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emma joy May 2014
Bronze belly burnt from sun kisses;
Yesterday afternoon when I dreamt
we were at the beach and
you were numb from being heated by the microscope light
and I was drowning in the pools of your eyes -
tsunami tides, killer wail -
No matter who comes to save me, I'll always wish it was you.
So I wait and let the cold sea salt gurgle in my lungs.
But you are still,
you are warm and bothered.
emma joy Apr 2014
I'm afraid of contradictions
more importantly the space
between them
Aching with this carnal
blessing of your voice in my ear
"She resonates" I say I scream "she Resonates" never even heard the words
I wanted to call your name -
the way it lives in my throat
clenching at the letters, I in the middle
with a delicate hum at the end
emma joy Mar 2014
Greet the sun-kissed smile
and amicably recognize that her eyes change color
in the shadows of night and day.

Fool me once;
I know in days time
we will entwist as yearning cannot's always do.
emma joy Mar 2014
The saddest day of my life was the day you told me you weren't going anywhere.

I often live in those moments of smeared eyeliner and shaking hands
lost beyond all belief
and found in the crevices of your warming knuckles.
If you ever wonder why
I was crying so hard into your neck

think about the thoughts that tell stories
think about how I couldn't tell where your body ended and my began
think about this
that had to be known
that had to be hush.

All the times i told you "more" ran through my mind
as i was fixing the tufts in your hair.
You told me I was beautiful with mascara washing down my cheeks
bare with this envy
for the passenger seat in your sedan.

And as the words left your lips
my hand clasped mine
to prevent me from revealing
you're the definition.

The saddest day of my life was the day you told me you weren't going anywhere
because I always knew you would.
emma joy Mar 2014
An involved grace of thought
cannot blend the right thoughts
of kissbones at the right -
Time is so very crucial to
the womb of your basket.
And I keep telling you
"I'll bring you bread.
  I'll bring you loaves and loaves."
And you smile in caught headlights.
But you forgot to rewind the VHS
You forgot to, and you returned the rental anyway.
emma joy Mar 2014
fear strikes the heavens sturdy gait at the first mention of silence.
we live in a town of crook-eyed opposites,
a crinkle-cut reminder of which song belongs to who.
in the winding trails of the moon i see the face of a woman
destined to be clear
of all fate had to offer.
but, i wish i knew none the less.
emma joy Feb 2014
my hips next to hers and we could have the Universe.
her rolling thumbs pressed against my blushed cheeks.
her fire light piercing through all of my -

i don't care
if the moon chokes me.
these throbbing increments of time
are wasting away like musk rose.
and the smell of her spirits are lingering.

her shoulders are galaxies
i'm tied to their crevices
i'm tied to the souls
of her shoes.

i want to know all your ghostly habits
do you cross
                 my planets orb.
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