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Dr Peter Lim Nov 2021
Pale leaves fall silently in the dead of winter
I realise I have lived far too long
I was once a bold and outgoing singer
but no longer has life left me any single song-

in the night's thickest snow I wander
the heartless winds they blow loud and strong
tears of forlorn love on icy rocks they flounder
in this chilling hour I weep,  to none do I belong
Dr Peter Lim Nov 2021
In response to a Post by someone:

'Eckhart Tolle, after 27 years of acute depression, overcame this, in a state of bliss in ONE DAY. Is that possible?'

We are unhappy as we hold ourselves too seriously, too tightly, too selfishly, too judgementally.

In Zen and Taoism, we get rid of our ego, we don’t have fixated thinking, we accept life in all its facets—joy and sorrow, the pleasant and unpleasant—-we follow the flow of life and don’t fight against it. In our centred-ness, we hold our equilibrium in equanimity.

Ingredients making for happiness and sane living, in any culture, are fundamentally the same:

acceptance, kindness and compassion, love, generosity, simplicity, humility, patience, insight, forbearance, magnanimity, forgiveness, humour and in adoration of the transcendental, the divine and all that which is beautiful and life-enhancing.

This is a lifelong journey—we don’t need to lean on any person or their thinking.

ET has many critics, but also a huge following-
it shows the extent of existential angst of so many people in our anxious, restless and confused world.
Nov 2021 · 461
Dr Peter Lim Nov 2021
But we walk away

when life still  holds more-

indeed every day-

for us to explore
Dr Peter Lim Nov 2021
Winter is not yet

autumn hasn't gone to sleep

she has memories to keep
Oct 2021 · 554
Dr Peter Lim Oct 2021
Be patient, wait, listen, be still, be kind, think of others more than your own self, give a smile to everyone, drink your coffee and thank the barista, tip the waitress, donate $10 to the Red Cross, buy a rose for your wife, read a poem of Keats, listen to a piece of Mozart and be grateful you are blessed
Oct 2021 · 330
Dr Peter Lim Oct 2021
Don't let it

get you down*

whether it's tomorrow

or the moment now-

still is my heart

whether events delight or frown

to faith I dearly hold

I'm unshaken on my very ground
* copied, not mine
Oct 2021 · 317
Just Me
Dr Peter Lim Oct 2021
I do just the possible
I don't need to sparkle
Oct 2021 · 1.4k
Dr Peter Lim Oct 2021
Short sentences do me well

I don't labour over what to tell
Oct 2021 · 354
The Inner Quest
Dr Peter Lim Oct 2021
You can't rush
into your inner sanctum
demanding an answer
its sacredness you'd defile
and be left bereft, no better-

enter humbly you must
in purity of soul and heart
its door will gladly welcome
of you it'll be a willing part-

your dreams it will readily hug
the veil will then be lifted
never again would you
be left abandoned
in the lonely dark.
Oct 2021 · 224
You and I
Dr Peter Lim Oct 2021
You must do your thing

and as for me,  mine

but if our paths do ever meet

that would be really fine
Oct 2021 · 222
Dr Peter Lim Oct 2021
Let us mend ourselves first

before we can reach out to others
Oct 2021 · 180
My Creed
Dr Peter Lim Oct 2021
I am a humanist.

Like John Keats, I don't have a religion
but these words of his touched me profoundly:

“I am certain of nothing but the holiness of the Heart's affections and the Truth of the imagination.”

He died in spiritual doubt but seemed to believe in immortality.

I prefer a biological extinction---
all that I have felt and experienced in my life is enough--
why would I need another life?

My last 6 words will be:  It is just this---no more
Oct 2021 · 338
Dr Peter Lim Oct 2021
I'll hold faithfully to silence

words -they don't solace confer-

the heart feels its mysterious radiance

the truth of life it will richly discover
Dr Peter Lim Oct 2021
Freedom in the air

early flight of birds in cheer

heralds in new day
Oct 2021 · 163
Dr Peter Lim Oct 2021
Should I not

or should I?

and do I

know why?
Dr Peter Lim Oct 2021
No time for lament

to the heart beauty beckons

flowers smile in fields
Oct 2021 · 173
A Vital Question
Dr Peter Lim Oct 2021
Am I not more

the cause of my own suffering

than that occasioned by

others or any other human being?
Dr Peter Lim Oct 2021
We will all grow old one day

and many are at this stage already

the hours are rushing away

slipping into the edge of eternity

but solace your love shall give me

my heart weeps and the right words I can't say

I recall our days of youth we spent so rapturously

to sleep in peace now is all that I should pray
Oct 2021 · 155
The Choice
Dr Peter Lim Oct 2021
The genius doesn't have

         the skills of the plumber

         when your toilet is stuck

          you'd choose the latter
Oct 2021 · 199
Dr Peter Lim Oct 2021
I've no reason to frown

just because something doesn't suit me

I'd not offend anyone who's around

that would be travesty!
Dr Peter Lim Oct 2021
Silence in the room

music, books and coffee

such great company
Oct 2021 · 244
Dr Peter Lim Oct 2021
He said to me:

let's have a conversation--

I should let you know beforehand

with regard to opinions, I am very stubborn
Oct 2021 · 170
Dr Peter Lim Oct 2021
I swim in a stream in a faraway forest known to none.  I found it in my youth and kept it a deep secret.  I know I have been selfish--it's too good to be shared.

I know if there were another person with me, we would talk and break the sacred silence and solitude of the place.

This is my retreat, my sanctuary, my little slice of heaven...
If I were dying the next day, I will have another swim there--
I would have touched the edge of eternity and die content and happy upon the morrow.
Oct 2021 · 596
Are you being liked?
Dr Peter Lim Oct 2021
Some will like you

others, perhaps not

if you like yourself- you can keep

everyone else from your thought
Oct 2021 · 522
The Limit
Dr Peter Lim Oct 2021
If I should want

let it not exceed

the number of fingers

on my one hand
Oct 2021 · 176
Dr Peter Lim Oct 2021
I see better

when I walk away

from the self

I was yesterday
Dr Peter Lim Oct 2021
Join me in the dance

with fulness of soul and heart

to last beyond time
Oct 2021 · 183
Dr Peter Lim Oct 2021
I am neither

pro nor con

either leads me nowhere

only openness I stand upon
Oct 2021 · 154
Dr Peter Lim Oct 2021
Though I'm walking away

in my heart you I will yet bear

perchance we'll meet again in some day

you'll still find me the same there
Dr Peter Lim Oct 2021
Lone sunset figure

walking home after the plough

watched by sky and trees
Dr Peter Lim Oct 2021
I was there

here I am now

nothing has changed

no 'somehow'

but the heart's purity

to which I bow

love draws us closer

l'll never let you down
*. this is a true story. The couple's photo appeared in Linkedin. They are young.
She was very beautiful as shown in the photo before the accident. The young man is handsome. When we truly love, nothing will ever stand in our way. It's the whole person we love, not just his or her look.  I am deeply touched by their story and wish them every happiness.
Oct 2021 · 180
Dr Peter Lim Oct 2021
Sometimes I don't need

either wine, coffee or tea

I just want to lie down

and enjoy being just me
Oct 2021 · 144
The Taoist Wu-Wei
Dr Peter Lim Oct 2021
Don't struggle, be supple

know your limits, be humble

you succeed in bending

without any fighting

so passive is water

when it strikes--everything it does conquer
Oct 2021 · 149
Dr Peter Lim Oct 2021
You can walk away  

  it's not too late

  lest this friendship

   you later regret
Oct 2021 · 137
Reaching Out
Dr Peter Lim Oct 2021
Before I can reach out to others

I must be able to reach within me

the foundation must precede the building

only this will make for my credulity
Dr Peter Lim Oct 2021
Simplify, simplify, simplify

don't take life or yourself too seriously

you don't need wisdom to acquire happiness

trust yourself and believe the universe is not against you

you need people--be kind to all

cultivate love, compassion, humility, contentment and gratitude

accept life has joy and also sorrow

embrace all things noble and beautiful

embrace humour and live in the moment
Dr Peter Lim Oct 2021
The past is a dream
memories are carried in the river
ah, love where are you?
why do you still wander?

Soon night will set in
my heart loneliness will cover
by the water I stand in reverie lost
I am the unrequited lover.
Oct 2021 · 109
Dr Peter Lim Oct 2021
We should be light and empty.

Isn't death so much relief in its nothingness?

Because I love life, death to me is only a metaphor
Oct 2021 · 167
I in Time
Dr Peter Lim Oct 2021
......but I am into the moment and don't think whether I am happy or not--- happiness is but a word-- meaning is found in my engagement with what's required of me by the moment.  I enjoy doing 'my thing', in my silence, unnoticed---it's just me in deepest absorption--time I forget, even my self.

If I have applied my best, in honesty and earnestly,  perhaps I would realise that state but I don't go around seeking the elusive happiness
Dr Peter Lim Oct 2021
The heart is woodland

deepest mysteries it holds

it sings and it weeps
Oct 2021 · 130
Dr Peter Lim Oct 2021
It would be a lie
if I were to promise
what I can't give-

would that be love
or but a sham
a blemished gift?

My words would never fit--
but none of us does any wrong
neither do we need to forgive-

cast in fate's unyielding stone
are these words: ' Love is illusive-
remember as long as you live'.
Oct 2021 · 90
Dr Peter Lim Oct 2021
In meditation

my being is anchored

upon emptiness

which contains all that is needed
Oct 2021 · 139
Dr Peter Lim Oct 2021
It's most worrying

when words begin

to betray or distort

the mind's intended meaning
Dr Peter Lim Oct 2021
I've slept too long

      no more the slumber

      life's next song

      is springing to my ear--

      beauty will never do any wrong

      as bouquets of wonder she sets to gather

      with love and rejoicing in music's throng

      life doesn't die--it will live forever
Oct 2021 · 131
Oh, No! (After Mark Twain)
Dr Peter Lim Oct 2021
About others we can sometimes be curious

but we should never be life-detectives -that's odious!
Oct 2021 · 139
I Wonder Why I Wondered
Dr Peter Lim Oct 2021
I wondered first as a child

I next wondered when I came to my youth

I wondered further in my middle-age

life was with me but it didn't often soothe

and now in my dying days

I wonder why I should have wondered

should have left behind the rude lacuna--

much of life borders upon the absurd
Oct 2021 · 118
Our Human Condition
Dr Peter Lim Oct 2021
The doctor knows his medicine

but the heart he can't heal

life is hardly about reason

infinitely more about how to feel.
Oct 2021 · 119
Dr Peter Lim Oct 2021
I am not out (truthfully)

for the trophy

that would indeed be

a ****** part of me
Oct 2021 · 135
What I Only Am
Dr Peter Lim Oct 2021
Do not seek in me

your image of what I am

I have flaws too many

for me to deny would be a sham-

come then, if me you can accept

come of your own free will, I should not implore

such that we would neither have cause to regret

and will cherish our affection more, much, much more
Dr Peter Lim Oct 2021
Do you remember
do you remember
that autumn day
when we first met
faraway by the gentle lake?

still was the water
silent were the trees
to me was your whisper:
I'll not forget
today's tender splendour
stay, oh stay
it's not sunset yet...

Now all alone
the lake is a reminder
of the day you've chosen
not to remember

yet I look
at the silent water
and your face
still does appear---

I'll walk away
and learn
not to remember
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