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Jan 2015 · 264
how did it feel?
Dbcan Jan 2015
I kind of felt like someone sucker punched me in the gut Like my whole life had led up the that moment yet everything changed in a split second.

When you desperately want something so bad for so long and it just slips out of your fingers at the last possible second.

You feel hopeless.

You feel worthless

You don't know how to pick yourself up afterwards.

How many times is everything going to go to **** before it all works out .

More importantly when will it all work out.

When will everything be ok.
this ones really old, I'm not sure why I never published it. I was doing a little free write for my friends blog and was asked to answer the question "how did it feel" in any way I could
May 2014 · 1.2k
Fad diet
Dbcan May 2014
Something changed today
I looked in the mirror and saw a stranger
the cute pudgy girl I detested was gone
she was replaced by a skeleton
with empty, frightened eyes
With wrists so thin you could tear them in two

She always wanted to be skinny
To lose just enough to be accepted
Maybe then a guy would talk to her
Maybe then her father,
wouldn't think she was such a ******

A few turned to fifty
Meals went from three to none
She found herself disgusted at the mere thought of food
There were days where She desperately want to eat
but didn't remember how

change is supposed to be good
so why did she look so afraid?
Mar 2014 · 424
Beautiful day
Dbcan Mar 2014
The sun slides Down the angleled sky and paints the clouds making me want to go outside and experience the springtime
yet I feel an impending sense of doom and draw the curtains closed
Mar 2014 · 338
Dbcan Mar 2014
Its been almost a year since I last saw you
I've tried moving on
Every boy I see I compare to you
Will I ever stop loving you
even though you never cared about me
can I ever get over the guy I spent three years of my life
for you
to love me back

— The End —