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E I Alvarez Nov 2013
It's not really fair to them,

the victims of my

attempts to move on

from you.
E I Alvarez Aug 2013
i'll probably
love you enough.

thank you
for letting me
E I Alvarez Aug 2013
all i wanted was

for you
to realize

E I Alvarez Aug 2013
I have wasted half a lifetime trying to outrun the sea.
I never can, because an ocean is alive inside of me.

I was born into the sun and so I can't escape the beach.
The sound of breaking water is just my spirit breaking free.

But the ocean is enormous,
in some places, dark and deep.

Some nights I dream of drowning,
the ocean haunts me in my sleep.

No matter how the sea may need me,
I will always need it more.

And when it reaches out to grab me
I'll be waiting on the shore.
E I Alvarez Apr 2013
funny, i
always seem to think
E I Alvarez Apr 2013
It’s irresistible.
The soft sound of your breath and
the way your hips move
in the dark.
I like the glisten of sweat on your chest and
the straining of your arms
against the bed sheets.
I like your voice and
the look in your eyes
like a whole different man.
I love it when you beg.
I love it when I give in and
the feeling of mutual satisfaction
as we both touch.
I love the ending and
when you lose control
for me.
I love the epilogue and
the daze you’re in
“Wow.” You say.
E I Alvarez Apr 2013
Sometimes Life becomes a struggle,
I feel that I can barely breathe.
It feels like Life has torn me open
and then left me there to bleed.
It feels like Lifes entire purpose is to bring me to my knees
and then when I am fully broken
Life will call the crows to feed.
Life will bruise me and abuse me
continue on despite my pleas
and because Life is so cunning
no one else will ever see.

It knows all my greatest failures.
It knows all my biggest fears.
So it waits to catch me all alone
and whispers in my ear,
"No one wants to see your struggle.
No one wants to see your tears."
And then as if these quiet words alone were not enough,
Life screams at me so loudly,
"You know your life's not so tough!
Those people have a real struggle,
their lives are a thousand times as rough!"

And because what Life is saying is a truth I can't deny
I will never share my struggle,
no one will see me cry.
And if they ask me how I'm doing
I will tell them I am fine.
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