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drey Aug 2018
May your passionate, glowing soul forever prance happily among the wildflowers sprouting at your feet.

May your strong, soft hands forever piece together the bits of broken you find within your peers.

May your glistening, hazel eyes forever warm my heart.

For this, I am thankful.
drey Jul 2018
7/30 @1:25 pm

The sunlight of the crisp summer morning pours through my blinds, illuminating everything including my mind.

Suddenly my thoughts are captivated by this flood of light, and everything turns yellow.

My brain has abruptly relinquished all the pain from yesterday, and I feel the shallow waves overcoming my hurt.

It’s drowned the sorrow in my eyes and replaced it with calm, blue waters. The soothing feeling takes over. I’m now the prisoner of this symphony.

In this moment, I am happy.
  Jan 2018 drey
Farah Hizoune
Do you remember
When we were young
And hopeless
And we thought
We were invincible?
Until the rotten world
Gnawed on us
Like infinity waves
Crashing over and over
On summer sun-blanched bones
And whittled us down
To nothing but forgotten sand
i guess this is growing up

— The End —