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Emi Mar 2014
I wish I could burn all the memories of you from my skull
and tear away the skin you touched
but my bones aren't trees
for your forest fire
Emi Mar 2014
I wish i could see
the way your eyes light up
when you talk about something you love
and maybe its selfish of me
but i wish i was the still
the subject of your conversations
that make your eyes shine like the stars
that I'm sitting here
wishing upon by myself
Emi Mar 2014
The venom in my veins made me go numb
and your face became something
like a colorless canvas
watching me as
i slowly but
surely withered
Emi Mar 2014
I haven't held your hand in
10 weeks
they say the human skin
replenishes every
27 days
you've never touched this skin
and I'm scared that you never
Emi Mar 2014
I want to be the wind as it whispers
its deepest secrets to the trees
or the waves as they gently
kiss the shore goodnight
maybe the stars as they dance
and shine with the moon

but the wind moves too fast
for the trees to hear its words
and the waves only have a few seconds
before being dragged back out to sea
and the stars they are much
too far apart to dance together
and although they shine so bright from earth
they died along time ago
Emi Mar 2014
My feelings for you
are like the ocean
one minute they're
hardly even there at all
and the next they're
rushing towards the
ends of my tongue
violently trying to break fee
but then only to end up
crashing and retreating
to the back of my throat
I want to tell you how I
feel but how am I
supposed to that if
all this time I've spent
trying to figure out my feelings
was just enough time
for you to give up
and move on
I finally figured out how I feel about you but you don't care about me anymore
Emi Feb 2014
A coffee cup made me
cry today. It slipped from
between my hands and
shattered on the floor, and I
couldn’t tell if my heart
had fallen with it or if
it just wasn’t there anymore.
Because I stared at the shards
and could only remember
how you stayed up with me
until midnight on my birthday
so I wouldn’t have to celebrate it
alone or that I still huddle inside
your hoodie when it rains.
Maybe the shaking
of my fingers just shows that
we all need to learn to
let go, but it might be the realization
that I no longer know how
to hold myself together.
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