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Eileen Prunster Jul 2014
i didnt know wether
to leave you
a note
or not
Eileen Prunster Jul 2014
He smiled weakly
and offered up
"I'll be dead in 5 yrs if you don't come back"
he said it was a love declared
and couldn't see why I was scared
Eileen Prunster Jul 2014
Giving birth
is like being eviserated
the umbilical cord
pulls your insides out
they trail forever after
the children you've born
Eileen Prunster Jul 2014
im not sure which
horrified me the most
the fact that
at aged 54 he
wanted to  “get”
a teen aged girl
or the fact
he thought
he could
Eileen Prunster Jul 2014
he didn't notice
she was dead
the next day
Eileen Prunster Jul 2014
her fairness is
a saving grace
and I don't mean
her fair of face
she isn't cruel
unfair judgemental
not sentimental
and for her loves
she's always there
won't let them down
when needing care
first born daughter before the other
Eileen Prunster Jul 2014
I called her Amber
because she's a jewel
she glows with warmth
like a fire fueled
an ancient soul
trapped in her eyes
just like in amber
are fireflies

or a cut version

I call her Amber
cos she's a jewel
aglow with warmth
like fire fueled
ancient soul
within her eyes
just as in amber
trapped fireflies
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