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Eileen Prunster Mar 2012
poems that sound like the flow of a brook

don't occur to me.....

statico bursts of  hollow pain                        
my golden elm again
and again

music perhaps to those
not quite sane

why is this rhyme occuring....
sometimes pondering ditties dance thro ....

golden elm tree in my garden
4 seasons in all their glory
sometimes i try to write about them...;o)
Eileen Prunster Sep 2012
There is extraordinary
in the ordinary
how extraordinary
Eileen Prunster Jun 2012
when your 5 it has no meaning
by 7 it means mealtimesbedtimesplaytimes   school

16 it seems to stretch again
but not like that of aged 5
just endless waits to be 18  
there is too much you haven't seen

18 not nearly old enough so much to get so much to do
you think that time always waits  for you    
then 28 starts to feel a litle late you've realize the mistake
time doesn't go on it has a break

35 are you alive?  
life swallowed up in others lives...

ah 55!
time to "revive" go on and on till all days ends
and 'time" has gone around the bend
a few thoughts on "time"   ;o)
Eileen Prunster Sep 2012
Hazy beams of sunlight
laced with bird song
signal morning
Eileen Prunster Aug 2012
like grey gauze
singed by fire
Eileen Prunster Jul 2012
Full moon
on the west side
while sun rises
on the east
sights such as these
bring me to my knees
to be blessed
by such a feast
standing in my garden   sun has not quite risen   magic   i'm sure time stops     The moon still shining high in the west as the sun starts to appear in the east   you could almost split the sky in half the horizans look so differant yet part of each other
Eileen Prunster Jul 2012
with long poled chainsaw
demon like
he wields
reducing my Kali
to a goddess with no hands
always tend to think of trees as much more than that ;o)  Majestic, inspiring and just plain gorgeous    a world without them would be bereft
Eileen Prunster Aug 2012
this sting
this pain
without it
i would
drift off
Eileen Prunster Aug 2012
The sun shines
as brightly
as undashed hopes
casting pale gold light
across the lawn
Eileen Prunster Sep 2013
living and dying
what a strange combination
of commonplace
and extraordinary
Eileen Prunster Sep 2012
Her face twisted
a mask of grotesque
all joy wrung out
by griefs tourniquet
Saw a news story that featured a mother attending the funeral of her young child
Eileen Prunster Feb 2014
a curve of green
in a brown
Eileen Prunster Feb 2014
capricious i am
that's just how it is
don't let it offend
don't get in a tizz
i do not reply
to many a ***
there is no offence
it's just that i'm
you've all been so kind
i have to agree
please don't be upset
with me just being me
To everyone here who is kind enough to read and/or comment on my words despite my lack of reply/contact sometimes i just can't, seem to have evolved into a recluse of sorts for several reasons I can't explain
I realize this poem sounds smug isn't meant to be
Eileen Prunster Sep 2013
i'm pushing myself
into that space
the one between
death and re construction
wafer thin
razor sharp
all done in
Eileen Prunster Nov 2013
you bring yourself
into the room
your ego follows
all too soon
you feed it till
it swells and grows
and pretty soon
it's all that shows
Eileen Prunster Aug 2012
not dead yet
you haunt me
thoughts of you
against my will
Eileen Prunster Sep 2012
Something you give
to someone else
while saying
you'll keep it
Eileen Prunster Dec 2012
I have snow white scented lillies blooming
golden rods within
your fragrance
i imagine
your skin
Eileen Prunster Mar 2012
he picks up attitudes
one by one

and tries them on like dresses

turning himself to and fro
discarding the ones he doesn't deem fit
he goes forth to face the world

she stands in the corner
watching him

wishing he would come to her naked
About mercurial lover that drove me to distraction
Eileen Prunster Mar 2015

violent servant of a bruised sky

churns the sea...

flinging salt water mountains

that shatter on the shore
Eileen Prunster Sep 2013
i did have
a man i didn't know
came up behind talking of queensland
and riding the surf in cyclones drunk
he looked wasted
he was beautiful and so ******* scary weird
it was surreal
yeah it was frightening
he was not though in retro
i was thinking within gates
he was ok
and benign
and not quite there
childlike and on the loose
although he was happy striding into the waves
wet jeans and laughing
and who can diss that
under the moon and stars
Eileen Prunster Jun 2012
at 55
i can feel
people withdrawing
children distance
acquaintances die
no longer
a person
more than 1/2 way to a corpse
Eileen Prunster Oct 2012
the gate stood open
and dewy grass
is still chiffoned
with mist
till spring sun
weak and warm
goes to work
Eileen Prunster Aug 2012
a rich panoply
of umber and gold
contrasting against
the conifers green
a glorious sight
to behold
one of the loveliest
ever seen
Eileen Prunster Apr 2012
the brilliant hues
of autumn
the trees

piling up
their trunks
my knees

scarlet red
russet brown
on the ground

from the elm
worth more than
coins of the realm
Eileen Prunster Sep 2013
got the first wasp inside tonight
from the firewood
moths fluttering death in brown velvet at moonlit windows
later greet the dawn with condensation
Eileen Prunster Oct 2012
electric shock!
there you are
why didn't i see you
bright star
i knew
Eileen Prunster Aug 2012
and liberty
I tightrope walk
Eileen Prunster Feb 2014
he gazes into an empty glass
as if all the answers
to all the questions
are to be found
in the dregs
Eileen Prunster Feb 2014
prepares you
the ****** decrepitude of old age
an obscenity of
plastic bags for *****
plastic bags for *****
fear of losing
your teeth down a drain
egg white and crackers are all you keep down
grumbling old hags in the coffin queue
waiting for the shroud
Eileen Prunster Aug 2012
Prayers are something
we do on our own time
the answers come
in infinities time
Eileen Prunster Apr 2012
well you've done it again
made me feel like ****

is that a natural talent or did you practice  
                                                      ­                           (oh how you've practiced)
with your attitude to women
cos they didn't turn out the soft centred
                                                         sweets your so addicted to

so tired  of these power games     (is that what they are....?)

you go away then ph when i'm at work      (you knew that)
then do the same thing AGAIN the next day...!!?

"between you not being home
and the computer"......


i've stayed offline
most of the time

in case you phoned..... "sigh"

i knew you would
do what you did

what is that
An upset rant at an absent lover.... ;o)
Eileen Prunster Aug 2012
a large tree I've hacked limbs from
is staring back at me
through a window
from those wounds
they look like
and weeping wounded mouth
Eileen Prunster Sep 2013
i hunt myself
and eviserated
bleed words onto the page
Eileen Prunster Jul 2012
did love sculpt me
into twisted form
she the storm
blasting away bark
to reveal form
expectations extreme
beyond the norm
causing the storm?
referring to love as she   as is often done in writing
Eileen Prunster Feb 2014
I've never recalled dreams he said
although it isn't true
re creating history
is what he likes to do
it some how makes him feel good
as he would rather be
the man who has a perfect brain
no need for him to see
i wonder why he does that
i really couldn't say
should i just ignore it
and go my separate way
Eileen Prunster Aug 2012
all the love poems
I wrote for you
you didn't throw away
I never sent them
Eileen Prunster Nov 2012
eyelashes flutter
like butterflies
under my kiss
Eileen Prunster Sep 2012
those flowers
I can almost taste them
like icecream
berry and vanilla
Eileen Prunster Aug 2012
This stoney patch
of impenetrable gound
our relationship
Eileen Prunster Dec 2012
been a bit
couldn't see myself
in my own eyes
where did i go
Eileen Prunster Dec 2012
I've missed so many poems
time flew while i was gone
come back and look at what is here
where do i begin
i want to answer comments
reply to all the poems
tell the folks ive missed you all
and thanks for hanging in
despite me going missing
without much of a word
you've stayed and let me know
my absence not absurd
so thank you all for staying
and reading what i've wrote
i hope you understand i care
just by this little note
wanted to thank everyone for responding to my poems posted recently despite me dropping off and not replying or responding to anyone else lately, your a great bunch of artistic, perceptive  people and it really means a lot to me....Thankyou all... **
Eileen Prunster Jul 2012
If the beginning
started out of
chaos and the void
did they not exist
before the beginning
not sure this works
Eileen Prunster Jul 2012
land of no responsibility
except to give in to that burning urge
that prickles up the back of your neck on waking
to be off out running under sun
barefoot as soon as out of sight
adventures wait and time belongs to you
you fish for sticklebacks in a field of golden corn
where farmers wave in anger at the trail to the pond
and take home tadpoles in glass jars on string
breathless at the sight of legs emerging
pick bluebells in the wood for mother
but then arrange them in old tins
in tumbledown cottage the gangs den
scrumping crab apples in overgrown gardens  
never getting that stomach ache all Adults warned of
roaming hedgerows looking for hedgehogs
hoping for signs of any living thing
all long fled at the collective noise you make
catching butterflies to look at their wings
putting crysillis in greaseproof papered jars
to watch them emerge for flight on glistening wings
when you return them to the wild
lifting up old drain pipes to look for slugs to race
not forgetting to put them back at races end so they dont shrivel
basking in hot sun after watching trails of catapillars
whose prickles mother later tweezers out
amidst a small flood of tears because they flame red
having a bath with bubbles then tucking up in bed
drowzy but anticipating  tomorrow is waiting
haven't done this before   just written down a few reminiscences on childhood occupations
haven't arranged anything just flicked it up as it came so im feeling unsure about it
Eileen Prunster Aug 2012
Emotions move
across their faces
like ripples
on the surface
of a lake
Eileen Prunster Dec 2012
do me a favour
while im here
keep your crush
tucked in your pants
if you want this thing
to go forward
not end
in the same old dance
Eileen Prunster Dec 2012
birds in flight
crystals falling
breathless silence frozen
sun explodes
dazzling light
wings shatter imploding
Inspired by an abstract christmas card front....
I had an image of birds in flight on high and a snow covered landscape under
snow time stilled silent
then the sun broke over the snow dazzling
the birds swooped low and the sound of wings broke the moment
Eileen Prunster Aug 2012
will we scour this earth
bone white
a skull
picked clean
of eye and soul
Thinking about this planet and the human legacy
Eileen Prunster Sep 2013
on the horizon
moon silvered clouds
float across the surface of the sea
like wind blown veils
at home
the silence orchestral
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