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Dorothy A Aug 2022
I'm a pupil  
Of the school
Of hard knocks
Very few aren't
Acquainted with
Such education

I just wish that I
Ended my apprenticeship
In other words,
Once a learner
I soon became
Much too skilled
Dorothy A Aug 2022
The womb
It's a glorious *****
A reproductive

It was my first home
It was yours
It gave us
Exactly what we needed

We got "baking time"
Little buns developing
Being nourished and
Fully insulated
From the outside
From any of the bad
Any of the harsh elements
And the school of hard knocks
That we were not ready to receive
And my heart goes out to all those who were unwanted or unwelcome, or those who had the odds stacked against them
Dorothy A Aug 2022
I don't want to be pulled into
Two opposing directions
I don't want to serve two masters
Like the Bible warns of,
One foot in this world
One foot in the kingdom
Despising or favoring
One over the other

I must heed that warning
To not be of that mindset
Otherwise, I'll snap into two
Like the good, old wishbone
That has to give, somehow
And shall only bend so far
Contrary to societal slogans
Of invincibility...
"Fear nothing"
Is wishful thinking, for
Frailty is part of
Our human condition
Dorothy A Aug 2022
I'm just a lowly butterfly
Crawling on the ground.
But look. Quickly!
Now I'm a magnificent butterfly
And I'm skyward bound

Cocoon disintegration
Unexpected transformation

I like this new look!
Can't believe my own eyes!
A brand-new "me" with wings
Off to heights, imagined
Where gravity is defied!

Cocoon disintegration
Unexpected transformation
Dorothy A Aug 2022
As a fellow woman
I'm appalled by the brutality
That you are enduring
The Taliban are cruel cowards
They are trying to blot the light
From your eyes
To take the breath
From your souls
To destroy your dreams
Denying you a reason
To ever get up again
And go on

Afghan ladies and girls,
You are my heroes
You that cry in despair, in fear
Who demand to be heard
You are the true warriors
You that fight for your lives
And for your dignity
Though the so-called men
That heap abuse upon you
Try to silence your voices
And shut you out from hope
That you need in order
To blossom and flourish

Oh, their wicked ways!
Their gloat and greed!
Those hallow hearts
Define them as the villains
That they truly are
Not a legitimate leadership
Deadly and dangerous
Are accurate descriptions
That define them well

Oh, Afghan women
May you always know that
I am on your side
Dorothy A Aug 2022
I am in need
Can you spare a few bucks
From your pocket?
Money does find its way
Back around, doesn't it?

I am wanting friendship
Can you give me any
Of your time?
The clock is ticking away
But its hands haven't failed yet

Share your God-given talents
I want to be inspired
And in wonder
Those incredible gifts
That keep on giving

But you still haven't
Given it all, have you?
Well, someone already
Did that, paved the way
His name is Jesus, my friend
He laid down His life
In love for us
For we could never
Save ourselves from destruction

He healed many
He fed many,
Body and soul
He listened
He befriended
He forgave

And above all,
He died for the world
Jesus gave it all
Dorothy A Mar 2022
My dad's parents were Lithuanian immigrants. Lithuania was the first nation to break away from the Soviet Union. That was exciting news for me in 1990. Then I thought, "How are they going to pull this off?"
Remarkably, they did and then others followed suit and broke away. Ukraine was one of them.

Oh, Ukraine
My heart bleeds for you
Wounded is the land
Broken hearts
Shattered lives
Your resilience amazes me
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