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7h · 37
Life is less about
our engagement with time
but more about us being engaged
with ourselves in time
16h · 29
Time Limit
Have dreams
but not too long
they will blame you
for doing them wrong

if it has no end
that's not a pleasing song!
16h · 47
Such I am so used to-
others' insulting remarks
I am immune-- my skin
bears no bleeding marks
17h · 36
Moving On
It would be best
I don't re-read
life's past pages
but on new ones to feed
18h · 46
Just the Thing!
Not high philosophising
that inkling
might just be the right thing!
18h · 21
Should I
or should I not?
my thinking shifts
I don't trust my thought
18h · 41
I don't need
to be an expert
in my humility
I'll be heard
19h · 28
Yesterday I knew
today I'm hardly sure
when tomorrow is due
I hope to be knowing--poor
19h · 26
Put 70% trust
   in people
   as for your self
   99%-- you'd escape trouble!
19h · 33
it's healthy
it tests
your integrity
19h · 47
...but desire
  is more the moment
  after that
  it no longer does burn
19h · 26
  its dreams
  are stronger
  than reality

  you were there
  you know your story
19h · 40
Old Age
Old age is
neither advantage
or heritage

it's just life
in final stage
19h · 43
Music and Lyrics
The music
   has no lyrics
   just listen
   words mean nothing
19h · 22
It's In the Mind
What's out there
  only your imagining
19h · 31
No, no
that on your face
the scar does not hurt

it's that long buried
in the heart
that does lacerate
19h · 29
You quarrelled
with you heart
it seemed like
being torn apart


you return to it-
for your heart
is your undetachable home
19h · 19
Fallin Out
Falling out is
everyone's inheritance
only this-
don't fall out of your self!
1d · 31
Fact & Theory
I have never wished
that you should believe me
I am not a fact
only a person-in-theory
1d · 38
The teachers were zealous
they put many skills in your mind
math, history, art, metal-work, science
but failed to teach you how to be kind
1d · 68
Knowing My Size
I am a small man
with the immense
I will dispense
1d · 29
once it comes about
neither you or I
will be here
The future is built
not by coercion or compulsion
the wise would know this-
only by persuasion and compassion
1d · 46
People are not short of ideas
whether they are here or there
many speak like prophets
of your health you must take care!
The bandage
is only for relief
it's not the cure
that you should believe!
1d · 40
If You Say So
Let it be then
if you say so
comment I've none
I just don't know
If you say
yesterday was disease
have you found the cure today
and done away with the unease?
1d · 18
That's Life!
We groan and lament
but life is silent
1d · 36
It never did occur
in my mind
I 'd ever have anything
of worth to be left behind
1d · 40
My Dad's Eyes
I knew more
  of dad's past life
  not from anyone
  but through his eyes
1d · 39
That Letter
Don't read me
that letter
I was only 18 then
I knew no better!
On this unknown side-road
a thousand times
I've treaded alone
what have I learnt?
1d · 11
You are listening to me
with your ears only
but not with your heart
1d · 23
None Is Aware
None is aware
part of them is yours
and what's yours
is part of theirs
The trees in the forest
they don't vie
which will be taller
or greener
1d · 20
It might not be a castle
   but what I do here
   marks my very character
1d · 54
What has to be said
need not too contrived be
speak has your heart bids
that's enough clarity
1d · 36
The dusk
   is the last page
   of the day
   it unveils every mask
Is the world
too large or too small
for you?
As for me
what's in my heart
covers all
1d · 35
I wonder why
a fallen petal
moves me more
than a flower in full bloom
1d · 26
To My Readers
Do my poems
make you sad?
would you prefer
happy ones?
but such
few I had
A very difficult theme to write on....but you excelled. It shows how many ways intimacy may be expressed in the best of words.

May I say this?

This divine book we have nakedly shared
each word in our heart and soul vibrates unabated
while the world sleeps we are most awake
not wanting to rise even when morning hours break
By the stream
    washing her clothes
    she always hummed
    a song, dreamily
    I walked by--she startled
    gave me a faint smile
    the day had just awakened

    evening as I returned
    from work I saw her
    collecting the dried clothes
    into a bamboo basket
    still I heard her humming

   I was tempted to stay on
   as she seemed to be in a reverie
   ( I kept away from her sight)
    but a sudden storm began
   to brew---she rushed home
   since then she had appeared vividly
  so often in my dream
   who is she?
I planted the seeds
in the garden
it does seem a long while ago
I have forgotten-
this morning the first sprouting
of the roses caught me by surprise
it was sunny, mild were the breezes
blue clouds sailed leisurely
my pet dog barked for some unknown reason
a magical moment
lost in time
I felt the pulse of life
and I was alive
in rapturous wonder
People are not there
your questions to answer
enough problems faze them
don't you dare bother!
These are the exploiters
        openly they declare:
        'we should preserve the eco-system'
         but silently their tractors roll everywhere
Are you really listening
or waiting
for the slaying?
I can't make any promise
  it will leave me vulnerable
  that's being really wise
  life's lesson most invaluable
Nations are divided
though the human heart is one
leaders feed on power
they don't care for bread but the gun
I made a statement
thinking it was sane and concise
the critic came to confront me
with blood-shot eyes
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