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When eyes locked he fell
And time set a new fever
Upon the world.  It did not
Help that her voice touched
And moved and tore into
His stone as if water carved
A million years of buried lime
Or that the spheres that sang
Were now sounding discordant,
Confounded as he was, fallen,
Empty as the universe, slight
As the lonely, lost, and unlighted
Seas of the moon.

                              And her hair,
It was not fair, that the endless,
Playful stars could fire even brighter
Below the forgotten heavens.
 Sep 2012 Dazed and Confused
I’d like to live to see the clouds turn into dust and ice
My skin to mottled, silky wrinkles of pink
And for the ground to fall beneath the lightness of my weight

The stars and moons would slowly disintegrate and crackle on the marble floors of the universe

And finally my body would melt into the sea and drown
In loving content of death.

— The End —