the moonlight
Like a mad and wild creature
So close all around me but I can’t find the source
So I breathe it in
That is how I want you
Like that breath of fragrant Jasmine filled air
I crave it
I taste it
Want it all over my body
It is the Jasmine and it is you.
EpiPen Nov 2019
Residual energies keep bringing me back
         Longing for the love felt in a past life
Something about you beckons to me
                Pulling me closer to be right beside
But I Can’t decipher your current vessel
               Undeniably they have changed the game
Looking closer to see inside you
          I know your soul is still the same
On the tip of my tongue The name I called you
              Terms of endearment for a different time
Memories of Love’s burning embers
                Tender Moments That Feed the Flames
Certain Angles and one Rembers
                        Lifetimes of Love, Joy and Pain
    Although now you present so different
                     And the time, and the place has changed
No need to tell me what isn’t
                     I know your soul is still the same
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