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Diane K Pak Jun 18
Sometimes I heard you cried out at night.
Sometimes I hold through the whenever we fight.

Maybe if you let me kiss to make it even or just one there to make it alright.

I'll give you enough time.
Just to see you smile today and tonight.
It just for a slight moment like I'm dying to find.

To hear you call it over and over again.
To not pretend it not sorrow to the end.

You've made me this person to love again.

Because you heard me make wishes to see you and hear you, smell you, touch you and taste you and I'll held you when you'll needed me then.

I'll see you, but don't pretend like It'll break you because I will hold you together like it won't bend.
Diane K Pak Jun 18
He’s know the times of stress.
He’s know the times of this mess.
He’s know the times of finding a solution to this wreak.

He’s been right there all along.
He’s been here right where we belong.

Trying to see.
Trying to believe.
Trying to breathe.

He’s light.
He’s right.
He’s justified.

He’s know because he understands as long he’s friend.
A friend who understands is a friend who never left.
Diane K Pak Feb 12
I gotta tell ta

Music helps me find the rhythm of your joyful heart

Dancing with you fixed the noises with only returns of silence just like a shooting star in the dark.

I gotta tell ya
i gotta tell ya

Sometimes I find ya beatboxing into my soul.

Fire reminiscing and looking back on my life. I still think you are the most specific kind of burning inspiriting human known to be in a human configuration because either you're some spiritual swole or you stole this whole show.

This isn't an animation because I can't imagine this in any life without spontaneous momentum with this anticipation of this determination and dedication. Without this narration it would be this taken of time wasting and without correction I would have been taken for only being mistaken and not taken.

I gotta tell ya
I gotta tell ya yet.
Valentine's Day 2021
Diane K Pak Jan 26
Was it Italy?
Was it Scotland?
Or was it Britain?

Nevertheless, I’ll say I’ll never know when I’m thinking about it then?

Was it Italy?
Was it Scotland?
Or was it Britain?

Taking little Italy out of Italy was devastating...

It’s almost like I can never overstate nor any hesitation.

Was it Scotland?

And All I have ever been.

Or was it Britain?

All I ever said it mustn’t be any bit of pieces of him.

Just like it’s mentioned.

Was it Scotland?
Or was it Britain?

I’ll never know until I cross between them.

They’ll say it’s scary of a sacrifice to know either which one is right?

Maybe neither of it and I’ll still be alright.

Alright is the time to feel like I’m not stuck in these daydreams of daytime or daylights. Because when I’ll know it’ll be over until without either a fight.

Fight until worthy comes into a good kiss morning into the nights

I’ll find my Scotland or Britain and without it, I’m not gonna go sorting out of my wilderness.

Because without my Scotland
Because without Britain.

I’m nothing but land without a name whose name shall be called I’ll find it when I’m there again.
Diane K Pak Oct 2020
I love you so much

But, not like this...

But by choice...

That's it hurts not ever been with you again...

So, I chose to leave so you can too choose to love again.

Rather I made a stupid turn of mistakes...

Because you also said you wanted me too to love you...

Because you love me so much that it hurts...

I came back to love you like like I mean it and
I came back to love you so much; it hurts.
Diane K Pak Oct 2020
I'd cry too...

Because I love you and I didn't know how to ask myself, how did I knew that I love you since I didn't at first knew what was love was?

I'd cry too.

Knowing you love me just the same way, I love you too...
Diane K Pak Oct 2020
If I could cry; with you and to hold you I would never let you go without a minute without being by your side.

Because if I knew I even cry for you and with you with tears flowing down my cheeks because I rather see you smile with the sunshine of your radiant, beaming eyes.
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