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Devyn Batchelder Jun 2014
the most beautiful face
figment of my mind
the all of you,
the journeys have ended
the trials begun
change is death
death is within my grasp

nothing went anywhere
that hasn't already gone
cold tributes to fates unrevealed
cradling downward
seizing everything
except my mastery
death is acceptance
I'm alive because I reject to accept
Change is inevitable
new orders formed and scattered by disarray
the strongest will survive

you are vivid to me now.
your sorrows are mine
your happiness reflects mine
supreme in compassion
your words are my torch

change is death.
Will is the sword
inevitability shall yield to.
Love is the water
nourish us into health.
Devyn Batchelder Jun 2014
Peering through a window in space...
Have you ever wanted something so bad
Tears ran down your face whenever you thought of it?
   A language understood in tears

   An ardor for self-depreciation...

...Or a taste for what cannot be.
It will send spirals down your taste buds for now

But that sinking boat in your chest doesn't go away.
Devyn Batchelder Jun 2014
Your opinion only serves to waste my time
In your eyes, my crime; impunity
I reap my consequences as I see fit
Crumbling seasons and clockwork in my eyes
Victims of self-intelligentsia

Suffering of structural order I did not define...
Merely collatoral damage
Suffer no guilt, those who disrupt
The suffering of liberation
Is ultimately benign
Devyn Batchelder Jan 2014
Shivering as I focus my mind on one ephemeral year,
Where our minds bade each other
To connect in one unified glowing sphere.
Devyn Batchelder Jan 2014
We're crumbling apart from the inside
And our bodies have grown cold
The snow is starting to settle in
As we close our doors
As the winter freezes me over

This earth remains still
The absence of activity is almost eerily fit
I'm cursing a ghost as it glimmers by
I hate it for it's intangibility
More than anything,
I want it to tell me everything's okay,

that the warmth in this solitude is not the only fleeting comfort

But this winter is far from over
Mirrors on every icy street corner
Threaten to black out my very life
Devyn Batchelder Jan 2014
The seeds sewn in dishonesty.
Devyn Batchelder Dec 2013
Thought of haiku
Went to write the **** thing down
Left as it came; fast
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