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Ecstabell Apr 7
Jealousy is the curse
Of believing that
Something inside you
Is missing

It is the curse
Of self doubt

It is the curse
Of being made to feel
That you are not enough

And it is the curse
Of being so easily
Ecstabell Apr 7
Funny how the pulse of your world
The heartbeat
Could thrive
I pierced my own heart for you
Willing to bleed myself dry
Every last drop
Your ignorance
I watch myself
Gasping for air never meant for me
Drawing otherwise forgotten breaths
No one will find you here
Ecstabell Apr 7
How to find the balance
Between believing you are loved
And yet
Never relying on others

- you must make yourself whole
Ecstabell Mar 18
You will feel my fire
See the raging blaze
As it burns your eyes
But still
You'll walk into the flames
You must be a fool
To think
Any man could survive me
Ecstabell Mar 18
My thoughts trickle from the inwards out
They form rivers  
That cannot be contained
Like a tsunami they come crashing
I am a force
And I can not be reckoned with  
Come too close
And you will drown in me
Ecstabell Mar 18
Pay no mind to the ones
Who sit in their offices
And make money
From campaigns built on insecurity
And unattainable standards

Pity them instead
For through their corporate lenses
They see only green
When in fact
There is an entire rainbow
Ecstabell Mar 18
It suddenly dawns on me
In the darkness
That I'm not convinced
You actually care about me at all

And if I forgot to stamp the footprint of me
In your mind
You'd let the snow build
And it would be like I'd never been there
At all
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