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21/Jeddah    I write to ease my anguished heart, and put out the fire of my mind.
F/California    All original work is my own, and copyrighted by Medusa, and A. Wild. unless otherwise credited.
19/F/the Void • sometimes CA    Your Tech-Age Völva/Hægtesse☽☯☾ the name’s Selcæiös or Catt, it’s one and the same. "she wore a troublesome past like wings- she had been through hell, ...
Lior Gavra
My new book, "BitterSweet," has hit #1 New Release on Amazon's Best Sellers List, I hope you can grab a copy! Sample stories in the ...
Denise huddleston
I love writing, most of my writings are life experiences,but there are some that aren't, please enjoy
Keith Wilson
Windermere UK    Retired Gardener. Been published in many books. But find this site truly amazing. Thank you all..
M/New Market, Va    Lover of poetry, film, comedy, the paranormal, OBX, Rush and women named Eve
22/M/South Africa    Please support my debut poetry collection: Chickens Laying Eggs on the Roof (2019):
Michael Bingoff
TN    "What is a poet? An unhappy man who hides deep anguish in his heart, but whose lips are so formed that when the sigh and ...
Connecticut    Imagination; where stories are born and bred.
Jake Backlund
Minnesota    I was happy to find this site. It will hopefully serve as an outlet for my feelings and opinions. Please read and comment. I'll reciprocate.
Bangladesh    I let the nature to be my companion and teacher...
Ayaba Babe
Fort Lauderdale    Angel | Àse | Flower Child. Vermont. Boston. South Florida. PHENOMENAL... just like Miss Angelou, HONEY consistency... just like Oshun.
Tom Orr
UK    Intellect can attract one to even the most twisted of villains. ©
midnight prague
I would hurl words into this darkness and wait for an echo, and if an echo sounded, no matter how faintly, I would send other ...
We tell ourselves stories in order to live.... We look for the sermon in the suicide, for the social or moral lesson in the murder ...
Born 10 05 50. Questions about the photo. Taken around the age of 27. In Kansas somewhere heading to Colorado. Although the hair's short its ...
Randy PSoMAS Wiafe
United States    My favorite rapper Lupe Fiasco, got me into writing and also my creative writing teacher Ms. Bart (love you!!!) Music is basically the reason I ...
Nina McNally-Flanders
29/F/Maine    »I work in the mental health field with all kinds of different people everyday-I love my job!« •My Fiancé & Fall Out Boy are my ...
I am but a humble pebble that has been washed up upon this poetic beach I will stay a while but if seas get rough ...
Rhandom Rhymer
Kiwi born Aussie. Lost my book of poems years ago but recently inspired to try and recollect some of them. This has led to some ...
Lori Jean
Our souls intertwined He asked “Who are you?” “I ride on pink wings” “I am the words I accrue”. Hello. My name is Lori Jean. ...
Jennifer Humphrey
Virginia    I am 46 years old. Forced into early job retirement due to disability, which ended my 10 year career I write to purge my body ...
Louis Brown
Bremen, GA    I was born in Columbus, Georgia in 1953. I graduated from Georgia State University in 1975. I graduated with a BA Degree in Sociology I ...
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