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Nov 2015 · 471
Beyond Imagined
Doofinity Nov 2015
Never to have
A ring around,
Yet we are
Eternally bound.
No vows made
In ritual spoken,
Our love rooted
Strong and unbroken.
Not hardened by bearing
Commitment or duty,
Rather tenderly gardening
Pure love's beauty.
Unconditional hearts
Forever true.
Thee to me
Myself unto you.
Doofinity Oct 2015
From day one we started
merged paths, never be parted
Connection beyond anything dreamed of
Our souls found eternal love
Sovury Eiffel
Sense only to us, happy day!
Oct 2015 · 649
The Sparkle in my Eyes
Doofinity Oct 2015
Looking forward to you is like a child with exact change, waiting for the ice cream truck in the summer.
Sep 2015 · 353
Delirious Withdrawals
Doofinity Sep 2015
Harshest hangover of the heart
Sets in the moment we're apart.
Highly addicted me
Craves another fix of thee.
Sep 2015 · 702
We Are
Doofinity Sep 2015
Creatures of
Passion that
Envoke a
Sep 2015 · 385
Time of My Life
Doofinity Sep 2015
Fickle time
my torment
Winds up
my soul's lament
Time must pass
to enjoy what is to come
But the in between
is ever loathsome
Waiting through
agonizing slow cadence
The tick tock tests
my impatient patience
I urge the pendulum pace
to please advance
To the next moment
in your arms where we dance
Once together
With swift speed
the hands spin
I beg the gears
for a moment still
They pay no mind
to my wish and will
The only steady rhythm
of time I know
Is the constant of you
in my heart's tempo.
Sep 2015 · 609
Taste of Our Love
Doofinity Sep 2015
Unsung words
of our hearts harmony
In another time
we long to be
Rhythms step off-beat
in time's cruelest rations
Yet our souls dance
with graceful glow of passions
Forever together
yet never
you and me
we love amid
bittersweet fantasy.
Sep 2015 · 282
Doofinity Sep 2015
I'm oddly synchronous
Contently ravenous
Confidently humble
Safely vulnerable
Truth be told
I'm weak yet bold
As I fall
Rising tall.
Sep 2015 · 230
Near at Heart
Doofinity Sep 2015
Though apart,
most every day
Our fiery bond,
finds its way
Each moment,
with longing to be near
Yet held steadfast,
in our hearts so dear
Adventures and travels,
far away
Love burns stronger,
eternal we stay
Through it all,
we persevere
Souls connected,
in the mirror.
I see you in my eyes' reflection, you are always with me, my heart's connection
Sep 2015 · 216
Marks of my Flesh
Doofinity Sep 2015
Tattooed for moments of remembering
Marred and scarred from moments of regret
Stretch marked maps showing growth and healing
Freckled from basking until sunset

Lined highways from laughter and crying
Wrinkled from time that's not done yet
My body aged by all of life's trying
Spatters and brushstrokes of my soul's portrait

Some by choice and others not
The abstract piece of who is me
Painted fires of life and love yet forgot
Through others eyes find peace in my beauty.
Doofinity Sep 2015
I love you each day more than the last...
Thought I was full, yet there's always more...
I may explode!
Sep 2015 · 199
Just What I Needed (20w)
Doofinity Sep 2015
Though the heart knows what is real,
The mind craves words of how we feel.
I trust my heart with everything I feel for and from you. Silence, mine or yours, leads my mind on a dangerous festering runaway train.
Thank you for EVERY exchange we share.
Sep 2015 · 202
Who Knows
Doofinity Sep 2015
Ever changing, ever growing...
Rarely certain, rarely knowing...
What each day holds for you and me...
When next embrace or kiss shall be...
How time is spent apart waiting,
Filled with hope anticipating...
Where we're plotting, planning, scheming,
Passing days crazed and daydreaming.
Through all the what, when, how and where
One constant shall always be there...
Never a question as to why...
For love as ours we can't deny.
Aug 2015 · 154
Live for a Life (10w)
Doofinity Aug 2015
Our lives seem in the way
of life together everyday.
Aug 2015 · 519
Dark Firelight
Doofinity Aug 2015
Sometimes I have to remind my brain that I'm fine, more than fine. I'm ok...I'm good.

I know better, when dark thoughts consume me...  
The battle between my heart and the hissing whispers of my demons is a bloodbath.
I know better, that my heart is true, and the rest are lies.
But knowing isn't feeling.
I know, yet I find myself huddled in the heavy cloaks of pain and doubt.
I desire comfort, and the layers are so easily wrapped around me, but the shivering fears are never soothed.
I want to stand tall again. I want to feel the fire of my heart warm me.
Again, I know this... I need to stoke the flame, add kindling, fuel to the fire.
I look around, and realize that the only thing to burn are the black blankets and vicious creatures drawing them over me.
If I shove them into the embers, then they'll hiss, but that's not them whispering anymore, that's only air escaping as I watch them ablaze.
I shall rise again, and not just stand, but dance around my fire, warm and content.
Aug 2015 · 264
Nearing Wait
Doofinity Aug 2015
Every day that passes by
while we are apart
Is one day closer to our next
embrace of heart.
Aug 2015 · 236
Multiples (10w)
Doofinity Aug 2015
I crave caressing taction of words spilled from tantalizing tongue.
Couldn't escape the fun combo from my
Mind F#ck
Aug 2015 · 2.1k
Mind F#ck
Doofinity Aug 2015
mating game of *mind

Intellectual foreplay so
Twisted together
by mysterious fate
Destined collision
darkened hearts conjugate
Melded souls tango and sway
lost wildly enraptured
Intoxicated on passions
never before captured
Embracing uncharted taction
of tantalizing tongue
Licking fantasy to
reality of song unsung.
Aug 2015 · 703
Galaxy by Hand
Doofinity Aug 2015
Ink freckles my fingers
as I scroll quill upon parchment
Creating constellations
reflecting my heart's lament
Love, a single word
written terse
Yet stains the page
with endless verse.
Doofinity Aug 2015
Old souls lost in the dark so long
Longing for a lost hearts song
Songs mending hearts with desire
Desires healed with passionate fire
Aflame with passions in love found
Find love in synchronous sound
Echoed harmonics freed from lost sight
Seeing notes cast with free souls new light.
My first attempt at quantum loop styled writing... Credit to Gary L.
Aug 2015 · 361
The HP Shuffle
Doofinity Aug 2015
Sometimes at a loss for pinpointing my mood, I find myself scrolling the writings of Hello Poetry.
Like a dance, I sway and twirl, march and slide through your words, your emotions, that are bled and wept, chuckled and sung into poetry.
In a stumble, I fall back to the smallest treat, the shuffle button...
And I am moved by the movements of poetic symphony.
It's sometimes a nice change to get away from the trends and latest, and just shuffle through time of HP. Thank you for sharing.
Aug 2015 · 354
Our Time Between
Doofinity Aug 2015
Every day
We find a way
Though kept so far apart
Still fill the voids of heart
Never taking for granted
Passion others recanted
Together sated
Unfolding each other
Holding one another
Lost souls found
Eternally bound
Aug 2015 · 326
No Perfect Word
Doofinity Aug 2015
Escaping tears fall
from the windows of the soul,
crystalline prisms,
slicing down through the air,
landing upon aged parchment,
composing beautiful notes of
bittersweet symphony.
Doofinity Aug 2015
My heart beats in Morse code
calling out to you.
.. / .-.. --- ...- . / -.-- --- ..-
Aug 2015 · 224
Missing Piece (10w)
Doofinity Aug 2015
I thought my puzzle was completed,
until I found you.
Aug 2015 · 937
Symbiotic Rendezvous
Doofinity Aug 2015
Fingers weaving together like lace
Arms wrap like an octopus embrace
Tongues play in synchronous dance
Eyes locking in a starlit trance
Head upon chest hearing the beat
Kiss to keppie soothing so sweet
Fitted together like a seamless dovetail
Undulating connected hearts set sail
Jul 2015 · 233
The Id of Ego
Doofinity Jul 2015
My art is my heart with he.
Yours is ours without the why.
You'll never be the same without me.
Jul 2015 · 331
Doofinity Jul 2015
The pendulum swings, slowing it's beat with each passing hour.
Like ground control readying for launch, counting down until I'm in your arms again...

Five... O'clock somewhere
Four...Pete's sake, get on with it clock!
Three...until we most happy be
Two... much anticipation, if we split the difference, can we get there faster?
One... away, en route, I'll kiss you today
Zero... Time stands still
Jul 2015 · 917
My Fibonacci Ecstasy
Doofinity Jul 2015


For your

Unleashed beast

Your primal passions

To pin my wrists above my head

Press me against the wall, kiss me hard and steal my breath

Leave no space between, flesh to flesh, ******* neck, trace my pulse, slice through my gasps with your tongue...
Jul 2015 · 269
His Vintage
Doofinity Jul 2015
Tapped from his heart,
fermented his fine wine.
Poured from his lips,
savored sips of his mind.
Jul 2015 · 1.3k
Emotional Gravity
Doofinity Jul 2015
like the moon,
wax and wane
thy heartful tune.
like the sea,
ebb and flow
thy poetry.
Jul 2015 · 285
Twisted Trust
Doofinity Jul 2015
Tantalizing tentacles
taste and tease
tip to toe
in two-step
into one
Jul 2015 · 645
Good Night Knight
Doofinity Jul 2015
I wish* to be
your *blanket

cloak you with love
in the night

to lull your racing
mind calm

for sweet dreams
to *hold you tight
Jul 2015 · 228
Doofinity Jul 2015
Tired of this work.
I had an escape route in place, but alas it escaped me.
Too soon?
Jul 2015 · 526
Battle Cries
Doofinity Jul 2015
Two lone soldiers,
trudging battlefields of life
At constant frontlines,
facing turmoil and strife
Hearts aged, torn and tattered
beyond their years
Wounded and bloodied
by hurt, angst and fears

Found one another,
weathered, marred and so broken
No encompassing words
could ever be spoken
Brothers in arms,
facing forward to fight
Exchanging protection,
new strengths ignite

With ally to lean on
climbing out of the ditches
Reinforced wills
to overcome darkest pitches
Healing their injuries
with new hopes and virtue
Honor and pride
to each other always true

One could falter,
slip, stumble, waver and fall
Yet each assured his brother
always rise tall
Marching passed all fear
of lost and lonesome night
Never again alone
in journey or plight
Jul 2015 · 786
To My Landlord
Doofinity Jul 2015
No vacancy, you had said from the start,
No room for love, left in your heart.
Even if you were to charge me rent
It would be worth every dollar spent.
So I obliged and stayed posted up outside
But our love grew too deep for either to hide
You let me in and I pay the monthly fees
With all I can offer, always wish to please.
No cash transactions to collect or pay,
Exchanged services instead, day after day
A text, a message, love notes through morning and night
Or a poem where the words need to be just right
A kiss for a kiss, or an ogle for a gaze
We dode on each other in all possible ways
So landlord you may be, but please just remember this part.
I'm tenant and grounds keeper, I'll always tend to your heart.
Jul 2015 · 693
Sliced Heart Pi(10w)
Doofinity Jul 2015
fractions infinite
you occupy my heart.
Jul 2015 · 257
Plight of the Night...(10w)
Doofinity Jul 2015
I long to fall asleep to the readings of Poe.
Jul 2015 · 593
My North Star
Doofinity Jul 2015
Through my storms I strive to hold fast
Stable my ship from keel to mast
Under ferocious skies and pummeling rain
Obsidian waves brewed of loss, rage and pain
Weathered and tattered, violently tossed about in the night
Tar and pitch the cracks, mend my sails with poetry I write
Repairing the damages despite barely able to see
Allowing courage, strength and hope to blindly navigate me
When the storms clear, even if only for a moment
Rejuvenating breath of calm
freed from self torment
Doofinity Jul 2015
I torture myself
watching you leave
until out of view,
Knowing that
walking away
is just as painful
for you.
Jul 2015 · 1000
Quill of the Heart
Doofinity Jul 2015
My clenched fists beat against your chest as I screamed in the night.
You snuffed my thrash, clutched my hands in your own and hugged me tight.
I cried out in agony, angst of life unfair
You stood strong, held me, ran your fingers through my hair
White knuckles still balled up, nails cutting into my palm
Your loving whispers to me soothing my torn heart calm
With my hands firmly pressed close, still between us embraced
You laid pen in my hand for words not to be erased
A treasure among all the loving gifts you give me
Realization of self, found freedom,
MY poetry
From tears of the same salt, blood of the same veins, resonating heart,
The mind reveals the poets together, though still set apart
Doofinity Jul 2015
Connection since effection
I constantly crave
Your affection
and your...
Is my predilection giving a direction
To your word selection??

**Upon further reflection
Maybe I have a brain infection
And just need an injection?
Jul 2015 · 213
Doofinity Jul 2015
Love storybook without ever after end,
yet never ending love.

Love ending never,
yet end after ever without storybook love.
Our bittersweet story shall always have missing pages, but only because we've yet to write them.
Jul 2015 · 358
Doofinity Jul 2015
I hear your voices, coming from your heads, like the roaring ocean, as you write your words in waves upon the shore of technological streams.
Your words, ever flowing of emotion and thought, from love and longing to demons and angels. Mused by passion to pain, released from tears to whiskey.
Typed letters like petals of wild flowers in a field on the brink of deep sunset.
No matter who, the yearning, the elated, the cutter, the prophet...all poets singing notes off the tongue in our opera.
The songs, movements and spoken word touch a part of my soul, relating even in the slightest, as we exchange our differences on one grand Broadway.
Tis the most elegant eccentric yet eclectic set beyond the eyes' ability, seen only in a world of our minds.
You, I, we...are here.
As I read your poetry, I am spiraled into another world, grazing upon your heart as you speak.
Jul 2015 · 316
Beer (10w)
Doofinity Jul 2015
The thirst for perfection leaves no room for true happiness.
Quote of the night, by sweet brother, Bobby.
Jul 2015 · 728
Feisty Phoenix
Doofinity Jul 2015
I am reborn, my hair like phoenix aflame
The question posed, are carpet and drapes the same?
"Hell never in my life," is what I said
"Unless of course, I were to shave my head."
Jul 2015 · 221
My Breath (10w)
Doofinity Jul 2015
With you, peaceful dream, breathing underwater
Apart, holding my breath.
Jul 2015 · 407
Anatomically Wound
Doofinity Jul 2015
Run your fingers through my hair, down my pediment neck.
Kiss my face, my lips, and find the moon in my eyes.
Run your fingers down my chest, to the cables, pull them ever so gently, lifting my weights to start anew.
Restart my heart, swinging pendulum, with intricate lyre laced from mended pain.
Feel me, as the rhythmic tick-tock of my body resonates from finial to base, my gears smoothly interlocking in motion.
I am alive, you wind me up...
Doofinity Jul 2015
Can you see it? At least it put a smile on your face, if only for a second.
Jul 2015 · 751
Unleash the Beast
Doofinity Jul 2015
Vicious snarling guttural growls
With fire in the eyes
The beast is pulling at the end of its chain
Clawing and scratching with primal instinct, gnashing teeth for just a taste
Crouched, rocking on the haunches
in front of the creature,
Feeling hot breath upon war painted face, arms at the ready, body braced for attack...
Unleash the beast
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