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Aug 2022
As a fellow woman
I'm appalled by the brutality
That you are enduring
The Taliban are cruel cowards
They are trying to blot the light
From your eyes
To take the breath
From your souls
To destroy your dreams
Denying you a reason
To ever get up again
And go on

Afghan ladies and girls,
You are my heroes
You that cry in despair, in fear
Who demand to be heard
You are the true warriors
You that fight for your lives
And for your dignity
Though the so-called men
That heap abuse upon you
Try to silence your voices
And shut you out from hope
That you need in order
To blossom and flourish

Oh, their wicked ways!
Their gloat and greed!
Those hallow hearts
Define them as the villains
That they truly are
Not a legitimate leadership
Deadly and dangerous
Are accurate descriptions
That define them well

Oh, Afghan women
May you always know that
I am on your side
Dorothy A
Written by
Dorothy A
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