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Jul 2010 · 974
how can you do that?
eileen mcgreevy Jul 2010
How can you do that? Be strong and kind and true?
When i know how youre feeling, your whole life, grinding you,
At times i feel you slipping, your tireless patience wanes,
And yet, youre there for me, my love, through all those aches and pains.

You're wonderful, a gem to me, you take it on the chin,
I know the stress you're under, babe, i know the pain you're in.
But still you manage with such strength, to make me laugh with tears,
And for that reason, i love you, and always have these years.

Your talent shines beyond the others, everyone can see,
And facets of your beating gift, just fills my heart with glee,
How can you do that? just a man?, or are you sent from god?
You brush your pain aside for me, my staff, my hero, my rod.... i love you chrisx
for chris.x 2010
Jun 2010 · 1.0k
random acts
eileen mcgreevy Jun 2010
While lying in my bed last night,
A little sparkle caught my sight,
At first i thought i was mistaken,
But then it started shining bright.

A ray of blues and yellows glimmered,
Sparkles from its eyes shimmered,
A faerie hovered over me,
And my imagination simmered.

Her little wings so quickly fluttered,
I tried to speak, but simply stutterd,
Her voice was like a godly choir,
"Good evening friend", she finally muttered.

My heart skipped once, or maybe twice,
As sense was not too easily suffice,
Why me, i'm just a mortal soul,
She said"Because you've done something nice".

She was referring to today,
When seeing a little girl  at play,
She almost fell into a pond,
And up i leapt and pulled her away.

A random act of kindness folks,
Could a visit from a faerie  invoke,
Remember this next time you see,
The chance to stop a small child choke
for all those who dont believe in faeries, 28/6/10
Jun 2010 · 726
fatherly doomsday
eileen mcgreevy Jun 2010
You saw what happened to her,
Yet nothing was reported,
Your guilt shows in the mirror,
All ugly, and distorted.
At first you hated sis so much,
You'd wished that she was dead,
But daddy got a hold of her too,
"You're safe now son", he said.
You once thought she was the lucky one,
That she somehow escdaped his wrath,
Until that day, you saw your sibling, crying in the bath.
Her thighs showed signs of self betrayal,
She'd cut herself with hate,
And here you are, void of self respect,
Accepting dads clean slate.
His stepping back from you was proved,
As nothing but a lull,
He'd moved on from his precious son,
To daddy's little girl,
So what do you do now, dear brother?,
Standing here at my grave,
Do you avenge my suicide,
Or save the life that gave,,,,
eileen mcgreevy 2010
eileen mcgreevy Jun 2010
It's that time again folks,
Bikini weather,
Well, maybe not for me.
The six stone babes are out in force,
But i am ten stone three,
I daren't go out with such big *****,
Those girls are small and pert,
I think that i'd make two of them,
I think i'll wear a skirt,
Oh look, the ice cream van approaches,
I'm going for a poke,
Those girls need two egg cups and string,
But i need two buckets , and a rope!,
I look with dread upon my thighs,
And sigh a moan of stress,
While barbie and the sindy dolls,
Could wear my shawl for a dress,
So in i go, indoors for now,
Til the sunshine turns to wet,
Please god, if you can't make me thin,
Then please make my friends fat!!!!
Jun 2010 · 930
eileen mcgreevy Jun 2010
The horse,
What a majestic beast.
He must run like the wind,
My friend.
Racing, never to cease,
A mighty creature to love,
And tend.
The horse,
So passive and humble,
For this life is his duty,
Standing so tall and noble.
I am in awe of his beauty.
The horse,
Ride him, and be forever free,
He is running, proud,
Standing tall, he is a mighty animal,
For everyone to see.
This wonderful friend of man,
Seen by all.
May 2010 · 499
Home Coming
eileen mcgreevy May 2010
People tell me daily my love,
Our love will never make it,

Their endless taunts dig deep my love,
Sometimes i just can't take it.

But then i hear your voice my sweet,
And the love comes flooding back,

You tell me of their jealousy, my sweet,
And of the true love they lack.

I ache for you at  night,dear lover,
Smelling you in my dreams,

I see the love we make, my lover,
And the mingling of our creams.

What i'm trying to say to you, soul mate,
Is please wait for us to become one,

They may not let you go soon, soul mate,
But i'll be here, when you come home....

                                       I Love You
May 2010 · 3.0k
eileen mcgreevy May 2010
I saw what you did,
You *******,
You barely got away,
Over a stupid glitch,
The mistake wont repeat itself,
I can assure you of that,
You can hide away nightly,
In your pervy little flat.
All those little ones you took,
And disposed of their souls,
Ripped at their dreams,
**** all over their goals,
But you didnt figure me,
You pathetic slime ball,
I will haunt your dreams,
I will watch you crawl,
Wherever you are going,
Ill be there first,
To dampen your ugly addiction,
And to dry up your ***** thirst,
I will make you suffer,
For every one you hurt,
Your redemption is too late now,
You paedo piece of dirt!!!
May 2010 · 782
dawn fantasies
eileen mcgreevy May 2010
I opened my eyes this morning,
The first thing i thought of was you.
And, POW,
Licking my lips,
Towards that place,
You know,
Our favourite place?,
Pretending my fingers, were yours,
Moaning for you,
My back arching,
Welcoming the coming, tidal wave,
The rush,
Only you can give,
******* *****,
Chanting your name,
My head flies back,
My free hand,
Grasps the satin sheets,
The ones we like,
And, upon me,a glimpse of the paradise,
The utopia that waits for us,  soon......
Almost passing out, i scream your name,
Well, i can't WAIT til tonight!!!
May 2010 · 595
briget jones
eileen mcgreevy May 2010
I watched a movie tonight,
I saw myself in her.
Not that pretty, but very bright,
And wished the man she loved, loved her.

His pity uneases her,
But she knows the truth,
He's afraid to leave her,
In case she jumps off the roof.

He's smart, sensitive, but not always there,
She's willing to cope,
wanting a life to share.

Such confusion she feels,
Is he there or is he gone?,
Pleading nightly, will he tell her,
Or just lead her on?.

Thanking god, but she curses him,
Bringing such beauty to her,
Will he send her to hell?
Or will he simply conferr??
yeah yeah eileen blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 2010
May 2010 · 651
eileen mcgreevy May 2010
I heard your voice,

I swear, i felt you touch me,

You sang that silly song to me,

I could smell your beautiful body,

We made love, slow,
And heartfelt,

Then fast, and frantic,

You whispered"I love you Elly",


I awoke!,

And, died,

A dream is the closest thing i'll ever get to you,

My love...
May 2010 · 748
1 in a million
eileen mcgreevy May 2010
you're a man, that's a given,
But you're mine, that's a fact,
All my faults you've forgiven,
You don't want what i lack,
You're a guy, of that i know,
But you're my guy, thank god,
Every day our love grows,
You're my staff, and my rod.
When my eyes close, you're there,
I can smell your sweet breath,
My emotions laid bare,
I am yours until death.
You have tasted such terror,
Which no longer will occur,
When you look in the mirror,
You will see that im there.
Look beyond your male ego,
And just let yourself fall,
For i'm here, right behind you,
You no longer will crawl.
We can help one another,
See it through this one life,
You are one in a million,
And together we'll strive...
copyrights belong to me, eileen mcgreevy
May 2010 · 696
eileen mcgreevy May 2010
It's raining again,
Why is it that the rain makes you feel awful when youre sad,
But brilliant when youre happy?
I'm crying again,
Why is it that i can cry with joy,
But also with sorrow?
Our song's on again,
Why is it that every time i hear it,
My heart skips a beat?
I guess it's because i love you....
(c) 01/05/2010
Apr 2010 · 700
hooch the great
eileen mcgreevy Apr 2010
My very best friend died today,
Just this morning, he passed away.
He was as loyal as can be,
And was always there for the family.
So, *****, my friend, i will miss you,
And so will all those who knew you.
Of you, god will surely take care,
Running with the angels up there.
So be free *****, and run with grace,
For you my friend, we can never ever replace.....
This piece was written by Christopher Glynn John Smith, for me and my dog, who sadly died this morning 30 April 2010 in his sleep at the age of 15. Thankyou Chris. I love you
Apr 2010 · 426
shooting down the moon
eileen mcgreevy Apr 2010
I wish that i could see your face,
I'm in the dark right now,
My sentiments are out of place,
I hate it when we row.

I need the light that shines from you,
Illuminate me please,
Enlighten me, come shining through,
Im right here on my knees.

We to and fro so many times,
I need you to commit,
To have you in my life always,
I really yearn for it.

If i could shoot the moon down here,
I'd give it to you babe,
So you and i could shine for good,
Until we are in our graves.
(c) eileen mcgreevy 2010
Apr 2010 · 743
sudden impact
eileen mcgreevy Apr 2010
The taxi ride was unbearable,
She yearned to feel his sword,
The rain just added to the angst,
As it soaked the dress she wore.

The stairs were home to ecstacy,
As he took her there and then,
She cried an ache filled moan,
As he took her once again.

Her stockings pulled and thrown away,
They didn't have a care,
Reaching her apartment then,
She stood , her body bare.

The clawing need for one another,
Reached heights they both embraced,
His love was fierce and wild at times,
His love made her heart race.

As night eased into morning's light,
So he eased into her,
This love progressed in just one night,
To a love meant for ever.
Apr 2010 · 5.7k
eileen mcgreevy Apr 2010
Of all the ****** that i like,
The best would be of lace and white,
But then again, there's so so much,
There's even knickers with no crotch!?,

Those little bras for beginner *****,
Or leather gear, for naughty moods,
And not forgetting Bridget Jones,
Come on girls, we've all got those ones.

Those yummy corsets **** us in,
We'll shake our hips and bear a grin,
To tantalise and tease men so,
Our ***** with tassels on, so guys can, ahem, grow.

Those fishnet stockings cost a bomb,
But ladies, that's why we put them on,
We feel so ****, and so do they,
So that's why we get them to pay.

Silk and satin, black or red,
Or going commando instead,
What then girls, do we love these things for,
Because they'll only be scattered on our bedroom floor?...
Apr 2010 · 1.1k
Do you want a torch babe?
eileen mcgreevy Apr 2010
Is it always so dark inside of you babe?

Do you really feel so lost and alone?

Dont you know that i'm here babe?

No matter what's going on in there....

I'll give you a torch, so you can see babe,

I need for you to trust me, from the inside,

You know, way deep in there, where its dark,

The darker it is, the bigger the torch babe,

Let me be your torch babe?
Mar 2010 · 641
letter to a dead man
eileen mcgreevy Mar 2010
Look at you, smirking slyly at me,
Thinking, knowing they can't see,
"She's a strange one" they would say,
God, if only they could see.

Years have passed, you almost slipped,
We clashed one night and i flipped,
I let it out, the dam had burst,
Mum heard me, and her sanity tripped.

I tried so hard to keep it quiet,
Among the drink fuelled family riots,
Such violation on my youth,
I prayed for guidance, you should try it.

No conviction you recieved,
I'll bet, you ****, you were relieved,
Til death aquitted you became,
I'll haunt you for eternity!
Mar 2010 · 941
Angel Of Life
eileen mcgreevy Mar 2010
You, beautiful as you are,
Exit into the dawn,
Along with its mist, and dawn chorus,
From your much loved singers on the wing.
You drift by, all weary from the nightly nurture,
Upon less than thankful recipients,
But the light appears upon spring and summer months,
You angel of maintainence,
Sheer selflessness appears from you as you anticipate the seemingly joyous evening ahead,
And yet succumb to the imminent sleep so needed, yet so dreaded.
But know this, my night angel, i ponder aimlessly upon your endless comfort towards strangers old and young,
And realise, my love, that you were sent here from heaven in days to come,
For me, to keep me alive and sustain my life with your sheer presence, my elixir that is you, my life blood... MY CHRISTOPHER
(C) 22/3/2010 ELLY
Mar 2010 · 776
I still Got Up This Morning
eileen mcgreevy Mar 2010
I wake to find you gone,
It was only in my head,
Your smell can't linger on,
It wafts away instead,
But i still got up this morning.

My heart still hurts to beat,
I miss your strong caresses,
And stoop to show you pictures,
Of me in **** dresses,
But i still got up this morning.

You say we'll be together,
And urge me to be strong,
I try,but reach my tether,
In my heart you belong,
And i still got up this morning.

It's never easy, loving,
With such a passion so,
Without you, life is nothing,
Please never let me go,
Well, i still got up this morning......
                        Without you
the wait for love to come is so hard. (C) eileen mcgreevy (ELLY)
Mar 2010 · 627
eileen mcgreevy Mar 2010
She sits alone ,
He's not coming,
She waits and waits.

She cries alone,
He's stopped caring,
She wails and wails.

She dies alone,
He's done loving her,
She fades and, fades.
eileen mcgreevy Mar 2010
I know what you're like,
Sitting there at your desk,
Eyeing me up and down,
Making me feel like a pest.

It's not even your money,
Yet you act like it is,
Just give me the **** form,
I too can be a whizz.

You look so condescending,
Yet you're barely out of school,
Your cologne smells like a chemist,
You think you're so **** cool.

You know i've been approved,
But you dangle it like a fish,
You leer at my ******* so blatantly,
Yeah, dream on mate, you wish!.

Just hand the ****** cheque over,
Before i lose my rag,
Keep telling yourself you're important,
Then, go choke on a ***! IDIOT!!
(c)    This is actually a true story..
Mar 2010 · 787
Hidden Demon
eileen mcgreevy Mar 2010
It all seems so unreal,
As if it's just a dream,
But somehow everyone you know,
Are sadder than you know.

A group that's just like you,
All trying to make it through,
We're medicated dummies here,
Can barely count to two.

The signs are everywhere,
With heavy eyes that stare,
No motivation showing here,
We rarely leave the chair.

It's time to break the mould,
Don't stay here til you're old,
Break out of here and run away,
You're eyes are dead and cold.

The action's taken now,
You feel alive somehow,
These pills are working overtime,
Release from sadness' shroud.

Your function's coming back,
No more need for the quack,
The curtain lifts to show the light,
Your old self coming back.

Relief is felt by all,
Your friends begin to call,
But somewhere, hidden in their eyes,
They wait for you to fall...
Mar 2010 · 1.7k
eileen mcgreevy Mar 2010
She saw him here today,
She tried hard to ignore,
Turning up like that,
With that ***** i so abhore,
My heart sinks low before her,
A brazen thief of love,
He gazes at her flauntily,
But it's me he's thinking of,
Her power over him is rife,
If only he could see me,
I'd win him back in one wink,
If from her grasp he'd flee,
I want his body nightly,
My loneliness gets worse,
Just one more moment with my love,
And i could break this curse.
Mar 2010 · 689
Innocence Lost
eileen mcgreevy Mar 2010
Little legs swing merrily,
The bluest eyes stare wearily,
Deception lies within her,
Will anyone believe her?,
She struggles to explain,
Too young to understand,
A violation of youth,
Abuse of childhood trust,
The bravery she shows,
Could teach us all a lot,
The man who cruelly stole,
Her innocence he swapped,
Relief in those blue eyes,
That , this time, he's been stopped...
Mar 2010 · 864
Deathly Deciet
eileen mcgreevy Mar 2010
Hush!, he approaches,Rush!, here his coach is,Try to tame the loud thumps your frightened heart makes,Stop!, or he'll see you,Chop!, that's what he'll do,Dismemberment of you, and just a moment it takes. Come! let me show you,Run! this you must do,Evading the sharp strike from his long and shiny knife,Look!, keep your eyes peeled,Shook!, that's how you'll feel,If he ensnares you, he will bleed away at your life. Oops!, i've decieved you,Nice!, how i played you,Enticing you right into my masters eerie lair,Now!, you grow weaker,Vow!, i must seek her,I must satisfy his lust for more maidens so fair... 
eileen mcgreevy Feb 2010
So, you're forced to allow them to analyse,And it came to this, before they heard your cries,The ones who love you, claim they did it for the best,But all they hold dear is opinions of the rest. So the pills increase, and the doseage grows,And soon you are not your true self,And before you can deal with it, they've ****** kicked in,And you've become this, someone, else. Your brain becomes numb, and your friends grow scarce,You cann sense it, the fence gets higher,The need to jump is buried deep inside,But you're a medicated liar. You nod, and smile, and jump through hoops,But your insides just keep screaming,You sneakily try to cut the intake,But it all feels like you are dreaming,You keep it quiet, you must tell no one,For back into you it creeps,The fence in sight, the dimming light,The blood begins to seep. Dilemma one, should you become a false interpretation?,Or should you let the real you show, but face NHS damnation?...
for those of us who are from the us, or elsewhere, the NHS, i the equivelent to the health care system . (c) 2009
Feb 2010 · 750
In The Shadows
eileen mcgreevy Feb 2010
He sees you, every night,He hides from you, out of sight,He'll choose his time, to take your life,Slice through your skin, with a butchers knife. Sweet disembowelment turns him on,Won't stop until all life is gone,A smearing of your blood he makes,Excitement mounts, he starts to shake. The satisfaction makes him ******,He says" I know, next time? an axe",He steals a token of his deeds,So his sick appetite, he can feed. Beware young ladies, when you're out,This fiend is out there, have no doubt,Be sure to look behind you often,Or an alleyway may be your coffin.
eileen mcgreevy Feb 2010
When you've taken the step, made the decision, brought down the knife,A step too far, the wound opens up, the extinction of life,Battles are fought, tubes are inserted, frantic running,"To hell with you all", eyes rolling back, you give up the ghost,Countless voices, no concept of time, which realm needs you most?,Then the guilt packs a punch, the tears start to fall, apolagies flow,And the promises come, and recovery starts, and they want you home,For a quieter life, you succumb to them all, and you pop the blue pills,But they're watching all day, and you feel like a goldfish, so you take to the hills,The dilemma returns, do you stay on this side? or do you jump over, and run?,If you jump you'll be free, if you stay, you'll conform, let the damage be done,So again you decide, you just need to let go, you administer cuts,And it starts one more time,you begin the next battle, hoping , this time, you've jumped.......
Feb 2010 · 716
Horrid Pleasures
eileen mcgreevy Feb 2010
He waits for midnight hungrily,He needs to taste her blood,Her ****** gowns are stripped from her,He'll teach her things so crude.  She'll moan with each caress he gives,Her body rises with lust,The night ahead will seal her fate,But dawn will make him dust.Her teacher shows her how to feed,She's such a willing student,Her vibrance shows, with legs spread wide,No longer is she prudent.The mingling bodies sanctify,An ode to this full moon,She claws her way ever upwards,Her master's coming soon.
(c) eileen mcgreevy 2010
eileen mcgreevy Feb 2010
She frequents here most weekend nights,*******, long kegs, freaky appetite,Her eyes scan every inch of the club,Wet ***, all hard and *****, to hell with love.She licks her lips, and warmly, her other lips respond,She sees her prey and grins at knowing this night will be long,They stroll towards her knowingly, they are the lucky ones,She straddles one, while the other mouth makes her come.Moaning ***** words, and writhing, her **** are bouncing freely,Two on one's her favourite, it makes her come so gleely,Her wet tongue finds something hard and veiny, she takes it in her mouth,Her stroking slips and slides make both guys moan and pant out loud.His ******* dangles over her, she's begging for a ****,The other's fingers enter her, she loves a finger ****,Her mouth fills up with pleasure juice, she comes onto his fingers,She licks it off, but takes her time,intent to make it linger...
Feb 2010 · 1.9k
Boots (dribble dribble)
eileen mcgreevy Feb 2010
Now then,(Clicks fingers and stretches out),,,I know you men out there will think i'm all cahoots,But i need to vent my feelings on the, ever, splendid, boot,There,s black boots white boots, really outta sight boots,Baby boots, Mummy boots, ever just so yummy boots,X boots, Y boots, black patent leather thigh boots,(MMMMMM)Flat boots, high boots, heels like a needles eye boots,Work boots, shopping boots, **** , real eye popping boots,Going to visit mum boots, feeling very glum boots,Welly boots, smelly boots," i'm just watching telly" boots,Car boots,"?" truck boots, "come on babe, let's ****" boots,All these boots and more would make a woman want to swear,But guys, you haven't heard me go on about our underwear!!!
Just a wee attempt at trying to help you guys understand the importance of boots!!  Copyright solely by eileen mcgreevy, irish maiden, wiked red witch 2010
Feb 2010 · 930
Welsh Rare Bit
eileen mcgreevy Feb 2010
Aah, the anticipation, the watching, the waiting,You keep looking, but my grandma always said,"A watched kettle never boils",The smell of it, him,My mouth waters while i see the seasoning dripping from it, him,So, i turn away, you know, in the hope it, he, will become ready,To savour, to behold,My very own Welsh Rare Bit!!!
Feb 2010 · 1.1k
soul searching
eileen mcgreevy Feb 2010
I am told that i am loved,So why am i so sad?'My past was bad enough,You'd think that i'd be glad.At times i feel it break,My poor heart withers so,I've tasted riches plenty,Yet still, i'm full of woe.Admirers queue outside here,I care not for them all,Great trinkets are bestowed here,I toss them at the wall.My soul craves love so pure now,Not physicallity,Are you prepared, my soul mate?,To give your heart to me?...
Feb 2010 · 1.2k
sudden yearning
eileen mcgreevy Feb 2010
Your boss, the bank teller, the flower lady too,
I'm consumed with such rejection, because they can touch you.
The mailman, the baker, the cars that pass by,
The gift they recieve when they look in your eyes.
I would give up the world, just to feel your face once,
But fate ignores me. she must be out to lunch
Feb 2010 · 964
The Irish Drop
eileen mcgreevy Feb 2010
I've pondered why we bring it out whenever the sun shines,
We crack it open, share it out, whiskey, *****, beer, wine,
We look for an excuse, a reason why we drink it,
A christening, a birthday, hell any old chance to sink it,
"Oh look, our Biddy just recieved her shiny little car",
So we get the grog in, the fridge contents won't go that far,
"Poor seany lost his job today, let's cheer him up with whiskey",
The crowd it grows, before ya know, we're all a little frisky,
"And Clodagh decorated her room, ah look, she must be knackered,
Let's have a girly night, and open wine, with cheesy crackers",
So raise a glass, a mug, a goblet, even a champagne flute,
Or even that funny german thingy that measures a beer foot,
Let's toast whatever happens, be it good, or be it bad,
The alcohol will serve us all, ah good times there will be had...

Feb 2010 · 843
eileen mcgreevy Feb 2010
She knew she had it coming, he was due home any minute,
That stupid ****** letter, she knew she should have binned it.
The door flies open, in he storms, angry flaring nostrils,
"So baby, you think you're leaving me for that ******* at the sawmill?".
She backs up, knowing what's in store, he locks them both inside,
She runs away, to no avail, there's nowhere she can hide.
He catches her and spreads her legs and lifts her to the table,
On top of her, he violates, he's obviously unstable.
"Let him take you now *****", spitting words into her mouth,
Then just as quickly as it started, he sighs and pulls it out.
The facade returns, her chores begin, she aches for her sweet lover,
He'll come one day to rescue her, and save her from her father.
Feb 2010 · 881
Private Dancer
eileen mcgreevy Feb 2010
The change takes place when night time arrives,
Both loving it, and hating it, she never can decide,
The preparation is a ritual for her,
With silken bodied slipping into something barely there.

When the strides and sways of her hips coincide,
That's the time when the lucky punters are in for a ride,
Saxophones and cymbles and melodies flow,
She's entranced and submits how her erotica shows.

Her spirit is elsewhere, but her body will do,
As she grinds and she swings, and she tries to get through,
But then something kicks in, and the pleasure takes hold,
So she writhes and she touches herself, oh so bold.

They go crazy for her and the cash flies around,
Her excitement is mounting, making sexier sounds,
Faster and faster, her ****** comes quick,
So she uses her pole for her latest few tricks.

The plateau is encountered, and her body slows down,
Regaining her faculties, she dons her tame crown,
Opening her eyes, she gathers her surprises,
And heads home for the next chapter, when the moon next rises.
Feb 2010 · 1.2k
Energy Within
eileen mcgreevy Feb 2010
Stumble, try to get up.
Fail, fall again.
Try, get up,
Fall once more.
Come on! Think of what you stand to lose!,
Raise your head.
You look it right in the eye,
Something takes over,
You can do it.
You get up,
Stumble, but stay up.
Stronger, quicker, you respond,
It's all coming back,
Becoming clearer,
Your back straightens up,
Almost there, almost,
There! There ya go,
Sanity restored, energy back.
Yes. back. . . . . for now!!
Feb 2010 · 3.3k
Shoes mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
eileen mcgreevy Feb 2010
Black shoes, white shoes, preparing for my flight shoes,
High shoes, low shoes,beautiful peep toe shoes,
Business shoes, pleasure shoes, too perfect to measure shoes,
Wedding shoes, funeral shoes,running road and tunnel shoes,
Strappy shoes,ahh, ****** shoes, annoying clippy clappy shoes,
We really do need all of these,
While planning our lifes route,
But don't complain too much dear men,
I haven't started on my boots!!
Feb 2010 · 944
Slipping Grasp
eileen mcgreevy Feb 2010
"I guess so, i mean, that's what she said",
The wolf in sheeps clothing clawing its way into his emotions.
All sweet and ******* innocent,
"Don't worry, i'll keep you straight",
The lamb being led to the slaughter, by her cleavage and sweet smell,
******* *****.
"Why don't you believe me, she's trying to split us up",
Poor old me, trying to salvage the scraps of what she tore up and disposed of.
A demon, an ogre, a fragrant, pretty green eyed monster,
Go and get your own ******* man!
Feb 2010 · 913
something for the weekend??
eileen mcgreevy Feb 2010
It was just like any other night,First night of the weekend, the city buzzing with young hot bodies,preparing for the evenings festivities.
But something, someone was watching, in the shadows.Gut wrenching pain in its guts, desperate for a fix.
Maia had just stepped out of the shower, she shivvered slightly as her wet body responded to the air from the window.As her dripping hair fell on her back,she began to dry herself and caught sight of herself in the mirror.
She lay on her bed and relaxed while breathing slowly, becoming aroused with the silken touch of her hands on her skin.As Maia moved to the rhythm of her own body, she became aware of something else in the room.
She opened her eyes to see a huge dark figure looming over her, and before she could respond, he was on top of her.Strangely, she wasn't afraid, in fact she found herself becoming more aroused by his hard, hot member entering her wet void.
Suddenly, her body rose up in ecstacy as he slid down her body and bit into her groin.No pain was felt as she slipped into a trance like state of pure eroticism, groaning beneath him,their bodies moving faster and faster.
Suddenly, he stopped. He stopped and she fell onto the bed, confused and spent.Maia wanted to give more, but instead, he slit his throat and offered his life blood to her.She accepted gladly, soon they were feeding and ******* at the same time.
Maia awoke from what seemed like a coma, to be greeted by the blazing sun through the window, and found herself thirsty, thirsty for blood....
eileen mcgreevy Feb 2010
Your feet smell,
But i know they'd walk a thousand miles for me.

Your hands are always cold,
But the slightest touch sends me to paradise.

You bottle things up,
But i also know my love is in there along with your emotions.

You're too far away,
But every minute of every day, i feel your breath on my neck my love.

You have anger issues,
But that proves how passionately you feel, in your heart.

All this said??, i am ginger,a ****** day walker,
So thankyou for putting up with me this past year...

                                           (c) 2010
Feb 2010 · 1.2k
The Naked Man
eileen mcgreevy Feb 2010
It's the pose that will set all the boys from the men,
When they shed all their clothes and you see them, and then,
One of two things will happen upon seeing this pose,
You could run like the devil, or shed all your clothes,
Now ladies, you will know what i mean when i say,
If you dont know him well, then you must run away,
As such a bold move can only be tried,
By a man that you love, and a will to be tied, ahem,
But if ,luckily,like me your man is **** Welsh and keen,
Then you must mount that great band wagon, if you know what i mean,
This bold pose known as "The Naked Man" is centuries old,
So lets keep it alive ladies, dare to be bold,
Let's encourage our men to ditch all their clothes,
So that we can enjoy the lovely naked man pose,
Standing tall, chest out and hands on his hips,
Telling you to come over without moving his lips,
You can feel that you're blushing, and your hearts beating fast,
Bravo, naked man pose, bashfullness is dead, AT LAST!!!!

                                       (c) eileen mcgreevy 2010
Feb 2010 · 711
au naturale
eileen mcgreevy Feb 2010
The air is thick with perfume and cologne,
It's that time again,girls and boys out on the prowl,
Ladies flashing their fingers, to show tyey're alone,
Men responding while she walks by, with a growl,
Hormones flying all over the place,false everything,
Why cant we just be ourselves,
Make-up caked round their faces creating a ring,
To the point where we consist of chemist shelves,
Nails, skin,eyes, hair, teeth, all out of a bottle,
Surely guys, you dont like these orange girls,
Au naturale thoughts make them gag and throttle,
Spray tan this, false up that,wear a tooth pick, and swirl,
Take one home and next morning, her face is on the pillow,
And your sheets have turned bronzy gold,
You've just stood on a falsie, lacerating your big toe,
Half an hour in the bathrrom and your water is cold,
But the funny thing is, when she leaves all so bare,
You find out that she's very attractive,
Then tonight, when you see her, with very big hair!,
Call a cab, run away, to the next gig...

                                                        (c) 2010
Feb 2010 · 1.7k
She Devil
eileen mcgreevy Feb 2010
What's a guy to do, when he encounters you?,
It's not even your looks, your nose is like a hook,
And inner beauty is void, you leave me so annoyed.

You prey on young men, luring them to your den,
Then you **** their funds dry, and will bid them goodbye,
You just toss them aside, god woman where's your pride?,

I can see what you're doing, it's not me you're fooling,
My man's not for the taking, you make no mistaking,
He sees what you're like, he calls you the town bike.

So move along *****, my love's really fussy,
He likes girls with class, not some cheap ******,
Avert your eyes elsewhere, look, there's a teen, over there....

(c) eileen mcgreevy 2009
Feb 2010 · 930
Marital bliss?
eileen mcgreevy Feb 2010
"How do i look ?",was the whisper she made,
"Like a ******* *****!",was the attention he paid,
But his words didn't penetrate,she loved him that much,
So she changed her clothes, and she coverd herself up,
Token wifey,perfect partner,loving mate,
She glared at her reflection,wishing she could hate,
rosebud lips, icy eyes,sculpted legs and cheekbones,
He knows full well,if she's noticed, she'll leave home,
So he supresses her beauty,ensuring it with black and blue,
Those little pills you take, won't always see you through!,
Wake the hell up my girl,before you slowly disappear,
Put on your perfume and your pretty dress, get the heel out of here,
Lift your head, shed the baggage, walk off that bruised flesh,
Claw your way to the surface, where you're free to start afresh.
Make a move for gods sake, or you'll shrivel and die,
Shake the duckling feathers off, spread your wings, and, just, fly !

                                           (c) 2010
Jan 2010 · 777
eileen mcgreevy Jan 2010
She dreams,but wakes,
She gives, they take,
She longs,but does not get,
She loves him so, and yet,
His face becomes a memory,
Will this love last eternity?
Or will the sands of time ****** up,
Those memories, please dont wake up,
She needs a bottle, to keep his scent,
That dreamy night, where they both spent,
A night so perfect, she faers the worst,
If his love stays, like it did at first.

                                       (c) eileenmcgreevy 2010
Jan 2010 · 4.2k
eileen mcgreevy Jan 2010
Ginger bap,redfox, bushfire, carrot top, jinger minjer,oh! My personal favourite, daywalker!

      (c) eileen 2010
Jan 2010 · 680
Old Purple Coat
eileen mcgreevy Jan 2010
Oh where have you gone to my old purple coat?,
With your buttons made from the horns of a goat,
How i fought with my mother when she'd make me wear you,
Yet now i just wish that the mothballs will spare you.

I have searched in the attic, where my dress up chest is,
And ive looked in the garden where my tree house is,
How ive hunted and searched for you,my head has no peace,
I so want you to turn up, to give you to my neice.

Maybe one day i'll find you and hold you so close,
And say sorry for hating you and calling you gross,
I feel sure you're hung somewhere warm, in a cupboard,
So until then i hope you're safely covered.

(c) eileen mcgreevy 2010
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