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Emma Q Sep 2018
I am fire in a lake
I am ice in the sun
I am everything
And nothing
All at once.
I am nothing more than
A girl in the crowd
Nothing more than
A bag of skin,
And bones
Beneath the clouds.
I live several versions of myself
I am a friend
A sister
A daughter
I am me.
Emma Q Mar 2018
Every night in my room
Door closed
Shades drawn
Darkness reigns the night
Darkness swallows the room
Covered  in total darkness
I can’t see anything
I am blinded
Every noise frightens me

But when the morning comes
Light comes with a broom and sweeps darkness away
I pull the shades and light shoots in like a rocket
And fills the place
Like a balloon of light
Encasing the room
In light.

During the day
Darkness and light battle
Light pushes darkness
Darkness shoves light back
Shadows work for dark
Following me everywhere
But when i come up here to read
And turn on the bulb
Light laughs in triumph
As darkness slides away
Into the corners
Under the bed
But when I leave the room
Darkness crawls out again
Resuming the battle
Until dark.       -Emma Qian
Emma Q Mar 2018
My world starts spinning                                                        
When the teacher is pinning
The new assignment to the board
Oh lord!
Chaos is unleashed when I step upon the bus
Kids are screaming
Kids are having a fight
It's not a pretty sight
Chaos is an old enemy
Everyday is another fight
With Chaos
Chaos is too powerful
He always wins
Only days in my room
Curled up with a good book
Chaos cannot disturb me then
I am in the world of reading.
I fight back
Breaking up fights
Befriending siblings
Doing chores
Righting this world
Stopping Chaos in his tracks
A hard battle
Sometimes lost
Sometimes won
Chaos always comes back stronger than ever
But then I do too.

— The End —