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Diljeev Mar 17
Naively I yearn for love
the dog for food as if
in ivan pavlov's lab,
left salivating instead,
the thespian looking on
in the audience as if,
not finding his dearest
in the the theatre's map.
Time is yearning
yearning is me,
I shall flow on,
and a perpetual nemesis,
requite shall always be.
Welcome back to the dark! we missed you.
Diljeev Mar 12
The dam and her litter
of tiny pups thence,
strolling in a lawn
beyond coherence,
such is his affection
as if they were his
own womb's
None shall astray
none shall scathe,
may they bathe
forever in care,
and then it'll be time for
the dam and her litter
of tiny pups thence,
strolling in a lawn
beyond coherence.
Diljeev Feb 26
Wars rage on
outside and in,
bearing fruit
will be the one within
is he real or a con?
or is he just
a façade's recruit.
Diljeev Feb 24
A naive lad's chronicle,
wrote ballads,
gift wrapped himself,
took the road less travelled
oh how he dared to love,
thence came full circle,
in what now seems ironical,
a mourning dove
above the same road,
flew the same skies,
laying eggs in a nest foreign,
oh how it dared to love again.
The naive lad has grown
the dove has flown,
for they won't be
travellers anymore but a
destination of their own.
Diljeev Feb 2
She was the moon
then the sun rose,
daylight looked on,
as he buried away
his dear prose,
a grave to mourn?
or a seed was sown?
She was the winter
then the sun rose,
all the blood bled,
all the tears shed,
manured into the land,
on which they both wed,
and in the deep ends lied
his dear prose.
Diljeev Jan 31
Wounds renewed
knives were sharp,
****** fingertips
play the harp,
for a joyous union
yet again,
could've been
entwined in
strands of her mane,
bathed in requite at last.
Bled in a chalice
not in vain,
to be sipped a little
each passing day,
to ease the pain,
to yearn away,
yet again.
Diljeev Jan 27
Neither singing nor words,
nor humming with the birds,
neither giggles nor laughs,
nor the breaking of voices,
nor the rapid water quaffs
after heartfelt cries,
none of this is heard now
for we meet behind shut eyes,
I long for it all, but for now,
these mere glimpses suffice.
Hours spent in silences,
now they go in vain,
for even silences
can feel incomplete,
memories of her presence
are all that remain.
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