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  Nov 2015 Diane
SG Holter
Eyes of gods upon my
Every move.

I have nothing to hide. Such
Sweet freedom to

Stand for your every sin and
Uncencored secret.  

Back straight, and perfectly
Diane Nov 2015
Attachments have beckoning powers
Louder in a whisper than the memory of my words
They’ll exchange sleepy smiles in the morning light  
     Who am I to believe I can step into history
     Flutter my wings and change the outcome?
Diane Nov 2015
i am crawling back under the covers
shivering from this injection of reality
the light feels as cold as the air
just close your eyes
make yourself forget
my bones are rubbing against each other
i am sure that something is breaking
Diane Oct 2015
i stood too close to the edge of the portal
silently ******* me into
surrounded by ghosts
so much singing a dizzying high
perspective grumbled and wrung me out
saying that dish is not clean
because you did not rinse it before
putting it in the dishwasher
what the hell did you eat anyway?
essence of absorption and deception
i dipped them in truth until they tasted sweet
honey unto my lips
all i could think about was the honey
the ******* desire to be slathered in honey
licking it off my own body
and his
while the wind tickles the fine hairs
inside my ears
can you hear the sound of self
forgetting anything other than captivating madness
that has not happened yet
there are still people around, I know because I
see them, barely
  Oct 2015 Diane
It's not morning sickness if it only happens when I wake up next to you,

Diane Oct 2015
You can tell me that you love her
and you thought you saw the
soulmate of your youth
while driving around
listening to break up songs
You can tell me that you did not
expect us to feel a telepathic
“i feel the same way”
“how the hell did you know?”
magnetic force of synchronized
brain waves and ferocious fondness

okay, those were my words...

You can tell me you just want
to be friends because you have
known her forever
but what is “knowing?”
subdued by candlelight and a
fourth glass of water, i am
tempted to be discouraged but
the truth is

i don’t believe you.
Diane Oct 2015
the full moon was not allowed to delight me
despite my charming and persistent coaxing
she remained quiet behind the clouds
and my wine dripped slowly
on the outside
of its glass
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