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Aug 2019 · 224
The Dedpoet Aug 2019
Too keep one honest,
As much as one can face,
A poet uses irony
To offset this.

The words told me
What I really think of me.
There is no place to hide
In a Hello world
I can't say I'm fantastic,
Only an utterance of many
Things I could borrow from

At the forefront I can read the poetry
I write, and face my true mirror, the inner works of me
Cascaded by bold words.
Hypothesis me, words equally
And the work is an unfinished verse,
And sometimes I can't face myself,
The words escape me.
Jul 2019 · 231
Sermon Poetic
The Dedpoet Jul 2019
I prayed daily
Into the notes taken from
The trapped soul:

Take me as I am
And who I become
Is ours,
I know no moon that has
Not endured your
And alone was always a choice.

I speak poetic
Into the flesh that I cannot
But dream away....
I flow into the river's edge
And the rocks wither
As moments
Whisper eternal,
Life is a word
The love a Sonnet
And the poet lives the poem.
The Dedpoet Jul 2019
Pieces like scattered lumens
On black days,
Brighter than sunsets
Elongated on arched spines
Under the Saturday evening
Impression left upon
A lifetime......

Bits like kisses
On the nape where bodies
Trembled under passionate skies,
Under quarter moons
Luminous embrace
Where only life was made
By extracting the sweetest
Nectar of moments
Born in the constellation US.

Peice of me,
Peice of you,
Making life whole.
Jul 2019 · 281
Hope Float
The Dedpoet Jul 2019
Hope float,
Like the poem you wrote,
Taking note
You put on the words coat,

Hope float,
The day you spoke
She, he, a little choked,
Your shirt tear soaked
And another poem wrote.

Hope float
On a grey day boat,
You napped then awoke
And alone while on the float,
Your heart spoke notes,
Another note you wrote,

Hope float,
Pains tender note,
Swan song loser goat poke,
Not the hero u had hoped,
Your lover with another eloped,
Your heart strings on a *****,
Don't play the dope,
Hope floats,

And poetry saved you.
Jul 2019 · 140
Flux The Inner Things
The Dedpoet Jul 2019
Grey like April's ******,
Amassing the draped sun
Until her thighs we're but shadow,

I cried unto the silent,
Inside the storm
Through eyes that
Mimic everyone and there
Is only peace outside.

Passionate doubled man,
Creeping pains like tidal
Drifts in the bipolar temple.
I am not
But there is no one inside to hear
The thoughts crying out
In the deepest wail,
Hear me, smile, walk by me,
You would never know
Inside me the fluxed,
And she is inside me gone.
Jul 2019 · 179
Dawn Steal
The Dedpoet Jul 2019
Ney, I am the break
That nets a setting sun.
Beak of swalllows
Into turpentine waters,
Behind  the glare of
The watching fern,
A whisper in the winding
Shade turning in itself....

In the remains of the day
Watching the meeting
And the stare of eyes
Stealing the fleece of gold
From unborn skies.
Jul 2019 · 183
Dedpoet on the Run
The Dedpoet Jul 2019
I was in the journey,
The road never taken
Dissolving regrets,
Finding myself in
The sorrow and knowing
A path less known
Through the glory of suffering.....

In the desolation
Hope stayed in a box,
In the different he became
The crescent tender
In a straight hell:
And then the nocturnal
Came and took him to
The poem of future prisons
And the Dedpoet became
A violent misconception.

Sleep nocturne:
The poet lay the man down,
And the poet will never know peace,
Because peace was disturbed.
And Dedpoet became a silence
In the desolation,
Wandering, wanted.....
On the run
And his poems numbered.
While homeless a man tried to steal from me. In defense I fought him. I didn't stop and he didn't wake up. Life happens.
Jul 2019 · 277
The Dedpoet Jul 2019
Dust of dawn, red of sun
Hell bent on losses winning
On chances.

I am the discoursed wind flowimg
Like waters edge
Over lost eyes and questions
Silence happens
And laced within the legend
Of never was.

Why didnt I?
Haunted happens too.
The Dedpoet Jun 2019
Time in its parcels
Permissions passing,
     Against the atomic
     There is no saviour...
Willing And Deadly
Because there was no
Choice in the beginning.
    Born of grains
Lasting blinks that rarely
Resonated with soils eroded
And land scapes are the life
Watching droplets of flesh
Flash like embers
      Nothing is sudden
And forever is just a life
   Regretting being in the
Apr 2019 · 78
The Dedpoet Apr 2019
Far away.
Just on the other side
Of a grey rainbow,

Under a canopy
Of children smiling
Longing for yesterday.

I am home everywhere.
Apr 2019 · 117
The Dedpoet Apr 2019
If her lies are dreams,
Asleep is the world.
A goddess in lilith
Known as lifetime,
Your sharp tongue hits my
Ears and your words
Your eyes like blindness
Walking in your hope
Fasting on my time,
Wounded my soul
To serve u in fear.

Wonder the newness
Of your necks and Grace's
Postures your portal grooves
Emerging still your shows
Merging all past and future
Like a smoldering body of portraits
That play in memorial interludes
And a man beneath your goddess
Body desires u like a deity.

Consort the flame wonder,
Wonder the shape
Of your heart and only
The light of your dark star
Guides the nocturnal and I am
Priest to the lost on love
That dwell in pain and memory.

Creating the lips that whisper
And I languished
On your gentle desolation
Fiending for the hate that others
Envied upon nimble bits
Of our energies intertwined.

Wonder like a poem that no form
Has, yet deep in love
Understand like simple bliss.
Mar 2019 · 136
Blood Gone
The Dedpoet Mar 2019
Melancholic family,
Stained memories,
Too deep for now,
And yrsterday becomes them,
I am,
But was in eye
Of beholden past.
Take me away
But do not converge,
Blood runs deep like
Yesterday's gathering.
Water in the new day,
And love me for who I am,
Strange the stranger
Becomes a family
Grateful for today....
Blood gone
And only the unfamiliar
Mar 2019 · 2.0k
Homeless, Who I Am
The Dedpoet Mar 2019
A confinement to the street,
I likened it to a bliss of pain.
Not extended like an overrun episode,
But the anxiety is sleepless,
When yesterday approaches,
I wrap myself in the ignorance,
Homeless, timeless,
It grows and defines,
Coarses through my fundamental
A boy becomes an atitude,
I wish i had these experiences in youthful insurgencies.

Its someday in the week,
I lose the raptured schedules,
To hunger is life.
To thirst is life.
The misled winter wraps itself
On my frozen life.
A faint emergence of time
There in the shadows
I once knew a man,
The visions of him asking to feed
My souless self.
Stretched by insistent graces,
In a road of certain contrasts,
Gentle into the street,
I laugh; the revolving doors,
I cry; what or who i never was,
A certain kind of grace to be
Within the containment,
the poor, the  restless,
bleeding my facades,
Shredding the faces I once knew
Destroying my world.

Once I sat upon a throne
Lost in the decimations,
I dont know who I am.

Keep walking.
Telling myself as the night freezes
I will be just fine.
Keep walking
Telling myself in minced
Thoughts as hope flutters against
Nowhere to go.
Keep walking,
The sun rises
And blisters on my feet
Calm the night as the safety
Of day lets me rest.

I will bounce back tomorrow,
And the streets become a ripened spring fruit,
Losing myself
And the art of loss
Is no disaster,
Not unlike losing my keys,
Not unlike losing places,
Not unlike losing names,
Until i reconciled myself
At the fork of the river,
Losing myself is not an art:

The beauty was in finding who I was meant to be.
No pity. I walked my path. I see what it is and i am grateful. To the end. To the beginnings. Life is and i am hapoier than i have ever been.
Mar 2019 · 90
Lie To Me
The Dedpoet Mar 2019
Just one more time,
In a time that is yesterday
In footsteps at the edge,
Your shadow over my grace,
My grace over the light
Darkened by truths
I dont want to hear.

Just one more time,
Lie to me;

Evening when dark trails
Beg for weary steps,
Forward never straight,
Long ago I  looked back,
A storm of your gaze
Into the deep night
A deep premonition
Shatters my core
And hope is a reason to doubt;

Lies returning
What sinister words
Do cast themselves by the noose
Of your voice,
Enter the storm
A thunder repeats with
A missing remorse
Filling the echoes of your
Missing self...

Lie to me,
Kiss me,
The poison laced
Eithin the spectrum,

Lie to me,
I will listen as the day leaves,
Into the nocturnal
I return,
A spring of deaths
The footsteps echo
In another time
Where you invent my self
To love you is a lie,
And i believe in you.
Mar 2019 · 105
Hanging On
The Dedpoet Mar 2019
What we have here is honest brutally,
And the questions sink deep within me as the answers were what I feared.

Im taken like the worst case
And hope is longing for the end.
Such a dark clarity,
More was a lofty thought
And only I can remember
The best in you.

Me, I,
Conundrum to the nth,
Schematic stress.
Worthy I
Deep yes
Float on paper hope,
Stranded Self imposed
Exiled from grace
Rake the spring leaves

Take away the moments
Fill them with everyday,
I am here for a little while
And forever is nothing.
Truth is I can take it all,
Forever in a daze,
The Dedpoet.
Feb 2019 · 253
Trade Winds
The Dedpoet Feb 2019
I fell into the commerce
Of trading looks with you.
And once your stock rose,
I invested a lifetime.
Feb 2019 · 260
And Now The Rain
The Dedpoet Feb 2019
As one listens to the rain,
Every droplet memorized
Among the curvature of your
Earthen face,
In a silhouetted distraction
Your dress falls to the floor...

All is still,
The night arrives in your eyes,
You found me in the mist,
The mist that is a lifetime
And one night an eternity,
The murmur of birth,
The death that is the moment passing,
Inward the rain falls,

Weightless in the heavy
Earth we make our indentations
On a universally illuminating
We speak with no words,
So beautiful God unfolds and looks,
The pain of the momentary eternal,
And then the rain.
Feb 2019 · 106
From Within
The Dedpoet Feb 2019
I came across myself,
Plagued with everyday.

I leaned on a friend,
They come like a seasonal storm.

Of everything I was,
Only the memory remains.

Scars like running water,
From within it flows.

The shadow of today
Reminiscent of who i thought,

But who am I to judge myself
When i am God of my own perceptions....

And the consciousness makes it real,
Guilty I regret I never found myself.

The journey is a witness
Testifying against myself.
Jan 2019 · 97
I Am Beautiful
The Dedpoet Jan 2019
I have built to the sky
Geometry called home,
Where birds sing along
The rolling oaks,
And valleys curve the words
And signature of earthen
Memory write poetry
On the mind.
I have written love on paper
Digital and the waves have
Crossed the planets one day
The stars,
That poetry made me whole
And the world
That beat me down told me
I could not survive,
I am here speaking the beauty
I have become
Because I am absorbing
The best I can the position
I have been given,
Look, I am Me,
Take me as I am
As I have learned to live
With myself among the masses,
There is light and I walk
Now burning the shadows
Out of thoughts
And I write myself clean.
I am beautiful
Because I know that poetry
Is too.
Jan 2019 · 188
As Is
The Dedpoet Jan 2019
Taken by yesterday,
I is fragment
Then reverse the shift
And remain the same.
Before the dawms
And stolen solitudes were
I saw the person
And alone I'm watching
With the other in confinement.
As is, never was,
Love one love all,
Love thyself.
Oct 2018 · 113
The Dedpoet Oct 2018
A man is worth what he senses he is,
Awaken eternal
At the spot of the Moment.

God is family,
Not eternal awakenings,
There is nothing
But now.

Meditation without thought
Is blissful balancing,
   Taken with salts grain
Happiness can be attained.

One knows wisdom is silence,
   Righteousness is in action
Preserving the Spoken Word.
All is as one wills under
The format of God's enourmous

Reaping knowledge
Is sowing the future,
Youth is not wasted on experience,
Unless insane repetition
Comes about.

All is a poem,
Life is the word within it,
Speak life.
Oct 2018 · 128
Under Your Horizon
The Dedpoet Oct 2018
How small I am under
Your sky!
You, a tall slender moon,
Your hair like wind,
   Outside children at play,
Memory, momentous,
   Words pour out your monument,
I am intertwined like the last Dawn,
   Sun rises,
You swallow me with your eyes,
    I live for unreachable skies
Against the veil of your horizons....
Oct 2018 · 226
The Dedpoet Oct 2018
Silent flattery's kiss,
Womb of lumens,
    A touch of images
Thighs of dark stars...
   Silver moon in a quarter dance,
Splice of lifetimes,
   Back arches in the luminous
Nebulous hair,
Forest of galaxies
   In a game of light
Backdrops like Aztec hair,
Fluorescent serendipity,
   The words choked
From the thousand times
We live and feed
   Upon Andromeda's blink,
Surely to be alive
    Is to die reborn among
The dreamscape of her arms.
Oct 2018 · 381
Hypothesis; Alone vs Lonely
The Dedpoet Oct 2018
I imagine that I long
For her touches,
I miss the smell of her hair.
I'm lonely without her.

My friends tell me it will
Be ok,
And I try to surround myself
With their support,
But sometimes I just want to be

I suppose I'm lonely because I
Miss some one that I love.
  I guess I'm only alone
When I choose to be.

I'd rather be lonely than alone.
Oct 2018 · 116
Kingdom of I
The Dedpoet Oct 2018
I, Me,
Once upon the solitary drops
Falling from my faceless
Crown me in the womb;
Closed to the Word.

The sloping forest of thought,
Beneath the canopy..
drought of touches,
A calamity in the moment,
Whispers conceived once
Upon another star.

My kingdom is the wanderer,
That most beautiful Nocturne;
Make the romance of aloneness
And upon night fall
Impaled on the twilight
My self shedding personalities.
The Dedpoet Oct 2018
Walk as the circumstances
That surround me, run me;
I  loosen the reins of my illusion,
And control is a word.

Where the river begins
A mountain captures,
It's cold up there
And though hope springs eternal
I will only be here for a while,

Deep Breaths,
And the universe will survive
Without me,
I reach still....

In the arena of hope
Willing to die in the moment's
In the commonwealth
Of the unreachable.
The Dedpoet Oct 2018
The Sun flames a lumen just below
Horizons breath,
Flinging the air at its
Frosty breaths
The need to cry
In dew drops on a cradled nature,

The light is the end of me,
I become cemented,
Enable the chorus to sing
Forbidden in the words
Never sung,
A boy hungry smiling
At at the epitome,

I feel pathetic waves crashing
On sullen rocks,
Pity me not, I i already cried for

The hands do not reach out to me,
I cast no shadow,
Approach me ,guarded,
I dont know who you will meet
When we do.
Oct 2018 · 130
Til I Stopped Fighting
The Dedpoet Oct 2018
Spirit ole highschool,
Fight fight fight.
Naive taking on the
Whole **** thing.

Bein' I in team,
Strolling thinkin smart
Looking the other way.

And I saw the storm
Of my time,
Blew me away,
Cant fight the sky,
Always pours
Or burns ya...

Losing what I aint ever
Really owned,
Fought to get it back
Cuz it wasnt mine,

Fire breathing mad man,
Nah just *******
Thinkin knew it all
And all turned nuthin.

Became aware that
I wasnt....
Help is when you
Ask for it,
And Pride falls like
Titan and giant's 'like.

Woke up,
Grateful and I ain't fallin'
Below that 'ver 'gain.
Oct 2018 · 2.1k
Shadow Cast
The Dedpoet Oct 2018
Inventing the day,
Circular possessions,
All I own cannot be touched,

Everything lost in a fire,
Blazing nocturnal,
The slab of marble becomes
A tin marker,

Watching with stillness
As fleshes mesh with time,
     A poet remains:
The spherical elimination
   Casting lights on dark
I find my axis
      I find myself the epitome
And the footsteps
      In the puddles resound
In my minds echoes;
My body is a transparent verse,
        Night unfolds , I
Can see myself again.

      Listen to me as you listen
To the water,
     I am the unhindered thunder,
The shadow in the light's
     Ignorant glow,

      From my footsteps rise the
I am still The DedPoet,
    As you sleep in your bed
I invent my new homes:
   Nightly I bocome a
Poem of The Nocturne.
Oct 2018 · 166
The Dedpoet Oct 2018
Between coming and going
Nothing stays,
A pencil stabs through paper,
There is no desk.

Thr light scatters,
Elongated, alienated,
Staring at the words.

I find myself in the middle
Of this verse,
Where ever I am
                             is home,
There is no place...
      I become
The unwritten.
Oct 2018 · 140
Desolations And Hymns
The Dedpoet Oct 2018
Glass eyes,
    Fractures in the spheres.
Broken bliss inside you

You move
You blink the night

Sun born
Sun dies
My light in youra

Darker than lumens
Touches me
Exploding the kiss....

Oness in the bliss
Nocturnes in the mist,
dew drops of intertwined
****** the softest touch
Rush of the broken
     Feeding hunger
Flesh of lights

I sun drop
You compress
Laser focus.

Desolation together
A hymn in the sunrise
Sep 2018 · 116
The Middle
The Dedpoet Sep 2018
Every birth that card played out
When lucky hand
Pan handled gold,
Zesty children of the moment
With hollowed souls
And metaphor presences,
Penetrate the eyes when
Spoken to,
Spilled in blood like words
Of worlds long gone,
Whispers at the end
Begging for new beginnings.

And time before it began was yours

Had you only seen what death
           death heeds in
A mournful source
        Battered by memory
At present too late.
Sep 2018 · 86
Rare Kinds
The Dedpoet Sep 2018
You never know what kind of filling
That chocolate ******* you
Pull out the box is,
As long as it's obligated to taste
Like Chocolate in the beginning.

And the aftertaste like a cold lover
Gone into his arms,
Thin blanket on winter's crest
Filled with yellow snow,
Summer's lemonade in brisk
Moonlight when all the world
Is fooled by your glory,

And you can never choose how they love you,
Guess as long as they do is
What matters,
No matter how bitter the ****
Inside really is.
Aug 2018 · 210
Nudity of Light
The Dedpoet Aug 2018
In the birth of the day
Which begins when my eyes
See only you and the sun
Is sudden as the world,

I clothe you with my eyes
And undress my soul to the
Surface of the suns plane
In a dance of the eclipse,

Further into the spectrum
Of the touches that paint
The bodies and the arched
Back of your rainbow illuminates

I am naked around you,
The light of your passion
Takes me to the birth of the sun
As my death is but a rebirth....

Luminous creature,
Inventor of my eyes
Perceiving entwined,
Blinded by your presence.
Jul 2018 · 177
Wether I Am or Not
The Dedpoet Jul 2018
I still feel the air between my soul
And the flesh escapes the drowning,

I am taken by the pain
Because the memory is all i have,

time becomes still
And I am im between spaces
In my mind
That create a universe,

In the inescapable forest of eyes
All that stare at me
I am collapsed like a star
Until the gravity caves

Whisper hope
And fare well to the reality,
All that a wish could be
Begins at the lips and the word
Is the only thing that makes it real.
The Dedpoet Jul 2018
So I f up so I fell in love, and to the man who hasn't lived in the embryonic state, the mother's womb and the ***** of chance life, take heed the warning this s** hurts. But I make do because I live and I am grateful for the pain, every tear that sheds the glory of a ******* who fell in love with another man's woman. And oh I didn't know, I know that I still don't know that I will never know that love can be a pain in the ***, but I'm still here every breath no matter how boring or wimpy or even the label here comes the sad guy Maybe, I still took the chance and got my *** kicked by her husband, but I'll never forget the time we had when I stared at her everyday across from where she served me my plate in the mornings at my favorite Taco House, I'll say it again I'm a ******* sue me I fell in love
The Dedpoet Jul 2018
And how I became you
Was a unanimous glory
That filled every breath
With with "Hallelujah"

And there for the saviour
Was the creation of your
Bathed light, that which birthed
The man I want to be.

I knew you from before
When our melancholic grace
Danced the beleaguered Edge
And the fall from grace wasnt
So bad,

When the pale moon danced
And passed the dark rose
Of your neck to my vampiric
Lusts, bllod lines of our intense

You cannot see how i need you,
There would be no air
To fill the lungs of the world, as the last breath will call your name....

This is how:
And the Heavens parted
When the seductress was given
Its first light born of the
Fires in your eyes delivered
By the scorn of my regret,
Words are juat figments of thought,
But here in the poem Melissa's
Beat is adorned with Deds
How can I die into you
When I am more alive
And torn from my usual pain,
The right of passage is delayed,
I cannot leave the sorrows *****,
I am Ded inside,
I destroy the beauty inside,
I am lost because U ignited
The life inside the words
And alive is having never lived.

Yes I love you.

But your reasons:
I am slave to thoughts
And i am everywhere
But never where i should be,
And in my rush i trip
Over your miracle,
How to break the curse im your
Soul with the blessed curse of
My love?

I quesyion the moon in your eyes,
The luminescent smile
That lit my way back from
The poem,
And i return only because
The poem wiill reflect
The magnitude of you.

It was death that brought me
To you.
And life is more with u in it,
Show me how to live woman,
Bevause I was Ded,
Now I cannot see past the third Heaven.
Because my eyes are only
Visions of your essence,
I want to bathe you with
My touch,
Adorn you with my kiss
A crown of them so you know
I blaspheme the world
As you are my new one.
I crave you because the hunger
Is a practical wanting, needing
Only your miracle,
I broke thee chains and declared
Myself enslaved to your every need and want
Fulfilled as the man
Only wants one woman,
The unclaimed has no calling,
So you cannot hear me.

Your reasons hurt,
They blled questions
And entertain the fool,
And for Mellissa,
A thousand times Ded,
But without you I do not
Belong here,
The world is not for me.
And before the words exalt
You, before I say
One last time i want your body
Becoming a noun on your breast, a verb on your thigh,
Every ****** a stanza...
Melissa adorned with legs on eternal
Wings falling from graces tears,
Take me Home,
You are not here for my life
But to pass me into death
For the reasons you simply cannot.

I will not face it without you.
And what else can a poem say
But only that i love you
And my soul will find you again
In the next life
Dancing with u in 122.
Jun 2018 · 384
The Dedpoet Jun 2018
The victims muzzled,
The barking never humms
And Where the wild things are
Is another home.
Speak forward and see that its all
The same from future pasts,
In a greivamce i filed
The return was:
Null and void because it is so
And i accept the lower end
Diction given by my universe
Which in my mind is crazy,
Thus i am crazy to them.
Privileged is not
Being rich but plagueing
The right to have rights,
Monopoply of the most torn.
Rip the flag of your eyes,
The red white and blue
Is still my home and i suffer
Greatly, because my suffering
Is better than most places
Where suffering is a slow mourn of life.
Jun 2018 · 153
The Dedpoet Jun 2018
I can only see 5 as i wave
And forever stain a memory
10 times i saw 5 and it fell,
And there was only you walking away-
5 times i ran my hip once
And the wave fell limp,
10 times down
Pointing below where my heart had sunk.
I would grasp your mathematics
If ten were not apart of me as you are
Apart of my very soul.
There of you is only one....
And the flesh will fall
But my soul is yours,
Hands down.
Jun 2018 · 236
The Flow
The Dedpoet Jun 2018
Just bemeath chosen words
And rewrites,
There clamours a poem raw
And true,
Free of likes and critique,
Above bandwagon scociety,
There a poet can believe in
The art of the experience:

I am alive between each word,
The hand on fire
As sudden urges froze me
In the actiin of my words
To jot them down,
What captures my life like
The inspired word,
And the need to capture a moment
On paper,
Where I was is now instilled
Like the metaphor of life,
And I am one with the unspoken,
As i have stopped and
Words pause me,
Propel me,
And I freeze in the flow
Where life happend
And i stop all things
To write it down stuck
Between the stanzas.
The poet can write life,
Rarely does the experience
Saturate the time of a writer.
May 2018 · 205
The Dedpoet May 2018
And it is never enough,
The sun falls upon your body,
Stretching the moment
And birthing the Luna's

Liquid light of your
Elliptical kiss,
A thousand moons unknown
At the bend of the crescent
Thigh I lay a touch to die
Into your Resurrection;
Woman of millennial graces,
Today was born your religeon
And faith is in the way
Your eyes sparkle creating
The infant galactical....
Once and never again
I fall into your amorous
Gestures, enough to fill
The eternity of the moment.
May 2018 · 178
The Woman
The Dedpoet May 2018
I awoke in faded aspirations
Fulfilling the solicitations
Of her body,
Crime and passion
Without order and no constraints
On what time it actually is:

And look at at you,
Your hungover yet its with
Slow motion in film,
A kodak momentum
And you end up taking my smokes,
Last time it was the beer,
Im smiling this time,
And I know my tequila morning
Still has a scent of lime,
And I find hope in your half
Finished smoke,
I light the cherry
And i taste your lips,
With you it just gets worse
And im grateful for it,
You have a grace
That refills my drink
Of accepted frustrations, the good stress,
Because we know what we see
Together, what faith to
Destructive grace,
The real struggle is to miss you
Like my bed does,
And yes I want my mistakes to mean something even if i never learn,
Il be with you,
And with the bad
You take the good,
And the bad you didn't
Know they had,
Loyalty and blind
Raptured moments,

**** I feel alive
May 2018 · 501
The Feed
The Dedpoet May 2018
To your smile that killed
My suicidal daily,
When your zest filled my
Inner clarity
And gave form to destiny,
Not anyone road,
But your soul that touches many,
The guft that is you,
I bit of the nectar that your
Light feeds,
I am grateful
Even for the pain of missing
You now,
Friend of my deepest wound,
Cut me and I bleed your crimson
Because even your worst
Was the very best I
The narcissistic venture,
I stayed because you allowed it.
May 2018 · 321
The Dedpoet May 2018
Everyday the tide
And what flows in I cannot
Everyday awash and I
Know that my love is real,
Because the pain is real.
Amazing the hope is the rain
And sun has become the hurt,
Fate has given twist,
Everyday I see the lost
And when I find them
Only a little of what once was,
Everyday like the wind on my face,
The perfect imbalance tips
Under empty,
And once I was full of hope,
Only now it has become audacity.

Everyday the tide,
And the waters rage
Beyond anyones control,
Everyday the poem
Takes a few words away
From my tired soul,

May 2018 · 245
Today and Into Dawn
The Dedpoet May 2018
Today and into some deep of the dawn
I became the night,
A dense whisper when
Silence is at its loudest and
Secrets form from desparate
Lovers swollen with lust
Like the red of a stolen
Crimson moon,
And the blood into my body became
Luminosity as the places
I vagranted into thr nocturnal
Kingdoms stood still
And time tied together into a knot
And my constellation was this verse,
The dawn sees me as a dangling
Metaphor with no particular
Only today and into dawn
As the first birds moaned
And the worms decayed bodies,
I was not the desolation
Of the bodies of the last lines,
Instead i was freed with the rising
Sun lost in the light
Blind at the brightest
Morning and nothing was all
I could muster.
May 2018 · 215
The One Song
The Dedpoet May 2018
I favored it like grandmothers
Cooking on a brisk
Where dream days came
Flocking like seasonal birds,
A tune played out
Like the last hymn of Psalms,
The words wear me
Like an old Winter coat,
Every syllable
I dang off beat and kiltered
The notes as lovely
As Springtime nuance,
I need no splendor of view
As long as the rich melody
That memory dangled along
I can sing like broken mandalays,
My song which does haunt
And I am grateful
I cant get it out of my head.
May 2018 · 161
Past The Thrift
The Dedpoet May 2018
Defunct lowriding
While a day is cruised without ship,
Captainless like syringe
Layered concrete boats,
Bliss of the broken dreamer
While content pan handled,

Alas the talons sink deep into
The core of lonely fathoms,
The taco house with corn tortillas
Aplenty thrown locked trashcan
To alter the hungry vain,
The barrio abuzz with no
Glory but the flirt of hope,

Too many to count hopeless
Whilst the few made good,
Labeled traitor for success,
Dream smaller past the thrift store
On sale blue tag Tuesday's
And neary a vagrant to shop
For what once was theirs.
May 2018 · 818
The Dedpoet May 2018
Granted men
Have every right under
The God given sun
To be as they wish,
Ignorant and bold,
Sarcastic and cocky,
Beautiful and ugly,
To be assailants to the kind at heart,
Those needing acceptance,
The lonely few with good souls,
And it is granted.

Where is justice
But in a verse,
Behind closed doors in your
Most private collection,
The guilded fist to air
In a drunken rage to what
You had seen earlier
And how we wish we had spoken

Granted we know it was wrong,
And as we have done nothing,
It was granted....
Oh to have punched his mouth,
Instead I bit my lips,
And they bled too.
The Dedpoet May 2018
How you've known I needed
Them I will never know,
But what can I say, I do.
And when I read your reflection
On my words,
I cam stop what Im doing
And read my poem again,
And then I cam hug myself,
You calmed my climatic
Mind from shattering
Its self against the wall
Of my own making,
And that wall,
Well I can calm it down.

What is it about Patty M?
A simple seemingly pure
Heart in a world where fake to
survive seems to be the order
Of the day,
And when her words
Like mine, I can hug the
World again,
Because Patty M hugged
Me when no one else could,
Her words are not metaphoric;

She heals my broken self,
Because she meant it,
And I know that something
Is real about that,

So here's to you Patty M
From the Ded Poet:

H.    H.  U.     U.   GGGGG
H.    H.  U.     U.   G
HHHH. U.     U.   G.    GG
H.    H.  U.     U.   G.        G
H.    H.  UUUU.    GGGGG
You never knew but ypur hugs always come at the right time. I feel the scincerity. Thankyou for always holding me thrpuhh my words.
The Dedpoet May 2018
Graphite lovers
Embracing soil
Subterranean skies!

Heathen starlight
Breaking upon oceanic glares,
White top veils
Kissing blue atmospheres,
Embryonic moons
Where children sing sacred,
Womb of planets
Setting atomic borders
Upon infinite eyes:

Little lovers stranded
On Saturn's rings,
Elliptical orbit
Of the hopeless lumens,
A lonely flare meets
A comet's touch,
Gravity of the groumded mind
Wishing on dark stars,
Holy Lights
Flicker and die,
Matyrs of the Borders
Shattering ideals
And Earthen consciousness
Awakens to unify a buried grace.
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