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Emmanuel Coker Apr 2015
And when they say love is sweet....
Don't believe them.
Emmanuel Coker Jan 2017
I like to think so.....
Emmanuel Coker Sep 2018
My beautiful Ada!!!
When would you agree to be my lover?
When did you say you're coming over?
Don't mind that girl called Deborah.
It was only one night she spent over.
But it is you I want to be with forever.
Adanma why don't you come closer?
Don't be scared, I am not a soldier,
Or are you scared of what I carry under?
Deborah liked it when she came over.
When it's longer it's always sweeter.

Adanma!!! my beautiful Ada!!!
When would you agree to be my lover?
Is it until when there's no strength left under?
Please, Don't do this to me remember,
We're not getting any younger.
Emmanuel Coker Sep 2015
At twenty one
Life with you is so much fun
At thirty two
The only girl I'd still love is you
At forty three
In our family house, we sit under a tree
At fifty four
I can't get enough of you...I want more
At sixty five
You are still the only woman in my life
At seventy six
Sitting room is filled with our grandkids pics
At eighty seven
Your arms still remains my safe haven
At ninety eight
I hope we live a century...if none of us is late.
Emmanuel Coker Sep 2015
There's a little bit of us that leaves with someone who we once shared emotions with...someone who we cared so deeply for, someone who meant so much to us. This little bit of us leaves and seldom comes back to us. It's a little bit of soul.

Should it be seen as a parting gift?, something you leave with them for them to remember you with?, or maybe it's just that part of you that just really wanted to be with them and thus cuts itself from you and goes on to live with them. I really don't know what it is.
There's a bit of me in you,.....should you find someone new, please do endeavour to lead my soul home.
Emmanuel Coker Sep 2015
Let them keep their big *****
Let them keep their fat bums
Let them keep their curvy waists
Let them keep their pretty face
Let them keep their swaggy taste
Let them keep their long hair
Let them keep their pointy nails
Let them keep their glowing skin
Let them keep their materialistic things
Let them keep their all baby
'*** In are all I need
And I love you just the way you are
Emmanuel Coker Jul 2017
It's a good thing I guess
Now you can focus on yourself
You probably deserve to be treated better
You guys weren't meant to be together
That's what I hear when they notice the sad gloomy face I wear.
I guess a heartbreak gives you a certain kind of look. Your face is colored by pain and regrets, regardless of how hard you try to hide it. People would still notice. But why wouldn't they?
When your happiness is gone. The real reason for why your face is always lit. A message from that special person sends your heart beating twice as fast. It's that adrenaline rush you get from getting to see their glorious smile outshining the sun on the brightest of days. The warmth feel of their hands wrapped around you in a hug, that feeling of knowing there's nowhere else you'd rather be than with them at that present moment. But when all of this is gone, there would be a new tone to your face, a new look….that makes people know something is right.
I wear a smile to disguise my look, I smile as often as I can. I tend to push thoughts of you out of my mind knowingly. It's the only thing I can do if I'm to wear my new look without people knowing what's up. I miss you a whole lot. But now it wouldn't show on my face anymore. And if I'm to meet you again? would be greeted with my new look and I'll hope you like it.
Emmanuel Coker May 2018
You were giving me up,
While I was giving you love.
You tore mine apart,
While I gave you my whole heart.
Now I'm left with the pieces,
Rearranging the words I'm using,
Hoping it passes a clear message,
That you aren't the one I'm missing, and I'm not the only one that feels this ended too soon, but I'd hold my peace and not talk about this- anymore.
Emmanuel Coker Sep 2014
A lonely night with no stars in the sky
I lay upright on my bed with a smile
I finally did it, took the first step of a mile
Now the journey ahead is nothing short of a trial
Goodnight my love,... its time for me to rest

A lonely land with no soul in place
I would wander until I get to base
My suicide note lies under the vase
With nothing more than a pleading case
Three slashes on my wrist, made me go with ease
And my last thoughts, were of the daughters of eve
Heartbreak causes an eminent goodbye
For now, my lots would do nothing but cry
"To the great beyond" I said "in luxury style"
Goodbye my love,... its time for me to die
Emmanuel Coker Oct 2014
I dream of a place with strawberry beds
Vanilla chairs
And chocolate stairs

I dream of a place with golden white songs
Silver dark lights
And diamonds that shines bright

I dream of a place filled with female angels so bare
Looking unclad
And oh! How much would I stare

I dream of a place filled with a thousand more dreams
Oh! How I would sleep
And dream a thousand more dreams
Emmanuel Coker Sep 2015
She looks beautiful in that light
She makes my soul want to take flight
She's all I need in a wife
She's all I need in my life

She makes me happy each night
Even when we get into deep fights
I hope I make her my wife
If not now, I pray in my next life

You make me happy each night
You make my soul want to take flight
I hope I make you my wife
Come this moment, come whatever life
Emmanuel Coker Jan 2017
…With her, he chose to see a colourful future

And with him, she chose to remain colorblind.
Emmanuel Coker Sep 2018
I'm the broken one,
And I keep breaking with each hi,
I fake my smiles when I tell you bye,
Some nights I barely even get by,
When these tears start to flood my eyes.
Most days I'm barely even sober,
Before those thoughts fly by,

I'm the broken one,
And I keep breaking with each lie that I tell, to make you think I'm okay-
when I'm really not
when I'm really hurt
when the pain becomes too much.

I'm the broken one.
And I'm not trying anymore.
Emmanuel Coker Dec 2017
Self righteousness would be the doom of us all,
We are quick to judge without proper explanation given to us. If it looks bad then it is bad, and if it looks good then it is good. No grey lines. Just black and white.
In trying to protect ourselves we hurt others,
Some would call it the casualty of war.
Our story defines complications.
Your sin is permissible because it is your sin,
Mine is not because it isn't yours,
So you'd stare and gnarl at me,
And commence to throw that sin on me.
It is your way not the highway,
Your view has to be the last say,
Because you view yourself to be a better saint.
Emmanuel Coker Feb 2015
She said she was being real
She knew that cut would never heal
She thought about this as she ate her meal
And minutes later she took another pill

She's aborted her last
Her future has been destroyed by her past
She now covers her face with a mask
She knows her womb would never embark on any task

He felt he was being real
He smoked cannabis, and just wanted to chill
He drank most of those mixtures and popped many pills
His mates cheered him on, he felt the immense thrill

That operation was the last
His kidney could not work as fast
His future has been destroyed by his past
And he drowned in his sorrows....for his sorrows were vast

They thought they were being real
They future was destroyed by their past
They both took the pill
And they both died with their dreams at last
You have your fun over there at the cool kids table, I prefer my spot here with the normal people
Emmanuel Coker Sep 2014
I always knew you had it in you
Driving a man insane with words of abuse
A note lies on the floor stating my demise
With reasons why I did this for you

I heard them banging at the locked door
Stepped into the bathtub, time was up
The water was cold, the blade was rust
Hands stretched as I took the first cut

1,....2,....3, I was gone!,
Never to feel the pain of a lost cause
Emmanuel Coker Jul 2017
When my heart bleeds
And I can't sleep
I cry poetry

When I feel sad
Or I get mad
I cry poetry

When I laugh hard
And my tummy hurts terribly bad
I cry poetry

When I lose faith
In my unknown fate
I cry poetry

And as I sit here
Without you here
I cry poetry
Emmanuel Coker Sep 2014
I lost your trust
You lost mine
The distance was much
Our love couldn't fly

Broken promises
Broken hearts
We told lies
We said byes

I miss your touch
Do you miss mine?
The touch of your lips
When it meets mine
Emmanuel Coker Oct 2014
Dad is home again, little sister
Won't you run and hide away, little sister
He came back drunk again, little sister
I too, once felt your pain, little sister

Dad is home again, that monster
He's going up the stairs her way, to see her
He's had his way again, that monster
Now all she feels is pain, down under

Dad is home again, little sister
I already have a plan today, little sister
You see, he'll never hurt you again, that monster
I promise to keep you safe, always and forever

Close your eyes and sleep in my arms, little sister
For tonight, we sleep safe and sound with our maker.
Emmanuel Coker May 2016
Dearest mother.

When you were young
And your mother sang to you, lullaby songs
You knew there was nothing to fear
For you had all your mother's care
You suckled on her succulent breast
And laid your bare head on her evermore protective chest
She'd pat your back and start to sing
As her melodious voice, lures you to sleep
She prays to osun to keep you safe
And begs orunmila to try to save,
You from any trouble you see in your dreams,
& help you every day, whichever way it seems
And as you grow
Little do you know
All your mother has been through
All just because of you.
Emmanuel Coker Sep 2014
With a hopeful soul and a yearning heart
I asked if you wanted me
With a thought or maybe none
You told me what I needed to hear
With a broken soul, and a lonely heart
I asked if you'd love me back
And with a smile not sewn with candor
You told me sweet lies
I have loved and I have yearned
For your love to be mine till death
I've been fooled and cajoled
As your love was like a fool's gold
But never, never would I ask of a thing from you
For with a cunning smile and an in-depth deception
You would only tell me what you think I need to hear
But, I would've preferred just one bitter truth
To a thousand lies that spoke about a dead love
Emmanuel Coker Jun 2016
I am weak
Simply because I can't find what I seek
What I seek is not something that's bleak
It takes the form of a solid, bulky and thick
From a selection I was asked to pick
Not to slow to act, always think quick
From the start of the day, till the end of the week
Climbing up a smooth mountain at a bid to reach the peak

Sometimes late at night I start to feel sick
I feel it inside of me as it begins to kick
I was told not to utter a word, don't even speak
But I was dying inside, as my strength began to deplete.

It takes the form of a solid, bulky and thick
The thing I seek might be a little bleak
And because I won't find what i seek
I would always continue to remain weak
Emmanuel Coker Jul 2017
Do You?

Do you miss the way things were between us?
Do you flinch with every passing thought of me being with another person, just as I flinch when I think of you
Do you ache with pain knowing my hands, eyes, lips and mouth would adore the graciousness of another being?
Do you playback series of different scenarios in your head about what might have been if either of us acted differently?
Do you miss me telling you “I love you” as we both bid ourselves goodnight in hopes to be reunited once again at the break of dawn?
Do you wish me happiness and joy in all my endeavors but wish you are always there to celebrate with me?
Do you grow jealous of the other being I would newly grow to love and share devotion with?

I just want to know if you do, ‘cause I do.
And if you don't, I still won't blame you.
I know we both said our byes, but it'll be a long time before my heart bids you adieu.
Emmanuel Coker May 2016
Take the reins of the sail
Steer and evade life's falling hail
Be the king of the ocean
Set for yourself an easy going motion

Take the reins of the car
Take it and drive yourself very far
Swerve past every troublesome lane
Drive your life past the reach of pain

Take the reins of the horse
Set for yourself a designated course
Ride all night through the fiery storm
There'd be peace, when morning comes

Take the reins of your life
Make sure to evade all troubles and strife
Emmanuel Coker May 2018
I'd e'er wait for eternal rest,
Wearing my possible best,
Not knowing whether-
I've failed or passed the eternal-
Or maybe it's all an eternal jest
But who gets the last laugh?    
It's whose god, Me or him, I guess?
Emmanuel Coker Sep 2014
How does it feel to fall out of love?
To wake up one morning, and say that you're done
Make up your mind, and tell me, it's fine
To fall out of love, 'cos you were never mine?

Love in itself can never be defined
It is a feeling that's blissful and divine
To love and be loved in return
I doubt, you'll ever see something as much fun

Don't you remember all you once said?
About our undying love and these feelings we shared
Do all these thoughts run in your head?
Or are they left blank, like my space on your bed

You woke up one morning, and said we were done
So I ask you, how did it feel, when you fell out of love?
Emmanuel Coker Dec 2017
I'm a father of three
A girl and two boys
My wife left me
For a much younger boy
She said he's got stunning abs
I really do hope he knows she's got *****,
Down underneath.

I'm a father of three
Two boys and a girl
And my wife cheats on me
With a boy named Emmanuel
He loves to play with her toys
And she ‘comes’ with immense joy

I'm a father of three
And my wife cheated on me
She won full custody
After she ****** my attorney.
I'm a father of three
And none of my children lives with me.
This poem is purely fictional, any appearance or semblance to any real life entity is purely and absolutely coincidental. Enjoy :).
Emmanuel Coker Nov 2018
I'd write you letters,
But you won't write back,
I'd send you flowers,
But you don't fancy that,
I'd beg you to come over,
We both fancy that.

You'd push me over,
But I don't push back,
You've got many lovers,
And I don't fancy that,
I had only one lover,
But she didn't want me back,
And whenever you come over,
It gets more fancier.
Emmanuel Coker Nov 2018
Right here,
Right now,
With you.

There's nowhere else,
I'd rather be.
Emmanuel Coker Oct 2014
I found a friend in whom my secrets wouldn't part
I found a friend to push me 'round in a cart
I found a friend to hold me in my hands
A friend to follow me to no man's land
Never to leave no matter the weather,
This promise we made, while we hugged each other.

I found a friend, who strived to make me suffer
A friend who held my grip with evil agendas
A friend who left me in the middle of desserts
A friend who pushed me out in anger
I found a friend who loved no other
A friend who pushed me out with a cart
A friend in whom my secrets did part
Emmanuel Coker Sep 2014
I did good by the lots of you
You might deny this, even when it's true
I went down to raise you up
Fought against odds, to reach the top
Though the road was rough, we didn't stop

I gave more than I collect
Not a friend did I ever neglect
I tried my best to please them
But you see, that was a problem
Not every soul deserves a helping hand
Not every soul helps a friend drowning in quick sand
I've given my last
I'm leaving the past
And might you deny this, even when it's true
I know I did good by the lots of you
Emmanuel Coker Sep 2014
I am doing this for you
I am doing this for her
I am doing this for him
I am doing this for them
I am doing this for the lots of you
So if I perish whilst doing it
Remember I did it for you

But not a thing did I do for me.
Emmanuel Coker Aug 2016
My greatest fear would be losing you
And if I do, I'll be the greatest fool
Because i feel true love with only you
And out of all these lies, that one's true

But nowadays it seems you are never pleased with whatever I do
Always bringing up a fight, yelling at me too
Showing me signs you want to see someone new
Telling me you want to end it, bringing it up out of the blue

So out of all these lies, this one is true
If you leave me, you'd be the greatest fool
And after i’m done crying for you
After the cold lonely nights, feeling sad and blue
I would move on, finding someone new
For my greatest fear is losing me to you.
Emmanuel Coker May 2016
Green is the colour of ewedu leaves
Green is the colour of herbal trees
Green is the colour of something green
Green is the colour of something I see

Don't talk so much as you drink your tea
The sight is obscene as I watch you eat
Don't make a smile or grin at me
‘Cos green is the colour of what's stuck in your teeth.
Emmanuel Coker Dec 2017
She is Art
And she is a masterpiece.
We are all art and we are various living, breathing masterpieces in our ramifications. Happy holidays :).
Emmanuel Coker Nov 2017
I'll hold on to the memories unsaid,

Back then,
When we laid unclad on the bed,
Back then,
When it was an euphoric moment we shared,
Back then,
When you wished you were with me instead,
Back then,
When I thought I'd love you till the death,
Back then,
When the scenes played back in my head,
Back then,
When he came and took you instead.

I'll hold on to the memories we shared.
Emmanuel Coker Sep 2018
I hope you find love at the end of the day,
I hope the love you find decides to stay,
I hope the love you find gets found today,
I hope the love you find blows you away,
I hope the love you find is like the one you make.
Emmanuel Coker Jan 2017
Beneath the suede feel and nappa leather
Beneath the Jordan that sells for some many dollars
Rests a weary foot covered in torn silk
A little hole here
A little patch there

Beneath the Italian suit and that da Vinci scarf
Beneath the bear fur coat and the cashmere wool
Rest a broken soul covered with a broken body
A little wear here
Some many tear there
Don't be deceived by material things, some people are broken and damaged much more than you'd ever know. They just cover up pretty well.
Emmanuel Coker Sep 2014
I am a man of integrity
A being of values
A man of chances
A risk taker
A people's person
The weak's solicitor
A man of great morals
A said adonis
The emir of greatness
I am a good people
Rhythm of the redeemers
A daring entrepreneur
And after alls said and done
Despite all odds
I AM ME!!!
Emmanuel Coker Dec 2014
I cried today for the first time in years
I cried today, and they were real tears
I cried not because I conquered my fears
Or because I lost all that was dear

I cried today, shedding tears like the rain
I cried today, letting go of all the pain
I cried so much, again and again
And these were tears I couldn't restrain

I cried today, cos' I finally understood me
Knowing fully well all that I could ever be
I lived in the shadows where no one could see
A prisoner to my thoughts wanting to be free

I cried today and these were tears of joy
I cried today, knowing I am a new born
A freed man, that was locked in the skin of a boy
A freed man whose life has just begun

I cried today and they were real tears
I cried today for the first time in many years
This kinda took a lil bit of time to complete
Emmanuel Coker Dec 2014
If you tell me i'm yours
I'd love you even with all your flaws
If you tell me i'm yours
I'd die for your sins and carry your cross
If you tell me i'm yours
I'd defy the gods not considering the odds
If you tell me i'm yours
I'd make sure your needs always comes first
If you tell me you're mine
I'd bring to your table the finest of wines
If you tell me you're mine
I'd love you till the end of time
If you tell me you're mine
Emmanuel Coker Oct 2018
And If I were to be honest,
I'd say I do miss you,
The times we spent together,
and the memories we shared.
It's actually crazy now, Thinking about it,
How I never had a picture of us, I was always the one who'd shy away from the camera, and instead take pictures of you.
You always looked so calm yet distant.
Maybe locked away in the universe of books you've read stored in your head.
But I was glad you were with me. Regardless of how distant we were from the outside world. We were alone together.
That was all I ever wanted. That is all I…
And if i am to be honest,
A year isn't enough to get over you.
That doesn't mean I'd come crawling back to you. We crossed that bridge and burnt it.
But I keep searching for you in other women, Hoping to see a glimpse of you.
No matter how little.
But I guess it's what makes you different,
Because you were different from the rest.
Left to me, you were the best.
Emmanuel Coker Feb 2015
In truth.. if I smiled as much as I use the smiley emoticon in a chat, or laughed as hard as when I use the various abbreviations 'lol' '*****' '****' and sorts, I think my life wouldn't be as ****** up as it is right now.
Emmanuel Coker May 2016
If I die on my bed
Let it be said
That I was an incomplete head
Who awaited his death.
Emmanuel Coker Dec 2017
It's on nights like this I miss you,
Fingers glued to the phone, waiting to text you,
You are on my contact list, but there's an issue,
We don't talk anymore, so there's no way to get through,

It's on a night like this I kissed you.

We don't talk anymore, so I can't get through,
You are on my contact list, but we've got issues,
Fingers glued to the phone, hoping to text you,
That it's on nights like this I hopelessly miss you.
Love isn't love when reason finally prevails...
Emmanuel Coker May 2015
And maybe in my later days
I'd tell you how much I loved you so
And maybe in my later days
I'd come to terms for letting you go
And maybe in my later days
Yours would be a name I used to know

And maybe in YOUR later days
You'd see me as a friend and not your foe
Thanking your stars for dodging a bullet that came so close
And I pray you know love....more sweeter than anyone ever knows
And then, maybe in our later days we'd cherish the little moment we both were close.
Emmanuel Coker Jul 2017
I was your real FIRST love
And you were my first REAL love...
             There's a difference between those
Emmanuel Coker Sep 2018
They say loving someone who doesn't feel the same way is similar to waiting for a ship to dock at an airport. But I've been through many ***** with you and I'm not yet ready to give you up, and despite how many times we've fought, we've only learned how to make up right before it gets out of hand but you start to say you'd like to break up, and i shut
with my lips, and whenever we kiss, there's this immense rush, then I start to touch you in places you'd not want me to stop.

So yeah I'd wait at this airport, and hope your ship takes a u-turn, and hope you don't keep me waiting for too long.
Emmanuel Coker Sep 2014
Mirror mirror on the wall
Might I ask a question more
Of which will be the saddest fall
A bullet between the core of my skull..,
Or a jump off the great china's wall?
I presume the latter would bring much greater fun
As it would end instantly if done with a gun
Yes, i'll like to bask in the moment.....more
Who doesn't cherish a battle won...
So as I fall from great china's wall
I would fill my head with thoughts of exotic halls
Beautiful girls, dances and malls
How greatly would I miss them all
So yes, all life would go by in a flash
As my body hits the floor with a splash
And then my soul floats up in bliss
Looking down at a'll miss.
Oh dear!!
Emmanuel Coker Feb 2015
Here is where?
Where is there?

There is here
And where is right here
Errr....say I was bored, got writers block, so if you can add something else to it....pls don't hold back. thank you
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