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DayDreamer11 Feb 2014
Hating the world is so hypocritical
  as most people are
I love it then I hate it
    you love me then you hate me

I often wonder what the world would do to me if I chose to neglect it
As I wonder what you would do to me if I chose to neglect you
DayDreamer11 Feb 2014
On days like this
I wonder
if I died
Would anybody care?
On days like this
I wonder
if I ran away
Would anybody notice?
On days like this
I wonder
Does anybody really love me?
DayDreamer11 May 2013
Taking risks
I never thought it end like this
Going down too deep
An eternal sleep

It becomes darker and darker
In desperate need for air
Slowly sinking down
Mentally sending last goodbyes

If god wants me
then he shall take me
I loved you all
Don't morn my fall

For I will call
DayDreamer11 May 2013
From the moment I first saw you
I knew you were the one
you took my breath away
you shine as bright as the sun

Wanting to know the real you
all it took was one glance
and I was falling deep into the ocean of love
all I needed was one last dance

His eyes seemed to smile at me from across the room
could it be true
these feelings I have for you

The boy from my dreams
I've been looking for you
as strange as it seems
lets run away just us two

— The End —