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Jul 2013 · 3.1k
While You Slept.
DieingEmbers Jul 2013
On silken wings and silken strings
the garden doth awake
and from their beds those sleepy heads
their petals gently shake
a snail or two say how are you
as bumblebees take wing
to nectar sweet with sticky feet
as skylarks start to sing
a ladybug sleeps yet so snug
beneath a quilted leaf
her dreams untold as wings unfold
as earthworms crawl beneath
the ants at work refuse to shirk
they have no time to play
and cabbage whites like stars at night
take flight and fly away
the field mouse and wooded louse
attract the watchful eye
of tawny owl and feathered fowl
that own the morning sky
a homeward cat puts pay to that
no bird is fool enough
to try to land where danger stands
All teeth and claws called Fluff
so morrow breaks and nature wakes
and soon enough will we
but until then this land of men
is theirs so naturally
Jul 2013 · 1.8k
Silence My Love
DieingEmbers Jul 2013
Forgive me
for never saying
what your heart as longed to hear
it's not that I cannot
but more
that I dare not

for what
words could I

a humble Poet speak...

to make
your heart mine own

as your heart


Jul 2013 · 1.1k
Tick-lelish. 10w
DieingEmbers Jul 2013
You're my favourite watch
with each movement
of your


Jul 2013 · 1.0k
Vein Begger. 10w
DieingEmbers Jul 2013
I'm no Vampire


I'd **** for fresh


I've a blood disorder that may or not be fatal but hey that's life.
Jul 2013 · 1.8k
Squirrelling Away. 10w
DieingEmbers Jul 2013
Are squirrels car mechanics?

As they steal

and bolts
Word play at the end lol
Jul 2013 · 1.3k
Autumn Forgot. 10w
DieingEmbers Jul 2013

shakes off
winters late advances

to flirt
with summer.
Jul 2013 · 1.1k
Reversed Psyhcotic 2. 10w
DieingEmbers Jul 2013
Saw him shaving...

his throat


my razors

He just stood there staring blankly back at me from my bathroom mirror
Jun 2013 · 960
Reversed Phsycotic. 10w
DieingEmbers Jun 2013
There's a man in the mirror

wearing my face...

He looks like me but is he me because he wears my smile on the wrong side of his face.
Jun 2013 · 776
Blinded by Love. 10w
DieingEmbers Jun 2013
I'd rather tear out my eyes

see you

Jun 2013 · 987
Unconditional Love. 10w
DieingEmbers Jun 2013
Even when I call you names

you still

To Tansy and Molly my two faithful little doggies
Jun 2013 · 651
Wet Gold. 10w
DieingEmbers Jun 2013
You put your ring on me
and made me
Winning a goldfish at the fair by throwing a ring over the bowl
Jun 2013 · 1.6k
Dream Catcher
DieingEmbers Jun 2013
You lie there sleeping...

your dreams
exhaled in sweet whispered breaths

for my ears alone
to hear

for my heart alone
to know

I kiss your restless eyes
and taste for just one moment

The welcome arms of sleep.

Dream a dream for me my love
and chase away
this night

and my insomnia

that offers me such sweet respite

to watch you once more
my love


Jun 2013 · 646
Self Mad Man. 10w
DieingEmbers Jun 2013
Green pants and orange shirt...


Are you mad?

Certifiable to be exact but hey at least I've got an excuse what's yours mr fashionista
Jun 2013 · 864
Kings In Cardboard Castles
DieingEmbers Jun 2013
See the king in his cardboard castle
beneath his bridge of broken dreams
by the river of remorsefulness
that like the voices nightly screams
There's a beer can full of memories
and a burger full of death
and the things he thought he'd ougth to say
dangling from his breath
theirs stains upon his royal garb
that show just where he's been
and an emptiness within his eyes
that hide the things he's seen
his queen lies in her carriage
amongst her treasure so
and he wheels her round the city
when the lamp lights softly glow
Nobody ever sees them
nobody even cares
for the royals in their boxes
watching operas without airs
spare them not a second thought
as if you even would
for they have found each other
and a palace by the wood
they care not if you see them
as their lives a faery tale
in their kingdom made of cardboard
eating pizza three days stale
From a line by angelofprofanity from their poem In this world their permission sought and granted thanks Angel.
Jun 2013 · 916
From MAE to December
DieingEmbers Jun 2013
Her name is MAE
she's far away
but visits me both night and day
She loves to write she loves to pray
and brings such beauty like the Fae
and how I hope she always stay
and never think to runaway
that gal from that there U.S.A
Cheers for always being a friend and for all your healing prayers hugs to you MAE
Jun 2013 · 685
Grind For Me. 10w
DieingEmbers Jun 2013

Caffeinated kisses

my senses


burn my lips
Nothing like coffee to get you up in the morning ;) lol
Jun 2013 · 758
That's Not Me ... I Am
DieingEmbers Jun 2013
I am no soldier
but I come under fire
each and ev'ry day

I am no sailor
but I've been all at sea
drowning in salt waters

I am no pilot
but I've oft been shot down
and crashed and so often burned

I am only me
but whom I am I made
and if you don't like it............ TUFF
TUFF..tough- in England it means  ( who cares what you think you don't matter or so what hard cheese you can't have what you want )
Jun 2013 · 1.1k
Lullaby of Morning
DieingEmbers Jun 2013
Dawn chorus be my lullaby
as morning paints the azure sky
and stars like embers slowly die
another day is born

Sweet starling sing me to my rest
and warm this heart beneath my breast
as day moves slow from east to west
and I for night now mourn

Sparrow and lark give melody
to dreams I seek nocturnally
as let thy song wash over me
from field and dew kissed lawn

Blackbird and rook give it thy base
as once more from the sky you chase
the waning moon with smiling face
and rend the night veil torn

Dawn chorus sing to me thy song
as I like night now move along
for in this moment I now long
to upon your wings be borne
Sweet Dreams fellow Wordsmiths
Jun 2013 · 595
Let there be Light. 10w x 2
DieingEmbers Jun 2013
Is this light before me but the Dawn



Or is the darkness in retreat fearing
the risen

The light of the world by William Holman Hunt 1827-1910 the painting hangs over me as I pen my poetry
DieingEmbers Jun 2013
Morning breaks within the newborns smile
And life seems

Jun 2013 · 844
Crying without Reason. 10w
DieingEmbers Jun 2013
Crystal raindrops
race the mourning sun
across my
windowed pain
They lead to your soul they say I wonder where they lead when we look out
DieingEmbers Jun 2013
Starlight blind mine eyes this night
let me not perceive the emptiness of days
morning pray hold back your dawning
to light the place my love no longer lays

Soft breeze if thou would but please
deaden my ears to the silence all around
gentle rain come once more disguise my pain
and wash away the memories yet bound

Fitful dreams replaced by nightmares evil screams
dumb now my impotent tongue
let me be oh unrelenting misery
and let at last my heartstrings be unstrung
Jun 2013 · 677
Don't Judge. 10w
DieingEmbers Jun 2013
My girlfriend made me gay
and boy...

am I happy.
After reading Martins Grandad poem about the ****** I thought I'll try that too gay used to mean extremely happy not what it means now.
Jun 2013 · 980
Darkness Within and Without
DieingEmbers Jun 2013
Only one whom has known darkness...

can ever truely

the gentle reassurence

the light.
For all my fellow depression suffering friends especially Weeping Willow and Timothy whom like many of you have been there when I needed you most
Jun 2013 · 1.1k
Exchanging Affections. 10w
DieingEmbers Jun 2013
I'll trade you all my kisses...

for a simple

Jun 2013 · 673
Completely Complete Me. 15w
DieingEmbers Jun 2013
I may not have much
but all that I have is yours
and yours

DieingEmbers Jun 2013
A life without love is not living


merely existing
Jun 2013 · 1.0k
Mint Fresh Breath. 10w
DieingEmbers Jun 2013
If my
kisses were currency
could I
afford your
The Mint is where English money is made as well as a flavour filled leaf
DieingEmbers Jun 2013
Lips pressed gently
again soft
sweetly scented skin
the first flush
of spring
begging to be taken
it the tasting
of his kiss
teeth slowly grazing
untouched flesh
teasing the stone with tongue
from wetted peach
juice warm and sticky
drips from eager excited lips
in rivulets of pure unsweetened
tongue moves faster
as mouth *****
drinking deep each droplet
inhaling with each intake of breath
the waft of summer meadows
where lovers lay
and shared forbidden fruits
from scrumpied trees
as here
I taste once more
the heady bouquet of love
wrapped up in lustful
of greed and avarice
your pain my pleasure
your gift my gain
as spittle
from my or' excited tongue
mixes callously
with the spiced perfume
of your open petals
sedating only my thirst




I'm eating a peach ;) honest I am
Jun 2013 · 784
Into Every Life....
DieingEmbers Jun 2013
Your eyes forecast
the coming of showers...

your persona gloomy
forever overcast by dark clouds

whether I say...

I love you


Weather I say I love you or not.
Jun 2013 · 486
Is this Goodbye. 10w
DieingEmbers Jun 2013
Think not badly of me

I must

leave you...
No it's only goodnight sweet dreams all
Jun 2013 · 1.2k
Loner Eclipsed.
DieingEmbers Jun 2013
Celestial eyes pray weep for me
in wishes turned to misery
scar the skies with trailing tears
as morning slow once more appears
midnight hour thy promise broke
as no sweet words of love were spoke
no lovers touch nor gentle kiss
pray tell me how it came to this
what sin of pride or arrogance
robbed me this night of sweet romance
am I as thou eternal ******
to face each day with empty hand
left to face the rising sun
alone afraid and here undone
will not my heart er' know the feel
of fantasy at last made real
once more then pray I wish in vain
that with your end you'll end my pain.
Jun 2013 · 808
What More Is There
DieingEmbers Jun 2013
What or' welming thought is this
that causes one to yearn your kiss
and in those lips the feeling bold
that your sweet hand I pine to hold
there in the twining of our hands
lies days ahead in grains of sands
that worries not as each one slips
as long as I've your heart your hands your lips
so here and now and future years
I'll be your laughter and your tears
I'll be your warmth and comfort still
if you my love but say I will
for nothing more a man could seek
than loving you seven days a week
Jun 2013 · 889
Scarred Beauty. (play)
DieingEmbers Jun 2013
( Lights up on a stately garden
centre stage stands a male figure
the right side of his face badly scarred and burnt )

By mine one deformities I'm I here undone
casting mine withered shadow or' a dying sun
as I long to feel the touch of soft lovers breath
from one such as she at this sweet eve'nings death
for I would die if upon mine own lips her kiss should play
granting me peace at this the bitter end of day
to know her embrace wouldst break my hollow heart
as I too with dusk must now depart
but come again the evenings sweet repose
and I again will come to thee my sweet autumnal Rose

( a female figure walks out onto her balcony as he slips away silently )

Oh gentle moon why doth thou mock my aching breast
where is the heart that beats beneath so honest chest
that sings in silent secret tone
a love that's mine and mine alone
come falling stars once more deny my wishes made
and hide from me as I must hide my pain beneath this false facade

( a shadow moves beneath her balcony to follow the first retreating figure )

Know not the truth of this unspoken and yet unrequited love
is not in features scarred or in stars above
but in the foolishness of pride
that hides ones heart and ones heart must hide
for two such souls within the throes of such abandonment
should find each others arms by mortal deeds and not by wishes spent
so onward night and guise me from all prying eyes
that I may bring forth their love before the sun doth once more rise
bid thee aid me in this my hour of need
and grant success to this my honest and most heart felt deed

Working on it as it comes thoughts please
Jun 2013 · 565
Hold On. 10w
DieingEmbers Jun 2013
I stand empty handed...

pray fill them

your own

Jun 2013 · 552
On A Downer. 15w
DieingEmbers Jun 2013
If you wanna kick me while I'm down

then you will be
kicking me


Jun 2013 · 477
Yesterday Man. 10w
DieingEmbers Jun 2013
My life is cine 8 in a world of HD
DieingEmbers Jun 2013
Take them away...

for I'll not eat

their present.


Is it racist to hate greens as so many do ?
So many start young with peas cabbage and spinach
Jun 2013 · 878
Imprints. 10w
DieingEmbers Jun 2013
Photocopying my sole

to show you

carbon footprint.
Take sole as soul and this still works I feel
Jun 2013 · 712
Wandering Thoughts. 15w
DieingEmbers Jun 2013
You walked into my life...

so no

I don't mind
your rambling on

my love.
Rambling - to walk or to talk endlessly
Jun 2013 · 1.4k
Safari yet So Near. 10w
DieingEmbers Jun 2013
Butterflies give chase
to wild
open endless meadows
May 2013 · 1.5k
Forest Rump. 15w
DieingEmbers May 2013
Life is like a pair of knickers...

worn out
and then kicked to the floor
May 2013 · 970
Everything Stops For Tea
DieingEmbers May 2013
The Googly Goo and the Boogly Boo
set of one day for war

but the Boogly Boo and the Googly Goo
did not like what they saw

the Boogly Boo to the Googly Goo
said sod this let's have tea

and the Googly Goo to the Boogly Boo
said yes  and smiled sweetly

Make Tea Not War
DieingEmbers May 2013
Your eyes
may have captured
my teardrops


your lips
may have mouthed
my words


your kindness drew me to you
long before your arms
took hold.
This is how the 10w picture me crying came about
May 2013 · 573
Love Song. 10w
DieingEmbers May 2013
My heart
knows only the music...

you provide

May 2013 · 854
The House Always Wins
DieingEmbers May 2013
The grass ain't green on the other side
it's just another lie from the government
best lock your doors and run and hide
cause the time of reaping's imminent

They promised all and delivered ****
just to keep in line the working man
now the fan's well and truely hit
and it's time to get up off the can

We gotta vote with out feet this time
we've gotta get our voices heard
penny for your thoughts, man here's a dime
you slew the eagle and gave us the bird

Capital punishment now that's a joke
cause it's done to us all each day
the man in the suit holds the yoke
and the bill of rights is to high to pay

Walk on walk out or just walk away
cause the land of the free's been taxed
and we can't watch the piper play
as the cherry tree gets once more axed

It's a lie it's a sin it's democracy
and we all know whose to blame
cause we voted him in with beauocracy
and hung our heads in shame
No offence America it kinda wrote itself
May 2013 · 700
Picture Me Crying 10w
DieingEmbers May 2013
Your eyes capture my tears



kodak moments ...
May 2013 · 906
Grave Thoughts.
DieingEmbers May 2013
Is this it?

is this all?

just getting up
each time we fall...

afraid to live
too scared of death
****** by both
by ev'ry breath

no hangmans noose
no guillotine
just the bitter taste
of the end unseen

the open grave
headstone unsigned
as time runs out
and underlined

farewell goodbye
let's part our ways
and dream once more
the end of days
May 2013 · 813
First Taste.
DieingEmbers May 2013
Pheonix grows wings
borne up
upon the scent of coffee bean
trailing heat
born fresh
from rising steam
her beauty
in half open eyes
as morning
calls her
once more arise
Coffee and kisses the only things mornings should be full of
May 2013 · 843
Barking Mad
DieingEmbers May 2013
My dog told me
in his sleep
  he invented the telephone
and walked on the moon ...

I just nodded
and walked away

it's better

to let
sleeping dogs lie.

After reading RR Richardsons poems about his dog Daisy
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