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Devyn Batchelder Dec 2013
Miracles lay behind decimals
In this domain of imminent decay
They tread drearily
Coming and going
But hardly making a difference at all
Dwindling happenstances
Going unperceived by untrained eyes
Ephemeral, glowing thoughts
That transcend into dull, mere materiality
But they don't really matter at all.
Devyn Batchelder Mar 2013
It is in the air
It lingers and makes it all still
It brings in the grey
It comes, it's here to stay
It kills the breeze
It hangs from the trees
It's inside me
It grins as it looks at her
I keep it away with my plea
It still lingers, as it's hindered
I do what I can to try to make us free.
Devyn Batchelder Sep 2012
You hide away from others
People just don't don't know who you are
That loneliness must smother
I wonder how far you can bother
So reserved in your emotions
I'm forced to wonder what for
Hiding away from your life
You stay inside all day,
Depression under too much strife
Beside the bed you never sway
Silence is louder than words
You accidentally express
Everything we need to know
Devyn Batchelder Sep 2012
I see the world uninterrupted
A split second to you
Becomes years for me
I cannot blink
I see things you choose to ignore
I'm a man with no eyelids
I see things you cannot see
I can't shut out the world that disturbs me
One bad day separates you from me
Devyn Batchelder Aug 2012
Death came to me
Death froze it's impression in my brain
Cut open my heart
Showed me real pain
And I swear I heard voices
Telling me things I didn't understand
Layered on top of each other

The aftermath of my choices
Now I'm left with less
No matter what
I know it'll be my fault.
Devyn Batchelder Jul 2012
The evening has arrived and the Sun has become weary                                                            
Goodnight                                                       ­                                                 
The stars have come to reclaim the deepest blue                                                             ­             
Speckling across the dark wide blanket of the cosmos                                                           ­           
Goodnight                                                       ­                                                   
The daylight has faded and your energy has been taxed                                                            ­      
Perhaps it was a productive day....                                                          ­                                          
                      ­                                    perhaps not
But the evening calls and the night follows                                                          ­                              
The mysticism and superstition is heralded by cricket calls                                                            ­  
Reality becomes enervated  now, rest your head on the pillow.                                                        
Nirvana inside of the null............................                                 ­                                                         
Finally­, Goodnight.
Devyn Batchelder Jun 2012
I am you, make no mistake
If you're sincerely convinced that I am fake
Just take a look in the mirror.
Through these words I exist
As long as your sense of self persists
Because the truth of your existence
Is the truth of mine accordingly
I'm the entity,
In which you place your identity
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