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Emma Langley Apr 2014
There were four noticeable things,
maybe that's why I picked him out
of more than two hundred people he was it,
the one I though was
oh how to put it,
cute I suppose
His lip piercing screamed
I'm a rebel
His brow piercing shouted
I'm different
From the red, black, green, and yellow head phones
to his
Purple Adidas high-tops

He looks well, you could call them average
but those piercings made him
so much more
they said notice me I'm different!
His headphones said I listen to hours
and hours
of music
But most of all,
the thing that was the most amazing
were those
purple Adidas high-tops

His head moving with the beat said,
Wanna listen to?
Those chocolate brown eye whispered
I can listen
The hands constantly fidgeting spoke,
I'm never boring
His fingers flying over the keys of his phone typed,
I'm connected!
But those shoes
I'll never forget
Those purple Adidas high-tops
Emma Langley Apr 2014
It drips down from the sky,
The little birds flit about,
searching for the now soggy bird feed
In a pitiful attempt to stay warm
their feathers fluffed out,
trying to keep the wind
out of their petite bodies
Their tiny clawed feet
scratch miserably in the mud
that one small worm to dance up from the earth
So the small bird can go home to his tiny family
with some sort of token
to show he cares
Emma Langley Jan 2013
Jumping is scary,
and fun,
untill you fall,
shooting twards the ground,
you scream,
and close your eyes,
waiting for the pain
it should be sxrushaiting as you hit the cold hard ground,
you should be burning,
you should be crying.
but you're not.
becasue I cought you,
I told you that when you jumped,
I would be there to catch you.
I told you that when you jumped,
I would be there to catch you,
I would save you,
from the pain of falling.
You didn't believe me,
But now you do.
You know,
that I will never hurt you,
never make you cry,
and always catch you when you fall.
Emma Langley Jan 2013
You've gotten lost,
wandered away from the path
and never returned
I miss you,
the way you would wrap your arms around me,
and I would feel safe,
safer than I ever have.
Something happened,
something irreversible,
try as I did I could not keep her away.
She pulled off course,
and you didn't realize it until,
it was to late,
she had you trapped,
So deep in the forest of her lies that you could not escape.
You screamed and cried for help,
but no one could hear you.

I want you back,
please help me find you.
Emma Langley Dec 2012
I love you,
For everything,
Everything that you did,
Have done,
And will do for me.

I love you for you,
your personality,
So happy and bubbly,
yet sad and gloomy,
Both balancing the other out,
but bother are needed,
in order to mate the perfect person,
A person without flaw,
At least to me.

But you don't l;ove me,
You love her,
I have told you that I loved you,
But that couldn't change your mind,
I love her too,
Yet hate her at the same time,
For hurting you,
And by extension she hurt me.
But I will forgive her,
Because you have,
and I love you.
Emma Langley Dec 2012
Why did you leave me?
I lvoed you so much,
ANd tried so hard,
To get you to stay.

But you didn't want me anymore
I was just a toy for you to play with.
I'm sure you had a lot of fun,
Trying to figure out how to break me.
I thought,
I thought that you loved me,
I guess that acting is one of you strong points.
But why?
Why did you do this to me?
You shattered me into a million tiny pieces.
And what could you possibly gain?


Wh­y were you so ignorant?
It was so easy to lure you into my waiting grasp,
All it took was some sweet talk,
and pretending,
Maybe I loved  you for a little bit,
Or maybe I have gotten so good at faking that I fooled my self.

In the end it was fun to break your heart.
Now do you know why?
Emma Langley Dec 2012
I tried,
So hard
To make it work.

I tried so hard because  I hoped,
I hoped that you still loved me.
But you didn't
No matter what I did,
No matter how much I changed my self,
You couldn't love me any more.
It broke my heart when you left me,
And you know you did it
You never tried to fix it,
Just left me there like a broken doll
No one wanted to love.

He tried way to hard,
Couldn't he see,
I didn't love him anymore?
It was almost ridicules,
How much he tried to change.
It almost made me feel bad
when I broke it off,

Now when I see you,
I think of how you look,
And act,
And sound.
You sound broken,
Like I was all you had to live for,
And you will never be happy with out me.

Well I have news for you,
There are plenty of fish in the sea,
Go catch one
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