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Ache for
Lust after...

Pine for
Agonize over


Want some more.
I wish I was saying this to you in person.
Looking into your eyes and just seeing you.
Do you want to see me?

I wish I didn't think of you so much, but I do.
I know things are complicated, but I can't stop thinking about you.
Do you think of me?

I want to kiss you again so badly.
I want to do so many things to you.
Do you want me?

More than anything, I want to hear your voice.

I relive that night when you told me how you felt about me.
I can't get it out of my mind.
I've tried.
I've tried really hard.

I am not sure what it is about you.
I haven't felt this way in years, and years, and years.
So what have you done to me?

And why did you give yourself away and then pull back?

You told me now you felt about me.
You called me the next day and told me you wished the night wouldn't have ended.
What would have happened?
Why did I go?
I regret it every day.
Because I would have had the answer.

Then we didn't talk.

And then we did.
And we flirted.
And we kissed.
And I fell harder.
And I thought about you more
Despite all the complicated things going on for us.

And still I think of you.
Do you think of me?
Do you dream of being with me?
Do you long for the moments alone together?

What are you thinking?
Do you still feel the way about me that you told me you did?

I carry the thought of you in my heart and my mind every day.
I just want to be with you.
And even though I know it will probably be just once,  I just want to.
Just once?

All I want to do is tell you what I want to do with you when we're alone.
We would have so much fun together.
I can hardly breathe when I think about it.

Will you and I find a way to get together?
Should I ever be with you?
Will you ever tell me how you feel again?

Will my life ever be the same?
I am always running.
Towards you
Away from reality
Away from now.

I am always running.
Among my demons
Between my truths
Into my fantasies.

I am always running.
Against the current
Around your complications
Through my apprehension.

I am always running.
Past my present
Beyond my convictions
Down the wrong fork in the road.

I  have it all.

So I keep running...
I hope I soon get tired.
I hate that I do.
But I.  Want.  You.

It kills me.

I want.  YOU.

I should want the one I have.

But I want.  

YOU are bad for me.
YOU are complicated.
YOU are taken.

But of course.
I. Want. What. I. Can't. Have.
Or what I shouldn't want to have.

But I can't ignore.
That I want more.
With you.

Make it stop.
This longing.
This desire.
This impossibility.

I.  Want.  Happiness.  Too.
I think of you...
at brief moments during my day
as I do my work
while eating dinner
as I lie in bed each night

Cascade through my thoughts
Tumble through my dreams
Penetrate my reality

Your smile
Your voice
That 5 o'clock shadow
Those dimples
That look in your eye

I think of you
More than I should
More than I thought I could
More than I want to

Do you still think of me?
Do you still dream of me?
Do you still want me?


Please get out of my dreams.
Get out of my thoughts.
Get out of my possibilities.

It would be so much easier.
I stumble through my days

I stumble through my nights

Where­ are my feet
underneath me?

Why do they no longer
provide me balance?

I want to walk a straight path.
A righteous path.
A committed path.

But I just keep stumbling
over you.
for another
stolen glance
stolen touch
stolen moment.

For you to whisper words to me
"You're beautiful"
"I've dreamed of you"
"I wish you could be mine"

Longing for
your hand to brush me
your arms to hold me
your lips to kiss me

Just one more time.

Before you go home to yours
And I go home to mine
And we go on...
as if nothing happened
as if nothing exists between us.

But we both know better.

And because we both know better,
we go home.
You to yours.
Me to mine.
And continue our lives as we know them.

for another stolen glance
another stolen touch
another stolen moment.
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