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Nov 2017 · 466
Emily B Nov 2017
if only I could
up like the armadillo
when i'm sleeping

there would be no soft underside
to be pierced by my nightmares

and maybe I would wake

if I could forget again
all the things
that I have remembered
and all the things
that I have not remembered

maybe there would be
no nightmares
in the first place
Sep 2017 · 328
Emily B Sep 2017
Spent the afternoon
In bed
On my regular
Day off.

Kept dreaming
That people
Were trying to
**** me.

My folks
Are saying
I don't look good.

Maybe tomorrow
Will be better
Sep 2017 · 4.4k
Emily B Sep 2017
when I began to write
all those years ago

I was amazed to find
that I even
had a voice.

It was a gift
that I never
hoped for.

I only shared light.

There is too much

And then
little by little
I had to write
about the monsters
in the deep.

And my writing
got to be

Those couldn't be
my words.

Don't bury me
in a grave
in a big old box
I've known too much

And so here I am
trying to balance
with hope for a new future

That may be called
Aug 2017 · 614
my inner poet
Emily B Aug 2017
I keep my inner poet
Put away.
She is dangerous.
Doesn't understand her own power.
She thinks she can fly
And she'll make you believe
That you can, too.
But her wings are paper thin.
Too fragile for flight.

Her eyes shine too much
When the poetry is flowing.
I've seen the devastation
That can follow in her wake.

Grown men don't believe
In poetry.
Get lured in by siren songs.
Feel cheated
when the music ends.

I keep her put away
And hold my gaze on my hands
In the dirt.

We are safer that way.
Aug 2017 · 785
just thinking
Emily B Aug 2017
But i need a day
To lay in bed
And twine toes with somebody
And stare at the ceiling

A day to talk
About nonsense
And be really heard

And laughter
I could use
Lots of that

I just need
A day

Or two or three
Jul 2017 · 341
Emily B Jul 2017
I haven't seen
So many angels
In the clouds
Since John died.

They seem to be
Equipped for war.

Los angeles.

My heart is heavy.
Jul 2017 · 1.8k
Emily B Jul 2017
Some girls
Have butterflies
Beautiful winged elegance
Flying through their cerebrums


I've got old ghosts
That turn into whiskey drunk monsters
"I should put a bullet
In your brain".

I saw him yesterday.
Standing in front of me.
Blowing his brains out
Over and over.

A movie stuck on repeat
In my brain.

And some small part
Of me
Hopes he does it.
So he doesn't come after me

The monster is me.
I don't know
Jun 2017 · 613
just today
Emily B Jun 2017
I was going to write
a poem today.

I've been reading
every spare moment.

I've been sorting
the rubble
of the last six months.

have worn me thin
just now

maybe I'll just
go home
and take a nap.
Jun 2017 · 1.1k
my brother's keeper
Emily B Jun 2017
I tried, Lord,
I tried.

I protected him as often
and with what
little strength I had.

He punched me
in the stomach
when he thought
the neighbor wasn't watching.

And his eyes said
plain enough
that he could **** me
before mom got home
and I would barricade
myself in my room
til she pulled in the driveway
and act like every
thing was fine.

When dad died
he called the funeral home
and threatened

I can't keep him anymore.
Even if
his blood cries to me
from the ground.
And Cain talked with Abel his brother: and it came to pass, when they were in the field, that Cain rose up against Abel his brother, and slew him.

9 And the LORD said unto Cain, Where [is] Abel thy brother? And he said, I know not: [Am] I my brother's keeper?

10 And he said, What hast thou done? the voice of thy brother's blood crieth unto me from the ground.
Jun 2017 · 516
Emily B Jun 2017
my sister-in-law
who I know
by face and name
asked me to share happy memories
to comfort
her children

she doesn't know
that I don't have
good or bad

waiting at my mother's
before the funeral
I suggested
that we get out photo albums
to pass the time
and find a memory

she couldn't be bothered
she was afraid
we would take the photos

maybe she doesn't have
memories either

I do have
plenty of nightmares
maybe remembering
is easier
when you sleep.
Jun 2017 · 281
crazy talking
Emily B Jun 2017
the day my brother died
I had psychic visions
all day
of him coming to my work
and blowing his brains out
in front of me

I wasn't surprised
much by the phone call

Today I had another
it was me
stabbing myself
in the stomach
with an English scalping knife

and I don't know
what it is supposed
to mean

Because I'm sitting
at McDonald's
with my daughter
on the free wifi

I can't be dead.
Jun 2017 · 380
Emily B Jun 2017
I am impatient
Too often
With conversations
These days

And i can't
Say the reason
Out loud

But if a body
Could hear
The conversation
Going on in
My brain

Well, I guess,
It might make
More sense.
This wasn't the poem in my head at all. Maybe next time.
Jun 2017 · 438
Emily B Jun 2017
I've been waiting to grieve
as if
the aftermath of Death
will come calling
like a long-jilted lover.

I have forgotten
how to miss
the dearly departed
and there will be
no more tears.

I've been watching the road.
Nobody wearing somber colors
has come
walking up the hill yet.

There is no
plaintive song
calling on the wind.

I was my brother's keeper
for many years.
I am too angry
to weep.
May 2017 · 756
Watching ants
Emily B May 2017
I've wiped the coffee table
Down with windex
At least three times.

But here I sit.

Watching them wander
Trying to remember
To breathe.

And waiting for details
Of my brother's suicide.
Truth is always stranger than fiction. And stranger describes my brother well.
May 2017 · 2.2k
Icarus knew
Emily B May 2017
I was a poet, a healer and a woman
a dreamable woman
who got behind his eyes

I learned about flying

I still dream about flying

so ****** pragmatic these days

Afraid to write

Afraid to fly

He said my wings
really stoked the fire

And now I remember
why I am afraid to fly
a conversation of sorts
Apr 2017 · 791
trying to write
Emily B Apr 2017
sitting at mcdonald's
on the free wifi
sipping sweet tea
and reading
all the offerings here

a cold chill
bent me over

and I thought of
the new cold war
that threatens to ignite

and somewhere
comes the idea
that someone
is walking on my grave

it could well be
Apr 2017 · 730
the quilt
Emily B Apr 2017
one of my daughter's young friends
confided a blessed event last summer
I decided to make the bundle of joy
a quilt to keep forever

I cut the blocks out
in October

the baby made her appearance
in December
the blocks haven't sewed themselves
together yet

maybe soon
the family is traveling south
for the summer
an internship

hopefully I will be inspired
to do the sewing soon
I've decided to embroider some of the blocks with traits that will inspire: virtue, strength, dignity, wisdom, faith
Apr 2017 · 280
Emily B Apr 2017
the other morning I woke to a commotion
a bird got in the house
and the cat found it
gato got a few good licks in
Anna locked him in the living room
and we encouraged the bird
out the kitchen door

later that night
when I got home from the fort
I found a colleague of the black bird
door nail dead in the upstairs hallway
black claw feet sticking straight up

I hoped it was a different bird.
Not the one we saved.
But what method to my madness
that one bird was worth more
than the other?
Apr 2017 · 261
little bird
Emily B Apr 2017
a little poem came and perched
on my night stand
last night late
it sang the newest song
I've heard
in months and years

I thought it would wait
hang around
until I got ready to write it

but it flew far
Mar 2017 · 532
it must be spring
Emily B Mar 2017
on good days
I carry a trash bag
around the yard
and pick up messes
others have left

I have a hole in my foot
where I stepped on a nail
and my hands are torn
my shoulder
is complaining loudly

but it is close to
growing time
my windowsills are filled
with dirt covering seeds

a few more fires
to burn the brush
and my neighbors
should be prouder of me
Mar 2017 · 302
when the whiskey owns you
Emily B Mar 2017
the slurs don't work anymore
I know i'm not a *****
and I don't care
whether or not you think
I am a good woman

I don't owe you
any more

you can threaten my life
if it makes you feel bigger
but you can't
take the power of my being
Feb 2017 · 768
pardon me
Emily B Feb 2017
My anger is showing.

The capitol is full
Of treason and misogyny.

Pressure is building.
Boiling hot lava
Could erupt.

And I'm just over here
Making lard and yarn.
Not necessarily in that order.

I guess it is a good thing
That i wasn't made
winged and fire-breathing.

Just trying really hard
Not to destroy
In my path.
Feb 2017 · 1.1k
false alarm
Emily B Feb 2017
sitting at mcdonald's
I clicked 'add poem'
and I thought about
all the words I have

impatience and anger
blue blues

I think I better go home
and clean the bath tub

no poeting today
Feb 2017 · 564
i can't breathe
Emily B Feb 2017
this morning

seems that was
the battle cry
for some movement
pushed out of our minds
by more insistent
and newer news

maybe it is the weather

maybe it is
some mid-life crisis
afflicting me
at the mcdonald's
while I use the free wifi

whatever it is

I will win
this battle too

just like
every other one
so far
Feb 2017 · 1.0k
Emily B Feb 2017
I've worked so hard
to blend into the woodwork
I knitted myself
an invisibility cloak
and I wear it
everywhere I go

because if they can't
see me
then they can't hurt me

one of these days
when my nightmares
stop killing me

maybe I will begin
to reappear again
Feb 2017 · 247
Emily B Feb 2017
every morning
I wake up to find
a handful of slightly chewed
wooden scrabble tiles
arranged artlessly
around my bed

could it be

that the little dog
is trying
to tell me something?
Jan 2017 · 311
ziggy, where are you?
Emily B Jan 2017
I knew a poet once.

He was the top of a tall mountain
of all the best words.


His words were a war
against social injustice
of all times.

His face was beautiful
with scars and lines
that remembered
every battle.

There was Issa, and a bowl of soup.
I remember the fly that buzzed
in the windshield
and tears behind sunglasses.

Why do poets set
like suns?
Jan 2017 · 543
morning thoughts
Emily B Jan 2017
I had a vision once

jeeps and dust
an apocalyptic America
and I was scared

this morning I stood in the shower
maybe I should tell my daughter
to let her hair grow
to pretend to have a boyfriend

our system of checks and balances
is being stomped on
civil liberties
and inalienable rights
are extinct

psychic vision
is poised to become reality
and I never imagined
it would be our own government
holding us hostage
Jan 2017 · 716
quick note
Emily B Jan 2017
this is not a poem

I have been absent

for days and weeks.

I have been cleaning
and sewing

and trying to quiet the anger
that I can't control
in light of this new America.

They say there will be a day
when federal monies
will be revoked from arts programs.

I suggest we start looking for ways
to protect the voices
the ones that are real and true
*and not alternative
Dec 2016 · 929
merry christmas
Emily B Dec 2016
One of these days
When i clear myself
Of the wreckage
Heaped by my own personal
I will write some words
So pretty
That you won't notice
The devastation
All around me.

We'll light a candle
For peace on earth
Toward men.
Nov 2016 · 607
after the storm
Emily B Nov 2016
The hawk must be the only one.

I know he sees me -
He makes a sign.
A secret code
That siblings use
When speaking straight
Might ensnare.

I walk through worlds
With quiet steps.
But not too near
That any see
Or feel my breath
Or even guess.


The hawk may be
The only one.

My wings are straight.
My wings are strong.
And one day soon
I'll fly to him.
Oct 2016 · 514
the storm
Emily B Oct 2016
Once in a while
The wind picks up
That old ghost
Gets lonely
And starts thinking
about me.

The tremors hit land
Before the words do
And sometimes
I am tempted
To walk out
Into the squall
To see if I can be lifted up
Into the jet stream
Like the buzzards do.

The sun is shining today
There are no clouds
Maybe the storm is passed.
Oct 2016 · 541
Emily B Oct 2016
I want to pick my own dream.

There should be a kiss
At the base of my neck.

And wrinkled sheets.

And a long, hot shower
With arms that wrap around.

I've been patiently

No more nightmares,
Oct 2016 · 480
afternoon thoughts
Emily B Oct 2016
I hope that I
Inspire you in a good way.
The way that
You inspire me.
Too much wine
Can give you a terrible headache
And I don't like it
When consequences
Meet the cold light of day.

I always want to give
The best part of myself
And you--
Are no exception.

Maybe I wonder
If there even is a best part.

This is what inspired looks like
Oct 2016 · 459
Emily B Oct 2016
I am not afraid of the storm.
Or of the wildness of the winds.

I am not afraid of the darkness.
Even my nightmares
Have little power to frighten
Any more.

I am not afraid to die.
There is very little mystery left.

what is left?
You may be wondering

that may be a conversation
For another day
Oct 2016 · 6.1k
inspired maybe
Emily B Oct 2016
Sometimes I wonder

if I even survived
my childhood.

Maybe some part of me
is sleeping
up on the hill.

One of those
That I couldn't escape
Carried me off
In its jaws

and so maybe
I am planted.
Looking down
At all the people
I can't remember.

I hope that I am ashes.
I never wanted a stone.
Oct 2016 · 2.0k
Emily B Oct 2016
We talk about roots
And I have some concept
Spent my summer
Digging up plants
And moving them
To other places.

I was the self-proclaimed
Smiling Creator

But my heart
Is at home
In the hills

I can breathe here
And it has always
Been so

Is in my bones

The sound the hawk makes
Is my blues
This is not that pome
Sep 2016 · 534
What my dream said
Emily B Sep 2016
My dream said
I was avoiding
That old ghost

And I said

After twenty five years
Of hitting
And missing
I don't need
To go anywhere
Near there
Sep 2016 · 568
Poet too long
Emily B Sep 2016
I have a hard time
Being literal

Explanations travel
In fits and spurts
With sometimes
No suitable
answer at all

And maybe
The truth is slanted
And you will
Divine it
On some cloudy day.

We will get there,
Sep 2016 · 441
Emily B Sep 2016
There is an ache
That sits in my chest
When I read your poetry

I sit long
Trying to wrap
My arms around

Want so badly
To soothe an ache
Or mine

And so I sit
Sep 2016 · 720
Emily B Sep 2016
And sometimes
Just like that
I see
What I have been

I understand
This path
I'm on

The darkness
And the fog
I don't mind

And I see
Straight enough
To step
Sep 2016 · 316
Emily B Sep 2016
Three times so far
This week
I have felt
His thoughts run
Along my body.

I can't see
His face.

Can't say for certain
What direction
The thoughts travel

Just my luck
To feel
And be blind
All at the same time
Sep 2016 · 839
Emily B Sep 2016
If I were to write you a poem

I might appeal to your senses

Tastes and smells
That trigger comfort
And satiety

Images that make a man
Stand taller

There would have to be
A mountain
And some tall trees.

If I were to write you a poem

There would be a hand to hold
Shining eyes
And communication without words

One day soon
I will write it
Sep 2016 · 510
Emily B Sep 2016
I took a freshbaked pie
To show Bob today.
Stranger asked-
What kind is it?

Sweet potato-
And I kept walking

Heard him say
I thought she was flirting.

But I don't

If the work of my hands
Doesn't entice

And the work of my mind
Doesn't intrigue

And the sparkle of my eyes
Doesn't embolden

well, you know what they say
In the south

But I don't flirt
Aug 2016 · 418
Emily B Aug 2016
When my kids were little
And climbed in my bed
Complaining of a headache
Or a stomach ache
I would wrap my arms around
The problem
And just about the time
They were cured
And drifting off to sleep
I would feel it.

I have had a few successes
In my life
The way I understand success

My mother obsessed herself
With breast cancer
Until she finally had it
Then looked to me
To take it away.

I think she would trade
My life for her own.

it isn't my place
To choose.

I wonder though
At the eternal admonition
"Physician, heal thyself"

My pain
Is still very present.
Aug 2016 · 797
storm weary
Emily B Aug 2016
I've been seeing
That old hawk
In some very strange places.

Feathers askew

Too tired
To fly above the storm

My messenger
Has something to say

But he is too weary
To spill it
Just now
Aug 2016 · 272
Emily B Aug 2016
I never
Look for myself
In a mirror

That face never
Recognizes me

Maybe in your words

Maybe in the lines of your poems

I will see
Something familiar
That seems like me
Aug 2016 · 466
broken arrow
Emily B Aug 2016
It isn't uncommon for war veterans
To meet
In our little log cabins.

Nice gentleman from Tennessee/Air Force
Was in today
With his attentive son.

Marine vet/fort manager
Thanks him for his service
And wanders off.

Air Force retiree
Asks former army ranger
If he's seen the movie
"We were soldiers".

Who replies
I don't have to see it.
I was there.
Reasons I love my job.
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