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Death Dec 2016
Why hide behind
the words of the people
Don't let the hate of others
Make your mind feel feeble
Let the knowledge
Melt your brain
Like hot steel to snow
Just so you can
Finally let it show
Death Dec 2016
She gives me feels
It's so good
That I can conquer hills
Up so high but yet
I can't stop the drills
Driving me down
It gives me chills
Does it hurt
How much life steals
I remember
How much love
Stacks its kills
Surrounded by ember
It gives me chills
I've been broken
By so many deals
All those promises
Have started to spill
But it gives me chills
Death Dec 2016
When the two meet
The spark burns a hole
The singe swells the heart
And burns away the coal
The souls intertwined like
Two serpent during their mating
It was great until the bleeding starts
And that's when they remember
All they needed was spark

— The End —